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Melt your headaches; call it home

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It's rated R because well...It's a er "Special" Frerard scene...I think you can gather the rest. ^.^

Chapter 16: Melt your headaches; Call it home


Gerard and I had spent the majority of the day at the dorm, Gerard had been working on some sketches and lyrics, constantly scribbling over at his desk and I was working my “fingers to the magic” Gerard said over my guitar, spacing out for most of the day. We did go out though so don't think that we just stayed there all day and ditched school.

We did ditch school though, I wasn't going to lie about it – and it was one of the best days that I had had in a long while. It was just me and him, doing things that we loved over and over again. Now, we were at the coffee shop that Gerard loved so bad. It seemed that this was our second home today.

“Let's go back now, hey Gee?” I mumbled to him as I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. No one else in the room would even notice. He took both my hands in his before leading me to the door and we walked out from the coffee shop away from the deadly silence that was a coffee shop in the late evening.

It took us about ten minutes to get around the corner from the dorm, we were half running and skipping to get in from the cold. God it was freezing!

“Did you wanna borrow my jacket?” Gerard asked as I continued to shake uncontrollably. I shook my head back and forth.

“N-n-no, I'll be fine once we get in.” Gerard took my hand tight in his and he tried to warm it up.

“God you're freezing, Frankie.” Gerard said sadly.

“Warm me up then, ass.” I winked at him, smirking wide.

“I will do when we get in...” Gerard mumbled as he kissed my hand softly, he unlocked the door after a few seconds and he shut it behind himself. I threw my jacket off and kept the light switch off too, preferring it to be dark for a change.

I had an idea so I moved out the cabinet that was in between mine and Gee's bed out of the way and then tried to push my bed closer to his so it was a double bed. Gerard laughed a little from the bathroom as he watched me struggle.

“Need some help there?” He asked, still chuckling to himself as he made his way over to me and pushed the beds together. “I guess you're kind of moving in with me now, don't tell Mikes.” He winked before returning to the bathroom again to wash his hands and to 'sort out his face' he says. I didn't even know why he had to do that – he was perfect all the time anyway.

I sorted out the covers, kicked off my shoes and I climbed into Gee's side, hugging the pillow close to me, smelling his cologne that seemed to just smell of Gerard...He had no particular smell.

Normally just the slight smell of old cigarettes, which seemed impossible because he smoked a lot and his shampoo, coffee and the led from pencils added on top of that – it just made it mouth watering. I closed my eyes and curled up into a ball before pulling the duvet up to my neck.

I heard a light switch go off before warm arms were wrapped around my back and over my stomach. I leaned my head back and kissed Gerard's cheek softly. “I said I'd warm you up, right?” Gerard asked as he ran a hand under my shirt as he took it off slowly, throwing it to the floor.

I turned around in his arms and shuffled along the bed a little, amazed at how much space we were now blessed with. Hell-to-the-yeah, this was going to be epic! It was so comfy.

Gerard brushed the back of his hand across my cheek, I blushed a deep red and thank God that it was dark otherwise I would have looked like a total idiot. He ran a gentle hand down to my trousers and he unzipped them before pulling them down slowly, instantly making me hard.

Thanks Gee. Real thanks.

He smirked wide as he noticed before throwing my jeans in the same direction as my shirt. He stripped off his own shirt and jeans in a matter of minutes and I wrapped my arms tightly around him when he lay down again.

“My Gee-bear...” I whispered quietly to him as I played with the dark hair at the back of his neck, it was starting to get longer than he liked I thought, I could see him getting aggravated with it occasionally.

“My Fwankie...” He mumbled back to me like a little kid before he planted a soft his on my forehead gently. I leaned upwards before planting a kiss on his lips gently, he kissed me back hard and I pressed my lips harder back to his, turning the kiss into a passionate, hot one instead. Gerard bit down on my lower lip as he ran his tongue along mine, making a battle for dominance. Obviously he won, I gave in.

“G-Gee...” I moaned his name quietly as he kissed me deeper. The same thing just kept going on through my head. An image of Gerard doing what he had done to me that one time...When he had made me completely relaxed and had made me this...Person that I had never expected to be. When he had made me moan like I had never moaned before...When...

Gerard was kissing my neck and for some reason I hadn't noticed until now that his hand was over my crotch and he was running it back and forth. No wonder why I was imaging what I was...I had my eyes closed too.

God dammit. “G-Gerard...” I mumbled quietly. I wanted him to do what he did before again...”Please...” I practically begged him, my voice going high pitched as my voice got caught in my throat.

“What do you want me to do, Frank?” Gerard asked as he glanced up at me, running his lips along mine gently, his eyes half closed.

“You know what...” I replied, pulling his lips to mine and kissing him deeply, mumbling quietly. “Please...” Gerard pulled down my boxers slowly down my legs and I played with the hair on the back of his neck again, becoming addicted to doing just that. It was so soft and fluffy there. Gerard smirked wide and he kissed my lips softly, running a hand down my chest to my lower stomach.

He pushed me back on the bed so I was laying onto my back and more comfortable, he had both his legs on one side of me but his chest was on mine as he kissed me harder as every second went by. Gerard kissed down my jawline then down my chest, he made his way slowly down to the one thing that I so very desired he would touch right now.

It was probably one of the top things that I wanted...That and to make Gerard know that I did care for him in that way too...That I wanted to give him this too.

But...Maybe, if he did this to me again then I would feel more comfortable doing it to him. But he wasn't doing the same thing again was he? Oh no. He had moved on to using his mouth rather than his hand which made me want it all the more.

“F-Frank...” Gerard whispered, glancing up at me with deep hazel eyes that made me want to give in to him entirely. They had this...Spark in them that made me want to give him anything in the world.

Why hadn't it worked before? When everything was just perfect and I could have done what he wanted me to...If I had just done it then...Not only would Gee feel better but I would too. I would feel like I had accomplished something for once in my God-damn life.

Gerard took my length in his mouth unexpectedly and I ran a hand over his hair, playing with it like I had done before. Gerard used his left hand to support himself upright, making sure that he didn't slip or anything. I leaned my head back on the pillows and trusted him completely.

The truth was...Was that I did trust him – I trusted him with my life now. He meant everything in the world to me now and I...I loved him. And I really wasn't sure if it was in a brotherly way either...Gerard was...Perfect. And the fact that he made me feel the way that I do every single time that I even fucking looked at him was different and much more out of the ordinary, right?

When Gerard started to move his lips back and forth, I wasn't expecting it at all. It just made everything in the room merge into one, all I could feel was the sensation that was happening deep within me. The sensation that Gerard was giving me. In all honesty; I couldn't ask for anything more. I didn't think that it could get any better than this...

My breath got stuck in my throat and I made sure that I did keep breathing, otherwise that would not end well at all. Gerard continued doing what he was doing, only increasing the speed dramatically. I yelped out in pleasure with every wave of the euphoria that came over me. All thanks to Gerard Way.

When I could feel something growing in my stomach I knew what would happen. It had happened before when Gerard had done something similar to me. I closed my eyes to stop the room from growing bleak and unimaginable. My mouth widened unintentionally and every nerve in my body felt like it had been set alight. I moaned louder than I had ever before uncontrollably and I screamed out,

“G-Ger-ard!” So loud that I was surprised that no one had walked in on us yet. I exploded into Gerard's mouth and he swallowed everything that I had thrown at him. I heard him cough a few times but there was nothing that I could do about it at that moment. I only continued and moaned louder with every passing second.

When I felt myself lose the feeling that I had clung on to Gerard pulled away and wiped his mouth, swallowed a few times, grabbing a glass of water from the side, downed it and I smirked wide, blushing uncontrollably.

I covered my face with my hands in embarrassment and he laughed, shook his head and took my hands in his away from my face. Gerard kissed me hard on the lips and I kissed him back softly. “That was...Um...” I whispered to him quietly, barely even able to find my voice.

“Extraordinary? For both of us though, Frank. Don't forget that,” Gerard explained as he ran a hand over my hair. “You're so beautiful, Frankie...” He told me, honestly coating his voice – you would be a fool to ignore it.

“Don't forget about yourself though, Gee. You're so perfect...In every way possible. I mean...After that I can't imagine anything being more perfect other than this being reversed.” Meaning that we changed positions. That I was him and that he was me. I wanted to see Gerard's face when I felt him feel like I did. I needed that.

“Frank...How many times do I have to tell you that you don't have to do things that you don't feel comfortable with? Be your own person...That's all I can ask for, you know that.” Gerard said as he planted soft, gentle kisses over my cheek, he pulled the duvet over both of us and I snuggled into his chest, finding safety there.

“I need to soon though, Geebear...You know that, right? I can't let you stay outside in the rain forever...” - That was the last thing I said before I fell asleep in his arms, feeling like I hadn't been that tired in a long while.

For some reason, as I was falling to sleep I couldn't help but remember the time when Gerard slurred to me that he loved me. When he was drunk...Was it just the alcohol talking or did he truly love me? Only time would tell I guessed.

One thing is certain though; is that I, Frank Iero, am in love with Gerard Way.
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