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The Fall

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He sighed, laughing a little at the insanity of it all. How fast life had moved.

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He paced back and forth, crossing the room like it would accomplish something. They hadn't accomplished anything. They hadn't heard anything from others, they hadn't heard anything at all. It had been days, weeks maybe, he didn't know. It was hard to keep track of time when any time being away from him felt like an eternity. He would wake in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, images of nightmares flashing through his head. He couldn't control it. There was always an empty space next to him where the other belonged, his better half.
He never wanted to admit it when the band broke up. How much it killed him to have that time stolen. He gave a fleeting glance over to the other boy, passed out on the couch, clinging onto a pillow like it was another body. And he knew how that felt; to want someone's arms around you, to want to feel their touch. He sighed, laughing a little at the insanity of it all. How fast life had moved.
The room was silent. It had been for days. Or maybe just hours, minutes, seconds. But it was suffocating. Because all he could hear was the sound of his voice, the lyrics coming in strong. It had been playing on repeat in his mind; the last song they wrote together, the bitter words screaming at him. He had made them hostile, just to hurt the other boy. It was a dirty, ugly, dark song. Something that never made it on any record. Something that was made just to tear them apart.
He fell to his knees, crying into his hands silently as he sat on the carpeted floor. He thought about those baby blues, the sly smile, the awe he would get on his face when figuring out how to play a new instrument. The anger that made him lose weight, the sadness that had plagued both of them. He hated every minute of it. Every minute of guilt and pain that he had caused. But he knew he was doing everything he could.
And it was there, crying on the floor of a darkened room in a studio meant for happiness that he made the biggest decision of his life. It was at that moment, that Pete Wentz decided to end it all if the one he loved couldn't come back alive.

Spencer woke up to an alarming sight, one that he had not seen since Panic! was a family. Brendon and Ryan were asleep in each others arms. He stared at the two, deciding it was best to leave it be. He got up, walking along the beach, staring at the crashing waves. In the distance he could see part of the plane still sticking out of the water, birds circling overhead. The dead had to be an amazing feast for those who could get inside the wreckage. Spencer sighed, sitting down in the sand, wondering what would happen. Wondering how everything would end. Hoping that Jon was searching. That maybe, they would be found before it was too late.
An hour later, just about everyone had woken up. Ryan and Brendon were still fast asleep in the sand next to a pile of ash that used to be fire. Patrick was asleep, which worried Spencer, but Ian was doing better, so he took what he got and decided it was good. Nick had just woken up, and he was staring at the couple sleeping next to the pile of ash. He knew what Nick was thinking, he was wondering how the two got to the situation they were in, how they ended up with their limbs intwined after all of the pain they had caused each other. Dallon was off trying to catch fish, deciding they needed some real food. He had declared that fruit was good, but protein was better. Spencer didn't really listen.
Nick got up as Spencer tried to start a new fire with fresh fire wood he had found. He watched as Nick went over to Brendon and Ryan, kicking sand in Brendon's face. The other woke instantly, pushing away from Ryan as he looked for the source of his discomfort. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Nick spat, giving Brendon the nastiest glare he could muster.
Brendon wasn't used to being talked down to, and automatically went into his overly defensive mode, knowing that just about everyone was watching him. "I was just thinking about fucking you're little beauty here. If I remember correctly, he's incredibly good at giving head." Spencer stood, staring at Brendon in disbelief as Nick's eyes filled with pure anger.
"You little shit!" Brendon shrugged.
"You're mom doesn't seem to think so."
Nick made a move, picking up Brendon by his neck, getting ready to strangle him. "At least I'm not a little fucker who can't even keep the one he loves." Brendon moved away from Nick, pulling himself out of his grasp, leaving the argument out of hurt. After all, what Nick had said was true. Nick followed, moving forward until he was standing next to Spencer. "That's just like you! You leave just because you're a little scared! And you wonder why he doesn't love you anymore!"Brendon's hands clenched into fists, he turned around, running and hitting the first body he came close to.
Everyone watched in horror as Spencer's body started to fall, Ryan woke to the sound of a piercing scream, and Spencer's head hit a rock in the sand with a deafening crack. Frightful eyes met those of guilt. Brendon backed up in shock, and Nick bent down next to Spencer, holding his head up to see a deep red wound, blood pouring out of it. Tears formed in the guilt filled eyes, Ryan looked up to see the tears rolling down his cheek, and Brendon couldn't stay. He never should have come to begin with. He ran, as fast and far as his legs could take him.
Dallon ran over to the scene, helping Nick tend to Spencer. Ryan sat in the sand, watching the scene with no sound. It was all too surreal. This wasn't supposed to happen. None of it was. As Spencer became paler, Ryan's thoughts raced faster and faster. All of the positive thoughts they had tried to give him completely fled his mind. Now it was all fear and regret. All hope was lost, and it could be seen on not only his face, but the others. Nick with his hatred, Dallon with his worry, Ian with his pain. And yet, Spencer and Patrick were side by side, two still bodies on a blood stained beach.
He just wanted the nightmare to end.

Jon smiled for the first time in days. He laughed, and tears of joy started to fall. He had just received news, and for once, it was positive. One of their search parties had seen what looked like the raiments of a plane crash near a beach. He ran into Pete's room, a huge smile on his face. Pete looked at him, and his heart skipped a beat. He knew what that smile meant, he knew what the laughter was for. He got up and hugged Jon.
Their boys had finally been found.
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