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Brendon insists on a little swimming.

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I stumbled home the next morning and Jon and Spencer went on to tease me. Even though I could clearly see both of their swollen lips, I just didn’t acknowledge it. I needed time to myself.
Jon stopped laughing finally and stopped me before I entered my room.
“Ryan, pack a bag,”
I snapped my gaze back at Spencer and Jon.
“Dallon’s taking us on holiday.”
“I’m not going anywhere with that sick son of a bitch.” I hissed. Spencer sighed.
“You know we don’t like him either, but he’s paying.” Spencer had a glint in his eye. “Come on. Help us rip him off. He’s seriously paying for us all to stay in a nice house up by the beach. You don’t even have to speak to him. Come on.”
I sighed. I would love to rip him off. But then I’d have to actually speak to him or spend time with him and I want nothing less.
“Brendon’s making this happen, you know.” Jon reminded, softly. I turned around instantly.
“He thinks you need a break. From your ‘family issues’.” Jon made quotation marks with his fingers in the air. “You want to spend time with him, don’t you? He’s doing this for you. He’d be upset if you didn’t go.”
I scowled. And Brendon just got a little more perfect.
“Fine, I’ll go. But I’m not happy about it.”

I insisted that I took my guitar, in case I was struck with any lyrical genius, and shoved the rest of my stuff in the back of the car, scrunching into the back seat and shutting my eyes. We’d be meeting up with Brendon and Dallon later, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. How could I watch whilst Dallon was kissing him, whilst Brendon was gazing up at him as if Dallon was a god – how could I? Whilst I sat on my own, literally fifth wheeling whilst Jon and Spencer fuck off to their own room and Brendon and Dallon probably take mine.
I just didn’t know how this was going to work.
After a very long drive, we arrived at a large and lavish beach house, which was positively beautiful. Brendon and Dallon were already here, but no where to be seen.
I stepped groggily out of the car, and onto the gravel, rubbing my head. I turned my back as I got my things out, leaning against the car and shutting my eyes out of exhaustion.
Then hands were hugging me around my waist and I jumped, turning slightly and seeing Brendon’s wide, broad smile. He hugged me tight.
“I’ve missed you so bad!” Brendon chimed, still squeezing me to the point where I might not be able to breathe. His hands on my waist and crawling up my back drove me insane.
“I’ve missed you too.” I mumbled, against his neck.
“How’s your family stuff?” He asked, pulling away, still holding tightly onto my shoulders.
“Uh, it’s getting better.” I murmured, softly. “Thank you.” He beamed and took my wrist.
“Come on, I’ll show you around. This is one of Dallon’s houses. Isn’t it cool?”
I sighed loudly. “Yeah, it’s –uh, it’s fancy.” I nodded, shaking with his soft fingers around my wrist.
“I saw you brought your guitar. Maybe you could sing to us later!”
I almost laughed. “I don’t know, I’m not sure I’d want to..”
Brendon finally let go of my wrist as we arrived at a door. “This is your room. Mine’s just there.” He pointed to the room beside. Fuck, now I’d have to hear them screwing right next to me. Sounds like fun.
I nodded politely and entered. It was a nice room; a large double bed, a balcony, a private bathroom – everything lovely. But there was one thing missing – no Brendon Urie amongst those sheets.
I stayed in there until the evening, playing guitar. Apparently Dallon had plans to go out that evening and I was definitely going to refuse. There was no way I was going to go out near that scum bag. It was only Brendon that liked him – no one else. Everyone else could see him for what he was, but Brendon was in a loved up phase. That’s what I like, to think, anyway.

When I heard the door outside slam shut I assumed that the area was safe and I climbed out of the bed, holding my guitar behind me, deciding I could explore now. I crept out into the living room, seeing no one and relaxing my shoulders. They’d all gone out.
I put my guitar down on the sofa and lied down on it, sighing up at the ceiling. Why did Dallon have to exist? Things would have been so great without him.
Brendon could come and sneak in beside me, laying his body against mine and his lips against my cheek. Is that so much to ask? I can’t get him out of my head.
“Hey.” That familiar soft voice chimed and I opened my eyes.
“Brendon?” I said. “What are you doing here?”
Brendon smiled. “They all wanted to go out and get drunk, but I just wanted to stay here with my best friend.” He beamed, sitting down beside me. “So, you said your family troubles are okay now?”
I blinked at him. He’d.. Rather be with me?
I nodded, gently. “Uh, yeah, I’ve started talking to my dad again, and um, I think he’s getting better.” I gazed at my knees. I hadn’t thought about my dad for a long time. A very long time.
“Oh, well that’s good. I’ve been real worried. Spence says you’ve been crying and stuff, and, I felt real bad, you know? ‘Cause I haven’t been able to be there.”
I sighed, softly. “You could have been there.” I murmured, gently, under my breath. Brendon didn’t seem to hear as he pulled me into a hug.
“Come on, I have to show you something.” Brendon smiled, taking my hand in his own and standing up. My eyes widened and my gaze dropped, as I followed, my fingers probably shaking.
He led me out to the beach, where everything was still and silent, other than the soft crashing of waves, and let go of my hand, running into the waves.
“Come on!” He called, with a laugh in his voice. I shook my head, desperately. No way was I going out there, in the dark, in the water. I didn’t like the ocean. I didn’t like it at all.
He ran back out, sopping wet from the knees down. “Come on, it’s warm here, and you won’t get hurt.” He took my wrist. “You can trust me, you’re my best friend.” His words reminded me and I wanted to shout at him, but his soft hands were holding me and I couldn’t possibly say no.
I followed him dutifully and we stood before the waves. It touched my toes and I cringed a little. His hand slipped down from my wrist and into my hand, walking forward.
“Look, it’s okay.” He whispered, stepping forward. I mirrored him, my feet sinking into the sand a little. I nearly let out a whimper of fear but I refused to. He grinned across at me in the darkness. “See!” He stepped forward a few times and I was dragged after him. We kept moving until I was about waist deep.
“How are you feeling?” Brendon asked, squeezing my hand. I flicked my eyes around at the waves surrounding me.
“Um, a bit frightened.” I whispered.
“Don’t be. Come on, just a little deeper.”
“I’ve got your back. I’m right here.” Brendon hushed, softly, in a voice that made me want to leap onto him right there. But waist deep in the ocean I decided against it. I nodded softly, and moved closer to him, walking with him deeper and deeper into the water until it was up to my neck and I was getting a little frightened.
“It’s okay. Lift your feet, and you won’t go under. Just swim.” Brendon hummed. I shook my head, softly, getting into more of a panic.
“I can’t swim,” I whispered, shakily. “I can’t.”
Brendon’s hands touched my clothed waist. “Here. I won’t let go.” I snapped my gaze up to meet his eyes, and they were wide, comforting – he really did seem worried. I decided to trust him.
“Okay,” I whispered, lifting my feet. I started to sink and I started to panic, moving my arms desperately under the water, and I found my self still afloat, thanks to Brendon’s hands.
“See?” Brendon whispered, a childish grin spreading onto his cheeks. “I said you could do it.”
I blushed and ducked my head, grinning stupidly.
“I guess I can.” I mumbled, happily for once. Or at least I was, till I heard Dallon’s stupid voice.
“Brendon baby,” Dallon called from the shore. He looked pissed. Though I can imagine he would be, when his boyfriend has his hands all over me. “Come here so I can kiss you,”
I actually heard Brendon whine slightly under his breath. “I don’t want to get out, me and Ryan are swimming.” He responded, keeping his gaze fixed on me. I felt uncomfortable. What if Dallon decided he was going to give me two black eyes again?
“Maybe I could swim out there too.” Dallon called. Brendon licked across his bottom lip as he stared at me.
“Come give me that kiss then.” Brendon said, still staring at me, though obviously talking to Dallon. If Dallon hadn’t been there I might have taken him up on that.
Dallon swam over and glared at Brendon’s hands on my waist. He reached in and pushed a kiss to Brendon’s cheek, then to his lips, his hand pulling one of Brendon’s away. I panicked.
“No, sweetie, I have to hold onto Ryan, he can’t swim.” Brendon said, softly, putting his hands back on me.
“You can’t swim? How old are you?” Dallon scoffed.
I dropped my gaze. “Twenty two..”
I could see Brendon glaring at Dallon and that was all that made me happy.
“And you can’t swim. Huh.” Dallon put his hands around Brendon’s waist, standing behind him, pushing his lips up against his ear.
“Come on Brendon. We should go in..” Dallon purred. I stood, feeling Brendon’s fingers clenching into my sides.
“I can’t leave Ryan out here. He’ll drown.” Brendon insisted. “I’ll be right in.”
“Oh, come on.” Dallon tugged Brendon playfully and his fingers lost me. I sank under, spluttering and frightened, reaching out my hands to try and find Brendon with no luck. I know that Dallon didn’t mean to drown me but I don’t think he was particularly upset about the outcome.
I thrashed, for what felt like ages, under the water, too frightened to open my eyes and trying not to breathe in the water. Gentle hands brought my body out of the water, holding me in their arms and carrying me quickly from the water.
I was laid down in my bedroom, and my wet clothes were removed and replaced with plenty of blankets. I didn’t dare open my eyes and I felt – odd. Sort of numb, as if I couldn’t really open my eyes anyway.
And then I was left alone to splutter in silence.

I think it was around 1am in the morning when I heard slams next door.
“He could have been really hurt, you know.”
“I didn’t do it on purpose, baby. You know that.”
“But he can’t swim! He could have been really really hurt, he could have drowned. He’s my best friend. I can’t imagine how I’d feel with him not in my life.” Brendon’s words calmed me and stirred a warm feeling in my chest.
“You seem pretty pally with this guy.”
“He’s my best friend, I’ve known him for years..”
“Are you sure?” Dallon persisted.
“Yes, I’m sure, look, I love /you/, Dallon, you don’t need to be worried..”
“I am worried. What if you ditch me?”
“I won’t ditch you, you know I won’t, I love you..” Brendon’s voice was getting upset and it sounded like he was close to tears.
“I love you too.” Dallon paused. “But maybe, seeing this Ryan guy isn’t a good idea.”
“But.. He’s my best friend, Dallon.” Dallon let out a heavy sigh.
“Fine, just stop being so – pally with him. It makes me nervous.”
There was silence for a few minutes before gentle kisses were shared between them, which naturally turned into full fledged moans, and I yanked my pillow over my ears, tears running down my cheeks.
I didn’t need this. I didn’t need this.

So by now I knew that I wasn’t actually allowed to be friends with Brendon anymore.

I hated Dallon.
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