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Chapter Eight:Legends.

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"Welcome,Sadie,to our werewolf legends."

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Chapter Eight:Legends.

After a while in hospital,I was allowed out.I learned that Kellin and Vic were also Werewolves,they have been for 3 months.Andy said that when I got better,he'd take me to hear the legends of the tribe and stuff,just to take my mind off of Gerard,even though I missed him.He'd left me,when I needed him the most.

"Come on,Sadie! It'll be fun!"Andy laughed as he dragged me to the campfire in his backyard.Sat around it was Vic,Kellin and some other males who I'd never seen before.I also saw one female.

"Sadie!"Kellin called to me,running over with a male and the female."This is Jacob Black and Rebecca.Guys,this is Sadie."

"Oh! The Vampire Girl!"Jacob laughed,and the memory came back.

"Jake! She just got over it,so shut it!"Andy hissed,and Jacob's smile faded.

"Oh,sorry Sadie."

"It's fine.Let's just sit shall we?"


"Welcome,Sadie.This is our council meet.We shall tell you the stories of our tribe."Andy's Dad said proudly,and began to tell the same stories Andy had told,but with more detail.My eyes wandered around the people sat before me,who were gazing in astonishment as they heard the stories.I was softly snuggled in between Andy and Kellin,who got a little creeped out when I grabbed his arm and put it over me,like a barrier.Andy laughed at this,and said something about him never having 'this',whatever 'this' was.That's when I saw him,I saw Gerard.He was stood in amongst the trees,his eyes dark.

"Gerard."I whispered,sitting up,as if I was in a trance.Andy noticed this.

"What?"He got concerned,sitting up too,and looking at where I was looking."There's no one there."

Get away from him Sadie.He can hurt you.

His voice was subtle,and crisp.

"Sadie,what are you looking at?"Andy asked.

"I have to go to him."I say quietly,standing up.

"Who,Gerard? Sadie,he's gone.Remember,he left you."

"But,he's back now."I whisper,following Gerard's voice.

That's right,come to me.I'll keep you safe.

"No.He's not."Andy had got me by the shoulders now,and turned him around to face him.I got scared,he looked angry.

"Gerard! Gerard! Help!"I shout back into the forest,hoping Gerard would come.

"Gerard isn't here! He left you!"Andy shook me by the shoulders,shouting.Everyone turned around.One of the boys,Emery,came over to us.

"What's going on? Sadie,are you okay? Andy,what the fuck is going on,everyone's staring!"Emery demanded,and Andy stopped shaking me.He turned to face Emery.

"Everything's fine,Emery.Sadie's just a little tired,is all.I'll take her home,let her get some rest."He smiled,grabbing my arm and leading me to my truck.


"Sadie,you have to grasp the fact that Gerard is gone,and isn't coming back.You have to move on.That is what he'd want you to do."Andy said when we turned into my neighbourhood.

"How do you know?! You could be lying,so I can go out with you! Andy,he will come back."I say,raising my voice.

Andy stopped the car,in the middle of the road.He opened my door.

"Out.Sadie,get out.I'll be back tomorrow."He demanded,and I took off my seatbelt and got out the car.I slammed it behind me,and he drove away,in my car.He took my car.He then sent me a text

You were right,he is back.

I read the text,and looked up to see a car that wasn't Gerard's.I ran up to the house,letting myself in,to see Mikey sat in the living room chair.


"Mikey,what happened?! Is Gerard okay?"I say,panicking.

"Gerard.He saw Andy try to hit you,thinking he was going to kill you.He then left in a huff,and I saw him heading to The Italias.He wants to die too"Mikey nearly sobbed,and I pulled him in for a hug.

I remembered Gerard telling me about The Italias.They were like Vampire Royalty,Gerard had said.They had the power to end the life of any Vampire,if they had done wrong.The leaders of The Italias have been around for a thousand years,since Vampires didn't age.This was serious.

"We have to go save Gerard."I say,heart beating fast.Mikey nodded in agreement and we ran to his car,that was sat in my driveway,with my truck beside it.We both got in,and Andy jumped to my window.

"Sadie,you can't leave!"

"Andy,Gerard's about to kill himself,I have to save him.He's my Immortal."I say,trying to get Andy away from the car.

"But,what about your Dad? He'll get worried about you!"

"I'll be okay Andy.Now go,I'll be back soon!"

Andy stepped back from the car,and ran into the forest.I saw his werewolf form spring out as he ran.Mikey got in the driver's side,and the car was brought to life.We then left my home behind,and drove to the airport.

So,Gerard will be back in the next chapter.When I save him.I also introduce The Italias a bit more,and my fate of me becoming a Vampire.We are now heading into the Eclipse side of things,I think.I don't know what Twilight film started off with the saving scene.
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