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I Attacked

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Everyone knows that humans cannot appear in the cyber world and navis cannot appear in the real world, unless with very sophisticated technology. But after being attacked by Shademan, Lan finds he ...

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Warped Existance

Chapter 1- How it all begins

POV- Lan Hikari

I don't think I've ever feared for my life before. I don't think I ever had a reason to. I always had Megaman with me. He always protected me and made me feel better when I was down. Most people think of navis as just bits of data, but they're wrong. Navis have feelings just like anyone else. And people are just plain blind if they can't see that.

Anyways, I think this is the first time I've ever had to fear for my life. It started less than an hour ago with a simple email.


"Lan, you've got an email." Megaman said to me. You don't know how relieved I was to get an inturruption from my homework. I quickly looked over at my computer where Megaman currently was.

"Ok, open it please." I instructed. Megaman nodded and opened it. I went over to computer and leaned against the desk and scanned over the email. A few certain words caught my eye right away that told me everything I needed to know. "Sci-Lab...intruding navi...Shademan..." Both Megaman and I had read the email by now.

"I'll head over right now!" Megaman exclaimed. I nodded and Megaman logged onto the internet. I grabbed my now empty PET and took off towards the metro. The metro was, like always, packed. I barely managed to get on the train to Sci-Lab before the doors closed. I sighed in relief and watied for the metro to get to Sci-Lab. Have you ever noticed that when you really want to get somewhere quickly, it seems to take forever? Well after an eternity (actually only ten minutes), I arrived underneath Sci-Lab. I ran as quick as I could up the stairs. Once I made it up the stairs, I could immediately tell that something was wrong. Normally, there were scientists running around, exchanging data or something like that. But...there was no one. I got a sense of danger pretty quickly. Most people think that I'm so dense, I don't sense things like that, but I do. My suspicions increased when everything in the room shifted color, as if someone was playing with a color switch. I recognized what was happening.

"A dimensional area!" I gasped. I sincerily hoped that either Megaman would show up really soon or that an enemy navi wouldn't show up. Actually, a mixture of both would be even better. Unfortunately, my false hopes were dashed pretty quickly.

"That's right, little human. Now, I think it's time that you payed for what you and your navi did to me!" I gulped and spun around to find myself face-to-face with Shademan.

/End Flashback/

So yea, that's kindof why I'm in this predicament. Before I could even blink, Shademan had vanished and I found myself pinned against a wall. I'm normally not intiminated by many things, but staring into the black eyes of a net navi vampire could definately be intiminating.

"You know...I was planning of killing you quickly but...I can't help but much energy can I extract from a human?" Shademan hissed to me. My eyes widened as I struggled to get out of Shademan's grip. Shademan looked amused. Well, you can't say I didn't try. However, Shademan's grip on me remained strong. Shademan's eyes glowed and I felt myself losing all feeling in my body. He had paralyzed me!

Once I managed to get over my shock, I saw Shademan's head slowly heading towards my neck.

"Just relax. This won't take long." Ok, THAT was supposed to reassure me?! Yea right! Now, if I wasn't paralyzed, I would be fighting Shademan with everything I had. Unfortunately, I couldn't. I felt Shademan's fangs pierce the side of my neck as well as my energy draining at an alarming rate. Black spots started to block my vision.

'Megaman..please hurry here soon...' I thought to myself before passing out.

/Third Person/

Shademan streched hiw wings wide as new energy flowed through him. He let got of the human.

"Get away from the person, Shademan!" Shademan turned around to find a very familiar blue navi aiming his buster at him. Megaman obviously hadn't seen that the person was his own operator.

"Oh really? Well then, you'll have to defeat me first!" Megaman quickly got into a fighting stance.

"My pleasure!" In the back of his mind, Megaman hoped that Lan was alright.

"Fine then! Supersonic wave!" Shademan released a round of supersonic waves. Megaman quickly avoided them and fired his buster. Bats flew from inside Shademan and hit Megaman. Megaman winced and charged up his buster. Megaman let out quite a few charged buster shots. Shademan was severely damaged by the shots.

"No matter...I have fufilled my mission...I have retrieved the data..." Shademan dissapeared as he logged out.

"Wait!" Megaman reached towards where Shademan had just been, but was too late. Megaman sighed and then remembered the person Shademan had attacked. Megaman quickly ran over to the person who was laying face down on the ground. He gently turned the person over only to realize he was looking that the unconsious form of his operator!
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