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Ryan has a visitor.

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I’ve been staying at Jon and Spencer’s house, recently.
I’ve talked to Brendon a few times. Mainly hushed phone calls in the middle of the night – that sort of thing – but I hadn’t explained what had happened with Dallon yet.
I would do that next time I saw him.
I didn’t want to worry him – I mean, imagine being trapped in a house with someone who you know has beaten me up? Brendon would probably be angry – and – also frightened. I could never imagine him getting hurt. Even thinking about it a little now.. Dallon could be doing anything.. It bothers me.
I missed him. I missed his warmth and I missed his scent and I missed his fingers on my skin. I missed every little thing about him.
Even if it had only been for one night that I was with him.
Then again, I suppose I’d been missing him from the start.
I had been receiving headaches on and off ever since Dallon had kicked me upside the brain, and they were agonizing. Whenever one struck I felt like I could barely move – like someone was tugging at my head from every direction. It was awful. I needed someone to cuddle me.
Or maybe that was just me wanting a cuddle.
Fortunately this morning I did not have a headache which meant that, I could easily climb off the sofa – do anything I liked in fact, play music, go shopping, have coffee..
Except that I don’t have my guitar and I don’t have any money, and I have no one to have coffee with. Funny how that works out.
So I’ll probably stay here all day.
I stretched and cracked my bones, sitting upwards on the sofa (which was only mildly comfortable – I appreciate the accomodation, but it doesn’t half give me backpain). I glanced across to Jon and Spencer’s room – all was quiet. And then I glanced to the door, and I imagined Brendon striding through it, and kissing me, and – all was quiet.
I sighed and stood up, wandering through to the kitchen and finding breakfast, sitting idly on my own and gazing down at a newspaper whilst I chewed absently on toast.
There was nothing interesting in the paper other than a few homocides- I read them, but they weren’t actually that exciting. Couldn’t something interesting have happened?
Like – ‘Local 24 year old killed in dangerous car crash.. In flames.’
No, I kid.
I’d rather Dallon suffered a life time of pain than twenty minutes.

Spencer trundled through, taking the carton of milk from the fridge and swigging from it. I cringed, and he laughed.
“How’s your head, Ryan?” He asked, pouring himself some cereal. I shrugged.
“Okay, getting better,” I nodded, softly. I eyed him as he ate his cereal messily for a few moments. “Spence, do you reckon you could do me a favour?”
Spencer turned and crossed his arms, putting his spoon down.
“What do you need?”
I let out a soft sigh and gazed at the work tops, scratching absently at it.
“Could you invite Brendon over? Dallon won’t let Brendon go if I ask and I want to see him.” I asked, in a tiny, innocent voice, that I knew Spencer wouldn’t say no to.
Spencer sighed and smiled.
“There’ll be no trouble?” Spencer raised an eyebrow.
“No trouble, honest.” I replied, clasping my hands together in a begging fashion.
“Alright. I’ll get Jon outta’ bed, and then I’ll see where we stand.”

Brendon arrived at the house a few hours later. He didn’t know I was going to be about, of course. Spencer opened the door and gave Brendon a hug, welcoming him in.
“Spencer!” Brendon grinned, squeezing him hard. Obviously he was feeling a little lonely back with Dallon. Brendon beamed and did the same to Jon as he entered the room.
“I’ve missed you guys!” Brendon announced, looking weary and a little downhearted. “I wish I could visit more often.” Jon took his coat and hung it up, and I stood up, casually making my way over to the kitchen, as if I wasn’t even aware he was there.
I only got halfway there before arms were wrapped tightly around me. I wasn’t sure if Brendon was trying to embrace me or squeeze all the air from my lungs – but either way, I liked it.
“Ryan!” Brendon chimed, squeezing me tight. “I didn’t know you were here,” I put my hands over his, which were across my chest, currently.
“Well, I am.” I hummed, turning around in his grip so my chest was pressed against him. He enveloped me in his arms, leaning up a little to catch my lips.
And then we were kissing again and everything was right in the world.
Obviously we didn’t kiss kiss, because, Jon and Spencer were right there, and I wasn’t one to parade relationships.
“We’re going out for a bit,” Jon almost laughed, waving a hand. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”
The door closed and Brendon scooped me into his arms, sitting down on the sofa and letting me curl up in his lap.
“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you,” Brendon sighed, gently, twisting his fingers through my hair. “Dallon kept getting suspicious.”
I exhaled softly and shuffled up, so the back of my head was resting just before his collarbones.
“Yeah, about Dallon..” I murmured, averting my gaze. “Uh, a few weeks ago – he, um..”
Brendon’s body tensed as he became concerned. “What did he do?” He breathed, stroking fingers through my hair. I pushed his hands away softly, pushing my hair back and showing the scar on the side of my head.
“That,” I whispered, before moving down to my shirt and pulling it up, showing the purple bruise on my side. “And that.” Brendon’s fingers tensed and moved to cup my cheek.
“I’m so sorry..” Brendon mumbled, wrapping his hands around my waist. “Why did he do that?”
“It was straight after we.. You know. He was saying how you wanted me to live with you guys for a bit, and uh – he basically kicked me into agreeing to not seeing you anymore,” I paused and let out a tiny laugh. “Which I obviously didn’t follow.”
Brendon tugged me upwards and his warm breath moved through my hair, his arms holding me close.
“You didn’t – panic, did you?” Brendon’s hand rested on my chest.
“No,” I replied, gently. “I might have done, but Jon got to mine whilst Dallon was kicking me and kicked him out. Really aggressively too. It was awesome.” I smiled, almost gleefully. Brendon laughed again and kissed the crown of my head.
I wriggled and turned over onto my front, so Brendon and I’s noses were touching.
“You sure you’re okay?” Brendon hummed, kissing the tip of my nose.
“I’m okay. He’ll never hurt me too bad.” I replied, leaning in and stealing a kiss. Brendon pulled me a little closer, lengthening the kiss a little before pulling away.
“God, you don’t think he’ll do that to me when I break up with him, do you?” Brendon asked, quietly, almost sounding a little frightened. I pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.
“He’d have to go through me first.” I smiled, jokingly. Brendon smiled though I could see a little cringe lingering. I guess he knows that I’m as much use as a chocolate teapot when it comes to fighting.
“Hm, yeah,” Brendon laughed, weakly, shutting his eyes and squeezing his arms around me. I let my lids close and curled up, smiling against Brendon’s chest, his fingers tangling gently in my hair.

“Wow,” A harsh voice hissed. “Look what we have here.”
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