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III How Am I Going to Explain This?

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Lan attends a party and finds that a few things have changed...

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POV- Lan Hikari
Chapter 3- How am I going to explain this?
Warnings: Future Lan/Chaud shounen-ai

Consciousness slowly returned to my waking mind. I yawned and opened my eyes. My vision was blurry so I blinked. Once my vision cleared, I looked over at my computer for the time. It was 11 in the morning. Wait a minute! 11 AM! How on earth did I manage to sleep for 16 hours!

"Hey there Lan. Finally woke up, did you?" A teasing voice said from my computer. I then noticed that Megaman was watching me from my computer. I grinned at my navi.

"Yep. Thank goodness it's a Saturday, huh?" I said. Megaman laughed.

"Yea. Hey, your mom told me she wants you to head downstairs when you wake up." Megaman informed me. I blinked in surprise. What did Mom want? Well, only one way to find out I suppose.

"Alright. Thank you Megaman." Megaman smiled and nodded. I stood up and changed into my normal orange vest, white shirt and black shorts. I then slipped my blue headband on. I turned back to my computer and found that Megaman had already transferred to my PET. I grabbed my PET and slipped it into its holster and went downstairs. I was surprised to see that it was completely dark.

"Hey, what's...going on...? Mom...?" I called out. Something just didn't seem right. Suddenly, the lights came on and assaulted my vision. I winced but gasped when my eyes adjusted to the light.


"WELCOME BACK LAN!" I was startled to see that all of my friends: Maylu, Dex, Yai, Tory and even Chaud were standing downstairs. There was a giant homemade banner that said exactly what my friend had just yelled.

"What on earth...?" I barely realized that I had said that out loud.

"We decided to have a party to celebrate you coming out of the hospital!" Maylu said, smiling at me. I found myself returning the smile.

"Wow! Thanks everyone!" I exclaimed with an even brighter smile. Just then, my mom, who was standing by the kitchen, spoke up.

"Now, why don't you get something to eat before you start having fun? I made all of your favorites!" Mom said and quickly retreated into the kitchen. I was about to follow when Megaman interrupted me.

"Hey Lan! Jack me into the stereo!" I smiled and jacked Megaman into the stereo where I assumed that my friends' navis were waiting. I stored my PET back into its holster and then followed my mom into the kitchen. When I did, I noticed one of the items of food my mom made.



After some delicious curry, I went back into the living room where my friends were either sitting on the couch or in a chair nearby while music was playing in the background. I sat down on the couch in between Chaud and Maylu.

"So what are you guys talking about?" I asked.

"We're talking about what stat we think is most important: power, speed or defense. I personally think that power is important, but defense is even more so." Tory filled me in.

"Nah! No way! The only way to win is with power!" Dex said from his place on a nearby chair.

"And we can see why you keep losing." Chaud remarked wryly. I found myself hard pressed trying to stifle a laugh.

"What's your opinion of the matter, Lan?" Chaud asked and yet again, I was surprised. Chaud never called me by my first name very often, so it was always a surprise when he did.

"Hm.." I thought about it for a moment. "Speed. If you're fast enough, it works as a good defense. It also adds a lot of power to attacks, too." By the end of my explanation, everyone, excluding Chaud, was staring at me in shock. Chaud simply looked amused.

"What? I'm not as dense as I might seem at times." I said in my own defense. Chaud smirked.

"Not a bad thought Hikari." A wave of disappointment washed through me. But why? I think I must be tired or something. Finally, it looked like my friends had snapped out of their shock.

"That is a good idea, Lan. But how did you come up with it?" Maylu asked.

"Mostly from fighting against Protoman a lot." I heard a slightly snort from Chaud and my other friends snickered. However, I heard Megaman laughing hysterically from the stereo's computer. I pouted slightly.

"Come on, it's not THAT funny, is it?" I asked. Even Chaud was now laughing.

"Yes it is!" They all said at once.

"Nice to know I have such caring friends..." I muttered dryly.


It was about six o'clock in the evening and the party had ended. Currently, I'm sitting by myself at the park. I didn't even bring Megaman with me, and that's not something that happens often. The reason being that I'm afraid it might hurt his feelings if I left him behind and normally, I like the company. But right now, I just want to be by myself so that I can think.

What is wrong with me? Why did it disappoint me so much that Chaud doesn't really call me by my individual name? I need to stop thinking about this. It's giving me a headache.

"What's bothering you, Hikari?" Well, speak of the devil. Well, why not answer his question?

"Chaud, why do you always call people by their family name?" I could tell that I caught Chaud by surprise. But then, I was caught by surprise when he sat down next to me.

"I don't know honestly. I was just the way I was raised." He answered.

"Oh..." Chaud turned towards me and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes.

"And why were you wondering?" He inquired. I stared into the leaves of the tree I was sitting under.

"Because, it's rude and inconsiderate to call someone by their family name. It's like you don't care who the person is, just what family they came from." I explained. Chaud looked surprised. Not that I can blame him. But then, he smiled.

"You just don't stop surprising me today, do you Hik-" Chaud then paused and corrected himself. "Sorry...Lan." I smiled at him.

"Thanks Chaud." Chaud simply shrugged. After that, silence seemed to settle over both of us. Well, that is until I yawned a bit loudly. Chaud half smiled, half smirked at me.

"Tired?" He asked, and I laughed slightly.

"Yea, I suppose so. I'd better get going." Chaud nodded, stood up and offered me his hand. I smiled and took the offered hand. Chaud pulled me up to my feet.

"I'll see you later, Chaud." I said. Chaud nodded and walked off. After watching his go off, I also headed back to my house. It was now 7 o'clock and I was tired, so I went to sleep after telling my parents and Megaman that I was back.

The Next Morning

I woke up feeling rather chilly. I frowned slightly and pulled the covers closer to me, only to find that they wouldn't pull anymore. 'Darn it, so why am I so cold?' I asked myself. I tried to get comfortable, but it was useless with all the shivering I was doing. I sighed and decided to just get up. Plus, imagine Megaman's surprise when he wakes up and I'm already awake! I looked over at the clock. It was 6:30 AM. Wow, I never get up this early. Well, unless it's for a netbattle tournament of course. I yawned and decided that it might be a good idea if I splashed my face with some water. I walked softly to the bathroom and leaned over the sink and splashed my face with some cold water. The cold water had the desired effect. I felt a lot more awake than I had before. I wiped the water off my face and then found myself staring at my reflection in the mirror.

"Hell, no..." I whispered. My normally chocolate brown eyes were now noticeably tinted with gray.

"What on earth...? How could this have happened...?" I asked softly. Of course, no answer came. How am I going to explain this?

End Chapter
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