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Chapter 1

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Stefan opened his eyes, one at a time. He was starring at a particular spot on the ceiling, trying to avoid the bright sunlight beaming through the window panes. His eyes then followed the dust that danced to the surface of his quilt. He threw his arm over his eyes trying not to let the sunlight fully awake him. He tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep. It was no use he couldn’t. He sat up fluffing his pillows in a way that made it easier to sit up on. He yawned opening his mouth wide turning to his phone that was on charge resting on the side of his bed side table. Checking the time he yelled, “OH BOLLOCKS!” Stefan leapt out of bed rushing to put his jeans , yellow nike blazers on, then finishing with a snapback his mother bought him on his birthday last year. He grabbed his keys and closed the door. He checked his phone; it had only been two minutes since he had last checked. As he ran down the stairs he saw Olivia, she lived across the hall from him. He thought of her a lot. He thought about her luscious dark brown hair and her emerald green eyes that shone under the lobby light. She was carrying her shopping upstairs struggling to see where she was going. When Stef saw her, his heart melted inside watching her struggle he just couldn’t bare it. He took a bag off her and he walked back up the stairs with her. He was trying force words out but was struggling so much. He’d never experienced this before, he had felt whole again like there was a piece missing in his heart and whenever he saw her or was with her that hole had disappeared. She smiled and asked to invite him in. He still couldn’t talk he just nodded and walked back slowly not talk his eyes off of her. He pointed in the direction he needed to go and ran do the stairs. Olivia looked very confused and closed the door. As she closed she leant against it thinking of him and how weird he was, giggling to herself shaking her head. Stef was in the lobby standing there unsure whether to go back up or meet up with the boys. He was kicking himself when he realised he had said no to her. He just shook his head holding his neck. He had left just as Olivia walked down the stairs to collect her mail. She opened her mouth to speak to him but he’d gone already she just turned away to the stairs again.

Stef walked quickly to his car and as he got closer his speed accelerated. He opened it slumping down inside and letting out a huge sigh. He placed his key in the ignition and then speeding off in a hurry. He couldn’t stop thinking of Olivia and her smile. He ended up pulling up at his mothers, Sally, who was making a cup of tea for Dru and Ash who were quite annoyed as they were late for their audition for BBC1 Live Lounge. He looked at them in a sarcastic smile and said through his teeth “HI!” They never replied but turned their backs to him. Ash scowled at him whilst turning, fidgeting on his seat to get in the right position so he couldn’t see him. Stef lowered down his head, in shame, looking at his yellow shoes. Dru stood up to leave not looking at him and just shoved past him, hurting his shoulder. Stef looked back and Dru could feel his eyes on him and just pulled the door shut with a huge SLAM. He looked at Ash but his back was still turned, Stefan sat next to him putting his shoulder on him. “Come on mate, I tried, I always try. I got us the auditions remember?”
“I know you did, but you got us something which was pointless; you know we could have chicks and money here now!” Ashley said looking down at his phone.
“Ash! Is that all you think about? Having sex? Jeez you need to get seen to. I am really sorry, I’m starting to get along with Tom now, you know Tom Deacon? He’ll give us another audition. Come on!” Stefan said reassuring him placing his hand on Ashley’s shoulder.
“Stef! It’s Dru’s birthday! You forgot! It’s not even about another audition, even though it would be nice. But you forgot, even MY Nan remembered. And she has amnesia. Is this because of a girl?” Ash said with a little anger.
“Yeah it is I just can’t stop thinking about her. She is perfect Ash, I want her so bad but I I’m not good enough for her.” Stef replied to him bowing his head, fiddling with his key, then gradually getting quieter as he got closer to the end of his sentence. Ash turned to him, smiling a little at his messy locks and remembering their little fling in high school. He placed his hand on Stefan’s looking at him trying to get Stef to look back into his eyes. They were both in a tense, romantic stare. It lasted for around 30 seconds until it ended with Sally slamming to mugs of tea down for Ash and Stef. They let go of each other’s hands and looked around uncomfortably. They began chatting to Sally about their success on YouTube. The threesome were giggling away when Stefan’s sister walked through the door placing her suitcase down with a thud. She had migrated to Australia when she was younger because Stefan’s step-father and mother had splitten up and she wanted to be with her dad. Sally jumped up in surprise in excitement that her daughter had come to see her. “Danni you never told me you were coming home!” Sally said as she wiped the tiny tear away from her cheek.
“I wanted to surprise you” Danni replied shaking her mother at the shoulders. Ash looked at Stef with a confused face. They began having a conversation under the breaths about who Danni was and why Stef never spoke of her. But Stef never did answer Ash’s question about why he never spoke of his sister. Danni came to sit next to Ash, he gulped and clapped his thighs together to make himself look small. Ash had never done this before he was usually comfortable around women but not around Danni. He felt different around Danni he didn’t want to bed her straight away like he did with other girls, he wanted to know her. He felt something inside him, a happy feeling that he’d never felt before. He stood up and left not saying a word, he didn’t want to in case something slipped out he’d regret saying.
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