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Chapter Seven:Leaving

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"I'm sorry,Sadie.But,I have to go."

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Chapter Seven:Leaving.

I woke up again in the same room I was before,in hospital.The monitor beside me beeped slowly,telling me how calm I was.I stared at the pale green walls of the room,and at the paintings hung on it.They weren't here before.I saw Gerard sat in the armchair by the open window.He had his eyes closed,but I knew he wasn't asleep.He had to pretend,for the nurses.At one point,a nurse entered the room with some breakfast for me.

"Morning,Sweet."She greeted happily,setting down the tray with toast and a glass of orange juice on it.

"Hi."I smiled,weakly.

"How we doing today?"

"Good.Where did that painting come from?"I asked her,pointing at the familiar painting on the north wall of the room.The nurse smiled.

"Your boyfriend brought it in,after we set you up in here.A birthday present,he told us."

I looked at Gerard and smiled.It was nice how he wanted to brighten me up a little,after all that's happened.

"Do you need anything else?"The nurse asked,and I turned my attention back to her.

"No.I'm fine,thank you."I smile.

"Just ring the bell if you need anything."She said,pointing at the bell above my bed,before leaving the room,shutting the door behind her.

Gerard's eyes then flickered open.

"Thanks for the painting."I smile,so does he as he sat on the bed.

"Couldn't leave your present behind now,could we?"

He then kissed me,lustfully.It was sweet,and passionate.Like in the movies,when the guy hasn't seen his girlfriend in two months,or she's dying,and he gives her that one kiss to tell her that he's there,and will never leave her again.That's what his kisses were like.

I moved up on the bed,patting it.He chuckled before laying next to me,perched up on his shoulders.I settled into the pillow,and we gazed thoughtfully in eachother's eyes.After a while,he rose from the bed.

"I have to go."

"Will you be coming back?"

He hesitated,nearly tearing up when he answered.


"Why?"I sat up in bed,wincing in pain as I get my arms.My heart beat sped up,and my breathing quickened.

"I can't live with myself,knowing you were hurt under my watch.I'm sorry Sadie,but I have to go."

With that,he climbed out of the room window,into the black night.He was gone.I got up from the bed carefully,and walked to the window with tears in my eyes.I saw his sillouete shrink as he ran down the busy street,into the forest.I stood there,crying.I screamed out his name into the night,wishing he could hear me.The same nurse that heard me came into the room.

"Sweetie,get back in the bed.You're hurt."

"No."I say,choking it out in a sob."No,he's gone."

"But,he'll come back.I just know it."

"No!"I shout,turning to the nurse in tears."He won't! He said so!"

She recoiled in horror at my outburst,and I cried more.In the end,she came over and placed an arm around me.

"How about I get you a nice drink,and I'll get you the phone so you can call him."The nurse smiled.I smiled fakely,as I got back in the bed.

Gerard didn't have a cell phone,but I knew who I could call.I could call Andy or Kellin or Vic.They'd come over,make me laugh.I'd tell Andy I was sorry for hurting him.Yeah,that's what I'd do.

"Okay."I oblige to the nurse's wishes,and she left the room.After a while,she returned with the phone and set the drink on the table.She handed the phone over to me.

"Tell me when you're done and I'll make sure he gets let in,okay?"

"Okay,thanks."I smile kindly at the nurse and she leaves the room.I then dial Andy's number,and waited for it to ring.His dad answered the phone.


"Hi,is this Andy's Dad?"

"Yes it is Sadie.Thought I recognised your voice."His dad said warmly.

"Could I speak to him,please?"

"Well,it's pretty late.Maybe some -"

"Tell him it's important."

Andy came on the line then,fast.

"What is it? Are you okay? Where are you,I'll come see you?"

"Andy,I'm in the hospital."I answer his panicked tones.

"What did that bloodsucker and his family do to you?!"He nearly shouted down the phone,his voice wretched.

"I just got injured.That's it."

"Stay there.I'm gonna be there soon okay?"

"Thanks Andy."I smile."Could you bring Kellin and Vic too? I haven't seen them in a while."

"Sure,anything for you.We'll be there as soon as we can okay?"

"Thanks again Andy,see you in a bit."I go all warm inside as I finaly got my friendship back with him.His end of the line went dead as he hung up,and I hung up too.The nurse then came back in the room.

"Got friends coming then,huh?"

"Yeah,three people."

"Alright,I'll wait for them for ya then."

"Thanks,nurse."I smile,settling down into the pillow and waiting for them to arrive.

So,Gerard won't really be in this for one chapter.The next chapter I'll add other band members,and the chapter after that will be when Bella would save Edward in New Moon,but me saving Gerard from the vampire clan I'll call The Italia's.Like The Volturi for Volterra,and The Italia's for Italiana.Italy,but I'm calling it Italiana because I can.
I'm rambling omg so sorry.
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