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Chapter Six:Happy Birthday

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"Happy Birthday,Sadie."

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Chapter Six:Happy Birthday.

I woke up the next morning,stretched out on the long black sofa.My eyes looked around at my surroundings.Gerard's room was a nice colour,a deep shade of red,with a black skirting board.He had black curtains draped around the curtains,and plastered around the walls were drawings.I carefully rose from the sofa,and walked over to the nearest wall.It was covered with beautiful paintings,of a girl.This girl,had hair like mine.She had eyes like mine too.Her face was porcelain white,just like Gerard.I wanted to touch it,to feel the artistic peice in front of me.But,I feared it was still wet,or I might get my dirty,human smell all over it.So,I didn't.I just stared at the peice in front of me.I never heard Gerard come back into the room,I only knew he was here when he hugged me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder.We fit together,just like a jigsaw.

"You like this peice?"He asked,in his regular,velvet,smooth voice.His fingers carefully entwinned with mine.

"Yes."I smile,kissing his cool cheek with a smile."I like it very much."

"It's your birthday present."He smiled.I then remembered what day it was.December 16th,my birthday.

"It's a beautiful gift,but you didn't have to get me anything."I say,turning around to face him.He wrapped his arms around me.

"It's your birthday,and I wanna celebrate it.We all do."And with that,he picked me up and carried me up to the lounge,where there were a moundfull of presents,and a huge chocolate cake.

"Happy birthday,Sadie!"Donna and Arthur mused as they hugged me quickly.Mikey stood there,on his Gameboy.

"Mikey."Donna whispered to him."Say happy birthday to Sadie."

Mikey looked up from the plastic object in his hands and smiled."Happy birthday."He said,before returning to his game and leaving the room.

"Don't worry about him,he's just a little bored at times."Donna smiled with embarrasment.

"S'okay."I say."Don't worry 'bout it."

"Let's get to the gifts then."

I was then given a neatly wrapped,small box.I opened it to see a car stereo.Inside the box,it was empty.

"Empty."I say.

"It's already installed in your new car."Arthur smiled,and handed me a set of keys.We then walked out to the garage,and I pressed the unlock button.In front of me appeared a black Ford,with tinted windows,and blood red seats.

"It was Gerard's idea."Donna added,and I kissed Gerard on the cheek,before sitting inside my car.

Mikey then re-appeared with his gift.It was small and wrapped with black wrapping paper.I used my finger to trim along the paper,and accidently sliced it on the corner.

"Ouch."I hiss in pain as I take out the damaged finger.A single drop of blood spills on the ground.Mikey's eyes glint golden and he licks his lips in hunger.

"M-Mikey?!"I get nervous,and scared,as the young vampire stalks towards me.His fingers are shaped as claws.

"Get him out of here!"Gerard shouts as Donna and Arthur hold back their son.He got too strong,and Gerard shoved me back against the wall while he fought with his brother.My arm hit a pipe,that burned most of my arm,and I think I cut my other arm on a peice of glass beside me.I looked at the wall to see I was right,there was a piece of broken glass stuck in the wall that sliced right up my arm.More blood fell out my arm,and I got a little dizzy.I looked back at the fighting brothers,to see Gerard look at the damage I was in.Donna and Arthur managed to control Mikey,who left the room in a huff.Donna and Arthur looked back at us sadly.

"I'm sorry,about Mikey."They both apologised,before leaving the room.

Gerard then picked me up and carried me to the hospital at top speed.

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