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Ryan dons a suit and tie.

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I think it must have taken a lot of pursuasion for Brendon to take me to Nevada.
Because Dallon came too.
I was really angry. Angry at everyone – mostly myself, really. But I was angry. I sat in the back of the car like an only child to two parents who were at war with one another.
Much like my own childhood.
They were both on edge because of Brendon’s persistent nagging – he just didn’t want to let me down. Because Brendon was perfect.
We drove down to Nevada and located the hospital. Dallon stayed in the car and tried to get Brendon to stay too, but I was already shaking with upset and Brendon jumped out of the car before Dallon could lock it.
I sure did hate that guy.
Brendon and I walked down the hospital hallways, looking for the right place to go. We finally arrived in a room, filled with coffins. I felt awfully morbid as I walked through, locating the doctor.
“I’ve.. Come to see my father.” I whispered.
“What’s your name, sweetheart?” The doctor asked, gently, looking down at her clipboard.
“Um – George Ross.” I sniffed, feeling Brendon put a hand on my shoulder. She nodded and directed me down the hall. “He’s in that room up there.”
I followed her instructions and arrived in a room with only my father in it. Brendon asked me if he was allowed in, and I basically dragged him in after me, close to tears. I couldn’t cry alone.
My father’s skin was grey and cold, and I daren’t touch him. Brendon popped an arm around me, and I hugged onto him immediately. Imagine if I had to go alone?
I sniffled and buried my head into his shoulder. “Why did he have to go?” I cried, softly.
“He’s in a better place now, Ry.” Brendon hushed, stroking the back of my head. “He loved you, and I bet you, he was your last thought. I bet you were the only thing that kept him going, because you are his son, and he loved you, even if you didn’t think so. And he still loves you.”
Brendon’s words touched me and I dipped my head, sniffling.
“I guess you’re right.” I whispered, hollowly.
“I am right. Now come on, the funeral is later,” Brendon finally pulled off me. “We’ll go have a little break outside, and then come back for the funeral, okay?” He took my hand. “I can’t stand seeing you sad, Ryan, you don’t deserve it.”
I sighed softly. If only he knew.
Why did Dan have to have a girlfriend? I needed someone to make me feel good right now.
“I’ll get better.” I mumbled, as we walked together. “I’ll get better.” He sat down outside the hospital on a bench and I curled up beside him. He put his arm around me and leant his head on mine.
“Sorry this had to happen,” He sighed, softly. “With your family issues, and your dad..” He paused. “And Dallon.”
I kept still. Did he know? Did he /know/? Fuck fuck.
“I’m sorry he was so horrible to you, and I told him off for it, I did,” Brendon dropped his gaze. “He let’s these things slip, you know. Even to me. And you will continue to be my friend, even if he doesn’t want us to be, because you are very important to me.” This was a perfect speech, apart from the part where he needs to mention that he’s also breaking up with Dallon. That bit never came. “Seriously, if you ever need me, I’m not far away.”
I nodded and blinked, slowly, breathing in shakily.
“Ryan..” Brendon started, softly, after a few minutes of silence. “Would you be my best man?”
No, I will not be your fucking best man, I will not watch as you walk up the aisle towards the most disgusting guy in the world, and I will not stand a few metres away whilst you suck face, I will not hold your precious rings, I will not stand for this! I will not have a breakdown in front of the entire church and I will not be your fucking best man.
“Yes,” I responded, shaking.
I just couldn’t say no.

I stood in my hotel room, brushing down my curly hair with my fingers. I wore a pair of black trousers, and a white shirt, with a dinner jacket. A traditional suit; with my own little twist. I tucked a floral neckerchief into the shirt pocket. Inside of my jacket I put a tiny velvet bag, which contained two shiny gold rings. They were a little tacky for my liking and I was certain that it was a cheap metal – definitely not gold or silver. Felt more like copper to me.
A few minutes later Brendon appeared and – jesus, did he look beautiful.
His hair was combed perfectly into a place, with not a single hair straying. He had the tiniest bit of eyeliner on each eye, but his skin was slightly sunken and cold, for some reason. He wore a suit similar to mine, except his had a tail, and in his gloved hands he held a top hat. As gorgeous as he looked, he seemed a little uncomfortable.
“Do I look okay?” Brendon whispered, chewing on his lip. I put a hand up to his mouth to stop his gnawing teeth.
“You look perfect, and don’t chew your lip.” I reminded. He stopped and paused, before hugging me, tightly.
“I feel nervous,” He frowned. “Really nervous.”
And then again I had the chance to do something. To ruin this wedding and to steal the prize.
But I’m far too passive for that.
“It’s cold feet. It’s just natural.” I squeezed his shoulder. “I’ll be there the whole time. This is supposed to be the best day of your life.”
Brendon gazed up at me for a few moments, before sighing, and looking away.
“Are you sure?”
Was he trying to get something out of me?
“Yes, yes I’m sure.” We sat down on the edge of the bed, and I reached down to re do his shoelace which had come astray. “Listen to me, do you love Dallon?”
He took a few moments to answer. “Yes.” He whispered. It hurt.
“Do you want to be with him for the rest of your life?”
“Then go out there and get married.” I said, almost shakily. He looked back up at me and our eyes locked.

And then we were kissing.
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