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Black and Blue

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There's always time for a few bruises to form.

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I woke up to soft kisses being pressed to my collarbone.
This was how it was supposed to be. I opened my eyes, meeting Brendon’s gaze and letting myself be pulled in, moving so my chest was centimetres away from his.
“Good morning,” Brendon beamed, smiling with pinked cheeks. I pushed a very gentle kiss to Brendon’s lips.
“Morning,” I murmured, gently, ducking my head into the crook of his neck. He hummed and stroked his fingers down the nape of my neck. “When do you have to go back.. to him?” I whispered, pushing a kiss to his neck.
He sighed softly and brushed his hands through my hair.
“Soon,” Brendon exhaled, his fingertips trailing up behind my ears. “I’m going to see if you could stay with us for a while. I can’t let you live on the streets or anything.”
I pulled back, so I could see his face.
“Could you – help me get this apartment back? I.. I don’t want to let this place go,” I mumbled, rubbing a hand across the sheets. “This room holds a lot of memories for me.”
“I don’t know, I.. I don’t have that much money..” Brendon frowned. “What could I do to um – you know, anything you need to take from here?” I gazed around me.
“Maybe, um.. These sheets and – those jumpers..” I mumbled, feeling a little embarrassed. “These sheets are important to me.” I shrugged, shutting my eyes again. Brendon smiled and pushed a kiss to my cheek.
“Pack them up. I’ll call you later after I’ve talked to Dallon, okay? And I’ll work on the whole thing with him, soon I’ll be all yours, I promise.”

I spent the next few hours in bed, laid out, constantly smiling to myself.
I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life.
Everything has nearly fallen into place in the space of one night – everything is nearly perfect.
I heard a knock at the door and sprung to my feet, still only wearing a shirt and a pair of boxers. I bounded to the door, not bothering to look through the peep hole before opening.
“You bastard.”
That was never a good sign. “Huh?” I flickered my gaze, focusing in on whoever was standing there – oh. Dallon.
“Hello, Dallon.” I said, gently. “Can I help you?”
“Don’t pretend with me.” Dallon hissed, shutting the door behind him. “Don’t be all nice, I know what you’re doing.”
I acted innocent. “What am I doing?” I asked, in a high, gentle voice. Big mistake.
“What are you /doing?/” Dallon raised his voice, pushing me up against the wall. “Trying to get into my husband’s pants, that’s what you’re doing,” He hissed. “You’d better stop soon – you’re definitely not staying in my house, you scum.”
I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.
“Yeah,” He growled. “If you keep talking to Brendon I will knock your lights out. I will physically strangle you.” His hands moved up to my neck and I begged that I wouldn’t be struck with panic.
His hands started to squeeze.
“P-please,” I mumbled, struggling away from him.
“Stay away from Brendon,” Dallon pressed, pushing against my neck.
I squeaked but refused to comply. He just shook me harder, striking me once in the stomach with his knee. I still refused to comply.
“Do you have a deathwish, squirt?” Dallon snarled, his face close to mine. I shook my head, shivering. I was starting to get nauseous. His hands pushed me and I hit the ground.
“Don’t talk to Brendon. Don’t go near him.” Dallon kicked my head and I let out a cry, cradling it in my hands.
“I won’t,” I cried, shakily. “I p-promise..”
The door opened and Jon stood, his eyes wide and his jaw dropped.
I stared up at him, with helpless eyes, sniveling.
“Get the fuck out.” Jon lowered his voice, grabbing the back of Dallon’s coat and shoving him out of the door. Dallon hissed but skulked off down the hallway.
I kept my head down as Jon scooped me up. He walked me towards the door, but I whined. I needed something first.
I selected Brendon’s woolly jumper and tucked it in my arms, and Jon carried me out of the apartment and down the street. As we walked I explained what had happened – minus Brendon seeing me fucking another man.
My head was aching awfully as Jon placed me carefully on the sofa, tucking a pillow under my head and a blanket over my body. He cleaned the cut on the side of my head and bandaged it.
“He really is a nasty piece of work,” Jon sighed, kneeling beside me. I nodded gently, shutting my eyes.
“He hates me,” I sniffed. “And I hate him too. Just when things were getting good.”
Jon tilted his head, stroking the side of my head softly with his little finger.
“I know, I know,” He sighed, gently. “But things will get better, and if Brendon has recognized how awful Dallon is, then soon he will be away from him.”
Jon really was trying to comfort me.
“I’m worried that Dallon won’t give him up,” I sniffled. “Brendon offered for me to stay with him and then I get beaten to a pulp – what will happen to Brendon when he tells Dallon that he cheated on him? With me of all people?”
Jon stopped and looked at me, sucking in his bottom lip. I did have a point and he knew it.
“Oh – he’ll be fine,” Jon patted my shoulder, gently. “Get some sleep, and we’ll see how things are in the morning.”
I gathered Brendon’s woolly jumper in my hands once Jon was gone and I pulled It up to my nose, inhaling and tucking up my legs. I wished Brendon was back with me, like last night.
Last night was perfect.
This night was awful.
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