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II Recovery and Dreaming

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Lan returns home after a stay in the hospital and he and Dr Hikari talk

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Chapter 2- Recovery and Dreaming

Doctors were running back and forth in the area. No, they weren't treating just one patient, but many. All ranging from a different variety of injuries and illnesses. However, their newest patient was a strange case. His name was Lan Hikari. All that really appeared to be wrong with him was a severe deficiency of energy. Though, that could be an extremely bad thing. If there wasn't enough energy, the heart might not have enough energy to beat and thus sending him into cardiac arrest. And the doctors wanted to make sure that didn't happen. They were pumping all sorts of different things to make sure he kept breathing. Also to help, they had all sorts of medical navis watching over his important stats. Even his own navi was helping out with the monitoring.

It had been about four hours since Lan was first brought in. At first, the doctors had been a bit baffled as to what had happened. But after a few tests, the doctors were easily able to tell that something had drained his energy. What is was, Lan's father nor navi were saying.

"I can assure you, Dr Hikari, he should be alright. He just needs time to recover." Dr Shorin said reassuringly. Dr Hikari sighed and nodded.

"I hope you're alright." He said more to himself than the doctor.

"Don't worry, we're doing everything we can for him." The female doctor said.

"Well, can I at least see him?" Dr Hikari asked, obviously concerned for his son. Dr Shorin nodded. Dr Hikari went into the room and looked around. Like all hospital rooms, everything in it was plain white except for the machines, which were black. In the middle of the room was a bed with, you guessed it, white covers. In the covers, surrounded by different machines, was Lan. He looked slightly dwarfed by the large bed and machines. Right on the table next to Lan was his PET and Megaman. Megaman, like Dr Hikari, looked extremely worried.

At the sound of the door, Megaman looked away from the figure in the bed and to whomever was entering. He seemed a bit relieved to see it was only Dr Hikari.

"Oh, it's you Papa." He said. Dr Hikari smiled weakly and nodded. He sat down in a chair next to the bed and picked up the PET so he could talk to Megaman better.

"Any change?" Dr Hikari asked. Megaman frowned and shook his head.

"None yet. I just hope he'll be alright..." Megaman sighed. He couldn't tell how many times he had sighed, but he had to be close to about at least 20 in the last five minutes.

"Thankfully, the doctors said that he should be alright. It's more of that he needs to regain his energy." Dr Hikari said, looking back over at Lan.

"He normally seems full of energy if you tell him he's having curry for dinner." Megaman said, trying to lighten the mood. Dr Hikari chuckled slightly.

"Where's the curry?" Dr Hikari and Megaman turned and sweatdropped slightly to see that Lan had finally woken up with the mention of curry.

"Wow...I'll have to try that more often." Megaman stated. Dr Hikari's mouth curved into a small smile. Then he focused on his son.

"Are you alright, Lan?" Dr Hikari asked. Lan looked over at him.

"Papa? W-where am I and what on earth happened? I feel tired as heck..." Well, at least Lan didn't have any sort of amnesia. That was a relief to both Dr Hikari and Megaman.

"You were attacked by Shademan, Lan." Dr Hikari said. Lan tried to sit up, but fell back onto his bed from lack of energy.

"Oh yea...that would explain why I feel really tired. Hey! Where's Megaman?!"

"Just rest, Lan. I'm right here." Megaman reassured the brunette. Dr Hikari handed Lan the PET, so he could talk freely to Megaman.

"I'll be back later, Lan. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. Get some sleep." Dr Hikari instructed. Lan nodded and Dr Hikari left the room. A few minutes later, Lan fell asleep with the PET on his chest. The nurse who came in to check on Lan smiled when she saw that both Lan and Megaman were asleep.

A few hours later

Lan's POV

I grinned when I heard the news.

"WHOO HOO!!!" I cheered a bit loudly, earning myself a bit of a strict look from some nearby nurses. My doctor, Dr Shorin, had just told me that I could leave later on tonight. So some people would wonder why I was so excited and I have to say that hospitals are just plain boring. Just ask anyone who has ever stayed in one.

"Calm down Lan or else you'll tire yourself out and you'll have to stay even longer!" Megaman softly chided. I sighed.

"I know, I know. It's just so boring here." I said in my own protection.

"Well, you were attacked by Shademan. You're lucky they're not making you stay longer!" Man, Megaman really knew how to ruin my fun.

"Oh shush you." I said to him, a wry look on my face. Before Megaman could come back with a retort, another nurse came in and pushed me back onto the bed.


"Rest." She demanded. I pouted slightly.

"But I'm getting released today!" I argued. The nurse had a very strict look on her face which shut me up right away.

"Yes, but until then, you are still under my care. Now get some sleep!" So that I didn't get on her bad side any more than I already had, I quickly laid back in the bed. I heard Megaman snickering slightly and I sent him a glare that said 'shut up'. He quickly did so. Even though I could have sworn I wasn't tired, I fell asleep pretty quickly.


I was staring at my computer. Megaman wasn't there. I was just staring at the background. I felt a longing to be there. I brushed my fingers over the jack in port. It somehow felt oddly warm. Suddenly, a blinding white light filled my vision. I closed my eyes to hopefuly block out the light, but to no avail. The light slowly faded and I was able to open my eyes. Only, I wasn't in my bedroom anymore, I was-


My eyes snapped open as I tried to regain my breath. What was that dream? And even more, what was the light and where had I been? That place felt so familiar yet I was positive I had never been there. But where was it?

"Lan? Are you okay?" I glanced over at my PET, which was on the table next to me. I nodded.

"Yea, why?" I asked him. Ok, so I knew he was going to ask about the dream I had, but how was I supposed to explain it to him. 'Oh don't worry Megaman, I just had a dream about a white light and then appearing somewhere else'. Yea right. He'd probably think I was delusional or something.

"You looked like you were having a bad dream." Megaman said, looking very concerned.

"I can't remember anything...I dunno." A big lie. A VERY big lie. We were spared from any more uncomfortable conversation when the door opened. Papa and Dr Shorin walked in.

"Hello Lan. How are you feeling?" Dr Shorin asked with a smile on her face. I smiled back.

"Good." I said.

"That's excellent. If you don't mind, we're going to perform a few more tests and then you'll be free to go home. Only, you need to sleep for at least 11 hours per night. I've already talked to your father about it." She said. I nodded a bit happily. I had no problem whatsoever of sleeping for 11 hours. In fact, it sounded quite fun.

"Ok." I nodded. After a few more tests, which only took about ten minutes, I was free to leave, which I was only too happy to do. I was quiet when I was on the metro with papa, which wasn't really like me. I really hoped that Papa wouldn't ask me what happened. I didn't really want to think about it. Finally, the silence became too much for me to handle.

"So Papa, have you been busy a lot at work?" What a stupid question to ask a head scientist, I know. But at least it was conversation.

"Yes I have. We've been trying to find a way for matter and data to be compatible with each other." Papa said. I was confused.

"You mean a way for real things and data to work together?" I tried to find a way to restate that so I could understand it.

"Yes and no. You see Lan, we're trying to find a way for data to exist in a physical body without the aid of a computer." Papa explained. I was in complete shock. I voiced my thoughts aloud.

"And that's possible?" Papa nodded.

"Yes, but there are side effects. Those effects are things like dizziness, blackouts and other. Thankfully nothing fatal." I let out a sigh of relief I didn't even know I was holding. But it sounded so unreal. The ability for data to exist in a physical body? How odd. Finally, the metro arrived at the ACDC station. Papa and I headed home. When I did get home, I found myself in a very tight embrace from Mom.

"M-Mom! I can't breathe!!" Mom was currently talk a mile a minute about how worried she was about me. It was really nice and all, but I was finding it a bit hard to breathe. Papa quickly came to my rescue.

"Dear, he'll end back up in the hospital if you don't let go." Papa said with an amused smile.

"Oh! I'm sorry, Lan. I'm just so relieved you're alright." Does everyone know what happened? On the good side, Mom finally let me catch my breath. She then went back into her mother mode.

"Now, go get some sleep!" I sweat dropped slightly at the sudden change. Now wanted to make her angry, I quickly headed upstairs. As I headed upstairs, I felt a bit odd. My mind felt foggy like I couldn't think straight. I must have been really tired or something. I checked the time once I got to my room. It was seven at night. When have I ever been tired at seven? Oh well...I don't really want to think about it. I changed into my pajamas and jacked Megaman into the computer in case he wanted to wander the internet. I crawled into bed and flicked off the light.

"'Night, Megaman."

"Good night, Lan."
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