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Chapter Fourteen

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"I really hope you meet me though, Frank. This talk really needs to happen"

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That whole break up that happened delayed this longer... so... sorry and also, this is a fairly bad chapter in my eyes. I'm really sorry I'm thinking of carrying it on tonight though, so there's two chapters. Don't hold me to that xxx

Frank was relieved when his parents didn't ground him. Even though he wasn't grounded, however, he lived like he had been. He didn't go out unless he was going to school or work, and when he went to work, he was always peaking around corners and having heart attacks every time the door opened in case Gerard was there. He just didn't feel like he was physically able to talk to him. So he hid.

He had been at work today. It was after school and he had been granted a break. Grateful, he cautiously left the library and went to the coffee shop across the road, sighing in relief as he stood in the line. So far this week so good, he hadn't seen Gerard once.

After ordering his coffee and blueberry muffin, he sat at a table in the corner. While usually he would sit at the window and stare dreamily at the Historic Center, he decided it would be safer not too. Another reason was it made him feel embarrassed even looking at it. He felt horrible.

He sighed. His parents had believed his lie about tripping and falling on the steps at the library. Because they thought he was a star kid and because he worked beside the center, it all matched up. The only thing his parent didn't know was he didn't have work that day and he was glad when his mom didn't suddenly remember how sloppy he had been eating cookies.

While he picked at his muffin, he stared at the steam rising up from his coffee sadly. If his cells hadn't have been so impatient, non of them would be in this situation.

Stupid brain he muttered mentally.
Stupid Brain!? We do everything for you! If it weren't for us, you would never have had the pleasure of kissing his perfect, tender lips! the more immature side of his brain yelled back. Rolling his eyes, he regretted thinking.
Come on guys, just let him be. Can't you see we're all hurting? We made a huge mistake-
It wasn't a mistake! Can't you see that!? If he had the balls to talk to the God of sex, we'd be in a better situation!
Shut up! You don't know that! He probably thinks we're disgusting!
Frank's sigh shut both sides up. You mean he thinks I'm disgusting... He doesn't know you guys fucking talk

Frank let out another, heart breaking sigh and pushed his muffin away. He didn't even want to eat, he was just so upset with what happened and embarrassed... He couldn't even apologize to Gerard because, as his cells said, he didn't have the balls. He was just too anxious and awkward. He was starting to think nothing was going to help.

"Hey Frank" a quiet voice said as they sat across from him. He looked up from his coffee, emotionless, and found Cara tucking her blonde hair behind her ear as she set her coffee down. Frank stared at her for a moment, his cells silent and his mind blank. Now wasn't a great time to space out. "Frank? Are you okay?" she asked, waving her hand in front of his face.

"I...uhh..." he shook his head and blinked. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine, why? Why would you ask that?" he asked quickly, pushing his slightly messy hair away from his face. The last thing he needed was to have to avoid someone else.

"You were just... never mind" she shook her head gently, making her curled hair bounce. "I haven't seen you around school for a while" she looked up at me with bright blue eyes. "Have you been sick?"

You could say that... he thought meanly, resisting the urge to sigh. "No, I've been there I'm just... keeping a low profile I guess" he shrugged and poked at the muffin on the table. "Want some?"

Giving him a warm, kind smile, she shook her head. "No, I'm okay" she sipped her coffee quietly and leaned her elbows on the table. "Are you sure you're okay? You don't seem right..."

Frank just gave a small shrug as he glanced at the coffee shops door, then shrunk down in his chair in a panic as he said "Hide me" quickly. "Hide me now, please!" he grabbed a couple of menus for their cafe and tried to hide behind it without drawing attention to himself.

Gerard had just walked into the coffee house.

"What? Why? Frank, what's wrong?" she asked, looking around the shop.

"Just act casual!" he said through his teeth, nervous and frustrated.

"No, Frank, what the fuck are you doing?" she pulled the menu down. "Who are you hiding from?"

Frank, almost falling off his chair now in an attempt to hide himself, looked over at the coffee line. Gerard had seen him, and when Frank had looked up at him, they'd made eye contact.

"Oh shit, fuck, oh my God, Cara why, why did you do that?!" he asked quickly as he frantically started pulling on his jacket. "You-" he shook his head and stood up, ignoring Cara's concerned looks as she watched him flee. He'd only made it a few steps before a hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

"Frank, seriously, what's going on? You're scaring me-"

"Excuse me" Gerard's cool, collected voice said. Cara let go of Franks shoulder to turn around, giving him an escape. He turned and went to run but his wrist was grabbed. "Can we talk?" Gerard asked seriously while Frank, who was having Respiratory distresses. He couldn't breathe, so he shook his head and continued to try to at least reach the door. Gerard was just dragged along. "Frank, we really need to-"

Frank's response to Gerard was gasping as he panicked. Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought Gerard was literally going to be the death of him. Cara was standing on the sidelines watching on worriedly.

"Frank?!" Cara exclaimed as she grabbed my shoulders and made me look up at her. "He's-He isn't breathing properly!"

He pushed her away and sunk to his knees, placing his hands flat on the concrete gasping and spluttering for air.

WE'RE DYING! his brain started screaming, making the cells run around with their arms in the air, shrieking in fear.

"He's having a panic attack" he managed to hear Gerard say casually over his gasps and the panicked sounds of brain cells. He pulled Frank up into a standing position again and sat him on one of the coffee shops outside chairs. "Lean forward" he said calmly, pulling him forward gently. "No, just let your head hang... Breathe"

Frank sat hunched over with tears dripping onto the floor as he gasped and attempted to breathe again. Gerard, still acting casual, stayed crouched in front of him with his hand placed on his shoulder blades. When I said I'd do anything to avoid Gerard, I didn't mean dying was an option! he thought.

Oh... we... we're breathing again, good... good

"Are you okay?" Gerard asked the clearly embarrassed and still panicked Frank. Talking with Gerard still wasn't something he wanted to do, but he nodded anyway.

"Oh my God... Thank God you were here" Cara said in her fake, plastic voice.

Gerard just nodded and looked up at her. "Do you mind if I talk to him? Alone?" he asked.

Frank, who was still hunched over and focusing on his breathing silently begged her to stay and save him from the horrible talk that was yet to be had. Now that he was breathing, the thought of running was on his mind again.

"Sure" Cara said, making Frank's stomach lurch. Could he run after a panic attack like that? "I'll see you around school then, Frank" she said disappointedly before leaving. Leaving Gerard and Frank in an awkward, nerve wrecking silence.

Frank sniffed. "Frank," Gerard started, shifting his hand on Frank's back. "We seriously need to talk..."

Frank just shook his head as he closed his eyes, bringing his arms up to cover his head. "I don't want to" he almost whispered.

"Well... you don't really have a choice to be honest" Gerard said softly with a small sigh.

"'Scuse me, sorry loves, you left your phone in there young man" a short, elderly woman said from beside the two.

"Thanks" Gerard said, taking Franks phone from her shaking, wrinkled hand. She gave a small, slightly concerned smile before retreating. Sighing again, Gerard took his hand from Franks back and said "If you don't want to talk now, can we talk later?"

Ignoring the cells that were hugging each other, happy to be alive, Frank stayed silent. No matter when he didn't want to talk to Gerard, that was the whole problem. Now, later, yesterday-No. It wasn't an option, but it looked like no matter what he said it was going to happen anyway. So he nodded.

"Is that yes to later?" Gerard asked, watching Frank. Frank just nodded hesitantly again. "Will you meet me outside the center at four?"

Shaking his head, Frank said "I don't finish work until four thirty" in a whisper.

Nodding, Gerard said "Four thirty it is" and stood up, placing Franks phone on the table. "I really hope you meet me though, Frank. This talk really needs to happen"

Frank just shrugged and listened to him sigh. When he opened his eyes and peaked up, Gerard was already walking back into the Historic Center without a glance back at Franks direction. Frank just sat there for a few more minutes, gathering himself before he went back to work late.
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