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Almost Proud

by AlexisSCREAM 2 reviews

I have no idea.

Category: Drama - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-02-21 - 124 words

Earlier I was proud. So proud of myself for not cutting when I could've done. When I wanted to. I'm glad about that but...

But, I'm too concerned to say I'm happy. I'm not. I'm scared shitless for both Mia and Sadie, and I hardly know them.

It makes me feel guilty for not getting to know people and for being all shy and shit. Does that make sense? I feel stupid.

I don't even know how I feel. Or how I'm supposed to feel. I'm just hoping that everything'll be okay.

But, seriously, on a lighter note, I like emails. From people. (take the hint, please) I love to help people, so, seriously, email me. I probably sound like such a creeper D:
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