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Chapter 5:Family.

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"Sadie,I'd like you to meet my family."

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Chapter 5:Family.

The weekend came fast.Too fast.
Me and Gerard,we were doing quite well.
My vampire.
He was my vampire.

On Saturday,I was tending to my truck that Dad bought me.I had one headphone in,blasting music,when I heard the thump come from the roof.I looked up to see a smiling Gerard.

"You're gonna meet my family tomorrow."He smiled,hopping off the roof and hugging me.

"What if they don't like me though,I'm human."I say,and Gerard tilted his head downwards with a smile.

"I like you.No,I love you."His pale face slowly turned into a smile,before he gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Yeah,I know."I giggled.I then turned my attention the truck in front of me.Gerard lent over it and pulled out the gunck from inside the wheel,with a smile.

"How did you know that was there?"I ask.He simply tapped the side of his forehead,before his face turned into a frown.

"Andy."He growled,snapping around to see Andy run towards us,with a smile.

"Hey!"He greeted.He side-glanced at Gerard,who growled again.

"Hey!"I say back,greeting him with a hug.Gerard nearly blew his top when he noticed Andy stick his tongue out at him.

"I got'cha this!"Andy smiled,giving me a wooden dream catcher."To scare away the Vampires."He laughed,and Gerard hissed again.

"Gerard,you okay?"I ask,taking a step towards him.

"Vampire boy jealous?"Andy laughed a little,and Gerard's eyes glowed a deep shade of red for anger.

"Andy,enough."I order,and Andy stops laughing.Gerard then composes himself.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at three,okay?"He asks with a smile,kissing my cheek.

"Okay."I nod,and Gerard runs off at top speed.

Andy stood there,with his arms crossed and a frown on his face.

"What?"I say,sitting on the hood of the truck.

"Why do you like him for? He's a fucking vampire!"Andy shouted,before lowering his voice.

"Wait,how did you know that?"I ask suspiciously.

"He's the enemy."Andy growled,before he morphed into a wolf.A grey wolf with pricked up ears and flourescent gold eyes.I sat there,with shock on my face.

"Y-Y-You're a.."I stutter,and Andy changes back to human form.

"A werewolf.Remember the stories I told,at lunch the other day?"

I remembered them.He told us that werewolves came from a secret tribe,called the Quiletes.They protected the village from rats and rabid dogs,until they fought a bigger enemy,stronger than rats and dogs.They fought the Cold Bloods.Men and Women from different ages,all brought together by their lack of blood flow.Vampires.

"Yeah,I remember.But what does that have to do with me and Gerard?"I ask.

"Sadie,you don't get it.He can harm you.I bet he can't even kiss you without getting the temptation to kill you.He doesn't even have a heart beat!"

"He does!"I shout."I can hear it!"

"You think you can,but he fakes it."Andy muttered coldly.

"What are you trying to say?"I ask.

"I want you,to be with me instead."Andy sighed.

I tried to scream,to say no,but in an instant,Andy kissed me forcefully,clearly having a passion.

I had to get out.I tried with all my willpower to push him off,yet he was too strong.

I heard a ferocious growl from the forest,and saw from the corner of my eye,Gerard run back towards me,eyes glinting in anger as he grabbed Andy by the collar and shoved him against the wall by the throat.

"Get in the car,Sadie."Gerard snapped,and I ran to the Mustle car.I fiddled with the door handle,and finally got it open,before rushing onto the seat,pulling on my belt.Looking out the window,I saw Gerard and Andy fighting with eachother.

"How dare you!"I heard Gerard hiss at Andy,holding him a chokehold."Touch her without her will!"

"I had to!"Andy snapped,struggling to breathe."She could choose me,over you."

I didn't want Andy.Sure,he was nice and good-looking,but my heart belonged to the person who truly saves me.

My heart belonged with Gerard.

I saw Gerard look at me.He saw the tears in my eyes and let Andy go.Andy fell to the ground in pain,and Gerard spat on him,before getting into the car and driving away,with anger still inside him.

I whimpered as I saw the state he looked.I've never seen him like this before,and it scared me.Gerard slamed his foot on the brake and held out his arms.I enclosed myself in his arms,trembling.

"I'll never let him touch you again,okay? If he does,I'll know about it."Gerard whispered,and I heard his steady heart beat.

"Where are we gonna go?"I ask,and Gerard rests his chin on the top of my head.

"I'll take you back home,so you can calm down."He smiled,and kissed the tip of my nose,before driving again.


We arrived at a large,grand estate on top of the hill.It was pale white,with skeletal trees surrounding it.I gasped in awe as I took in the beauty of the home.

"Ready to meet the family?"Gerard smiled,holding out a hand,which I took.We then walked up the wooden steps of the decking and through the large glass doors.I heard,throught the house,a piano playing a melodic tune.

"Vivaldi."Gerard said,smoothly,answering the question breeding in my head.I smiled peacefully as we drifted up the concrete stairs towards the family room.

Stood in front of us was a male,who looked in his 30s,with pale skin and hazel eyes.Next to him,tucked neatly under his arm was a woman in her late 20s,with ebony hair and a figure to die for.Then,I saw a 14 year old boy.

"This is my mother and father,Donna and Arthur."Gerard introduced me to the young parents,who greeted me warmly.

"So,this is the human who is responsible for us seeing Gerard everyday."His father joked,and Gerard blushed.

"All he does is stay in his room all day,drawing and playing music."His mother added.I smiled at how much creativity Gerard had.

"This is my brother,Micheal."Gerard introduced the fourteen year old boy,who had his nose in a comic book.

"Mikey."His brother corrected him,and Gerard flipped a hand.

"Mikey,Micheal,they're both the same."He laughed.

"You done,because I got a lot of stuff to do.."He asked,and we all broke off to our own activities.Gerard showed me the rest of the house,before carrying me downstairs to his basement bedroom.

"Now,little human,what would you like to do in my small room."Gerard smiled.

"I have a few ideas.."I smile back,sinking onto the black couch in the room,since there was no bed.

Gerard knew what I mean't,and sat next to me.He tangled his fingers around mine and pushed his lips to mine.His cool breath cooled my skin,and his tongue explored my mouth.He pulled me onto him,and I wrapped my arms around his neck,still indulged in the kiss.

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