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Chapter Thirteen

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"He thinks he's a little... camp"

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Fairly short. I apologize. x max

When Frank woke up tucked tightly in his sheets, he groaned at the dull throb in his head and sat up slowly. He wasn't sure what happened the night before, but he was positive it wasn't good. He felt terrible, and no matter how hard he thought about it, he just couldn't remember what had happened.

While he messaged his temples, letting out a small breath, his mom walked into his room and opened the curtains abruptly. The screech of the curtains opening and the bright sunlight didn't help his head in the slightest, but his mom wasn't thinking about that. She was ready to lecture him.

"How do you feel?" she asked as she placed her hands on her hips. While she was still angry at her son for being so over his curfew, she was still worried.

Frank looked up at his mom, obviously pained and whispered "My head hurts" and blinked slowly before adding "Can you please talk quieter?"

Linda, however, shook her head and said "I hope this teaches you a lesson, Frank. You have a curfew for a reason. It's to stop you from coming home unconscious with a welt on your forehead" she shook her head as he winced at how loud she was becoming. "How do you think I felt when you came home? I was worried sick, Frank. Did you even have your phone with you? I called you several times!"

Cowering, Frank said "I'm sorry" quietly. "I'm sorry mom, I didn't-I don't even know what happened..." he looked at the bottom of his bed at his folded clothes and widened his eyes as it all came back to him. He'd taken the tour yesterday and stayed after hours, kissed Gerard and fell when trying to escape. Wait... I kissed Gerard?!

"Come on, Frank" his mom sighed. "Lets get you some aspirin for you head"

Mortified, Frank nodded and followed his mom down to the kitchen, confused. How had he gotten home if he had been unconscious?

"Mom?" he asked as he sat at the table, watching his mom reach up into the cupboard. She hummed in response. "How did I get home if, you know, I was knocked out?"

Linda turned around with a slightly uncomfortable look on her face and said "A man brought you home" as she popped two pills from the blister pack. "He said he worked at the Historic Center. I can't remember his name, but he brought you here" Frank almost smiled as she turned and picked up a glass from the side of the sink. "Do you know him?"

Frank froze. "Um" he started dumbly, silently begging for his broken and pained brain cells to help him out. They were unresponsive. "He... Yeah, we're friends" he replied. "He's Gerard"

Now Frank wasn't happy about creating another lie. He hated lying to his parents, even about his biggest, gay secret, but there was just no way in hell he could even try to tell them without getting a back hand to the face or disowned. Perhaps both. He didn't know. All he could do was lie now, but it was eating him alive.

"How did you meet him?" she asked as she placed the pills in Franks hand and set the glass on the table. Frank just wanted her to stop asking questions.

"He came to the library for a, uh, book and I helped him out" he answered. Another lie. "And he was into history, and... yeah" he placed the pills in his mouth and took a large mouthful of cold water.

Nodding, Linda sighed and said "your father doesn't like him at all" as she went back to the bench. "He thinks he's a little... camp"

Frank rolled his eyes, even though it pained him to do so, and looked down into the glass. He couldn't believe he'd just kissed Gerard like that. Sure, it was a huge achievement on his side, but what if Gerard hates him now? What if he'd only taken him home because he had to lock up and couldn't do so with an unconscious body on the floor? In fact, how did he even know where Frank lived?

Standing up, he left the glass on the table and retreated to his bedroom, grabbing his phone and dialing Jamia's number as he closed the door. He needed someone to talk to about all of this, and Jamia being his only friend, she was the one he had to call.

He listened to the dial tone ring, making his head throb. "Heya Frank!" she answered happily. "What's up? Oh! How was the tour last night?!"

Groaning, Frank said "Jam, it was a disaster!" as he sat on his bed. "It was going well until the last three minutes where for some reason I just-I didn't even know it was happening, I don't know how it happened my stupid cells fucking took over my body and I, Jamia I kissed him!"

While Frank was a nervous and pained wreck, Jamia was giggling, failing to see how it was a disaster. "Frank, that's a good thing, isn't it? Or didn't he kiss back? Did he hurt you?!"

"No!" Frank exclaimed, instantly regretting it when all the cells groaned in pain. "No... I... I ran away and... I fell and knocked myself out" he looked down into his lap shamefully as he listened, waiting for Jamia to laugh. She was quiet. All he could hear were the murmured voiced of whoever she was hanging out with. "Jam?"

"Sorry, I was just processing what you said... are you okay? Why did you run?"

"Because I was scared!" he replied. "I was terrified because I didn't mean to do it and now I never want to see him again. He probably doesn't even want to see me either. Not after last night!" he shook his slowly getting better head. "I'm done, Jam-"

Her sigh cut him off. "You're going to give up? Because of something as small as what happened? Sure, you knocked yourself out cold after kissing him, but what happened when you were running away?"

"He was calling my name-"

"He was calling your name. Does that sound like he doesn't want to see you again? Or that he's angry? Frank, he probably just wanted to talk or, you know, kiss you back because the first time he was shocked" she sighed again. "You can't give up, okay? How did you get home anyway?"

Smiling softly, Frank replied with a bashful "He took me home" and blushed. "Even though I don't know how he knew where I lived... Oh my God Jam! Do you think he's a stalker?!"

"Oh shut up, Frank. You know you carry your wallet with you" he could just imagine her rolling her brown eyes as she huffed. "You have your address and cell number in there in case you lose it which I think is a pretty stupid move. Look. He obviously wants to talk to you which you're going to do and he obviously still cares because he took you home. He could have left you anywhere unconscious"

Frank sighed and laid back on his bed. "I don't know, Jam. I don't think I can face him after what happened, and I'm not just talking about the kiss. I'm so embarrassed" he closed his eyes. "I don't know... I have to go anyway. My parents are pissed with me anyway and my head still hurts I'll talk to you later or something" he sighed. "Bye"

"Bye Frank, feel better!" she said happily before hanging up.

Dropping his phone beside him on the bed, he let out a loud breath. What am I going to do? he thought as he stared up at the ceiling. Do I talk to him or pretend he never existed?

Come on, Frank. It's fucking Gerard the hot piece of ass that reminded you how gay you are. You couldn't forget him if you tried. We can't. His cells said, suddenly ready to talk now. Where was the help before?

Don't listen to them! If you don't forget him your parents are going to find out everything and all we've protected for you will be for nothing!

Furrowing his eyebrows and squinting his eyes, he said "You've never helped me!" then groaned and rolled over to hide his face in his sheets. He'd just spoken out loud to those in his head again. So many problems for just one little life.
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