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Chapter 2

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Dru walked through his flat door, putting down his bag and kicking the door shut leaving a muddy foot print on the door. He sat down staring at a blank TV screen sliding his mobile phone up and down expecting to see a message from Stef apologizing for being so rude to him, but there was nothing. Dru looked around his cluttered flat then looking at his stack of birthday cards that sat on his grubby mantle piece. He picked up the deck flicking through them to see if he called recognize any of the hand writing, he open the one from his mother and £50 dropped out. He smiled a little and began chuckling to himself because he never wanted money from his mom but she never listened to him and just gave it him anyway as she wouldn't take no for an answer. He opened his cards hoping to see one from Stefan to try and reassure himself that Stef really remembered but he never did. His phone kept buzzing with twitter mentions from people saying happy birthday to him. The vibrations echoed throughout the sitting room and then a single tear rolled down his face dropping onto his hand. He wiped it away and wiped his eyes dry. He was thinking about when his ex-girlfriend had left him, it was this time two years ago his girlfriend, Rosalie, had left him. She never did say why or bothered to warn him that she was about to leave Dru; he just came back from the shop that day and saw her suitcase and Rosalie buttoning up her coat ready to leave. Dru hadn't spoken to her since, he never wanted to in case his already shattered heart broke into thousands of pieces. He sat there in silence retracing memories when there was a knock on the door. It was a gentle knock so he knew it wasn't Ash or Stefan, anyone else would have walked straight in, he pondered for a little while before he did answer it. The knock on the door was from Greta, she was his neighbour who lived across the hall from him; Dru was a good friend of hers and to her. She had come to wish him a happy birthday and handed him a present. It was beautifully wrapped. It was covered in spotted wrapping paper and a bow was placed on top. He looked up at her and laughed, Greta knew Dru never really liked nicely wrapped presents or girly paper. They both stood in the hall way laughing then Greta stood on her tiptoes and kissed Dru on the cheek, then whispering 'happy birthday' into his ear so it made him smile.

Josh seen them and gave Dru a stern look and pulled Greta’s arm so she would turn into him. Dru just laughed and scratched his ear closed the door behind him so he didn't interrupt the lovers in the hall way. He slumped on the sofa again and placed the gift on his lap. It was soft and squidgy but flat, he began opening it by pulling on one of tails on the bow. He handled it with great care so he didn't ruin it or the gift inside. Once the bow was unknotted he turned it over to pull on the sealed edges that were cello taped shut. He lifted up one then the other. There lay a new snapback, t-shirt and jacket. He smiled to himself; thinking about Greta’s generosity, under all the clothes was a note that said

‘Happy birthday Dru, I hope you like your gifts, just ask me for the receipt if you don’t like them, I won’t be offended. But I got you something else; if you look under your bed you’ll find a box. It’s for you x’

Dru looked up from the note and smiled to himself wondering what she may have gotten him. He got up and began rummaging under his bed for a box wrapped up. “WAHEY!” he said cheering to himself, it wasn't a loud cheer. He was glad he had found the box under all the rubbish under his bed. He sat on the bed and again carefully unwrapped the gift from Greta. He examined the box and noticed an Nike logo on the box and chuckled to himself. His mouth dropped the most beautiful pair of Nike black dunks he’d even seen. In his opinion they were better than the ones he had fantasized about. He stopped for a minute to think about the thought and effort gone into these. He stood up getting the gifts together ready to give back to Greta. Dru knocked on the door steadily and saw the door open; he smiled until he noticed who it was. It was Josh, Greta’s boyfriend; he had large muscles and a masculine outline. That made Dru quiver often, but then Dru would laugh because of how fussy he would get about his hair. Joshua looked at Dru and cracked his neck and knuckles stepping forward, he then looked at the gifts. Dru handed them to him and shouted for Greta. She came running up to the door smiling at Dru until she saw the presents in Joshua’s hands. She gave a confused look to Dru and he held his hands up. Josh looked down at Greta through his nose and clenched his fist. “What the hell? Are you cheating on me? I swear if you are, you and him are both going to fucking get beaten.” He shouted in her face whilst raising his palm ready to give her a thudding pain across her face. Dru stood there in amazement, frozen like an ice statue. Josh slammed the door which made Dru jump and it ended his statue movements. He slowed down when walking back to his flat. He could he the shouting coming from Greta’s home. He pressed his eyes together and placed his hands on his ears trying to blank out the sound of Greta’s sobbing and screaming for mercury. It was no good, he couldn't bare it, he rushed getting changed into the outfit Greta had bought him and grabbed the £50 his mom got him and headed for a pub hoping to wash all his woes away with alcohol. When he left the flat he ran down the stairs hoping to avoid everyone, he texted Ash to meet him but not Stefan as he couldn't stand the thought of being in the same room as him at that specific moment. He arrived at the pub were he saw Ash sitting with someone, he couldn't really see who but he had a good idea of who it may have been, He face crunched up and he began to breathe heavily striding towards Ash and the person. Dru didn't bother to ask how the person was he just pulled the hood down. When he realised who it was, he stumbled back into a group of older man. It was Stefan, he stood up to try and stop Dru from leaving but it was no use. Dru couldn't stand seeing his face and left running off into the black night, camouflaged because of his black clothes hoping that no one would see the sadness and tears that covered his pale, upset face.
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