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You Got Your Happy Ending

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Airports are scary. Final Chapter.

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Brendon was coming home.
He’d been stuck without a plane for weeks and I had been dying, dying to see him, stuck at home in my apartment filled with his scent and clothes, stuck with nothing to do.
But now he was coming home.
It would be an understatement to say, that I haven’t missed him. Because I have. I have missed him more than shamu misses the sea.
Jon and Spence agreed to take me to the airport, and take me and Brendon home. I was all bundled up, my skin tingling with excitement as we clambered into the car, my fingers almost shaking. Every fibre in my body was exploding, except that tiny little piece of me which was just spiting me.
“He’s up in the air right now. He could be crashing. Falling to his death, and you didn’t even save him, did you?”
But I ignored that voice. After all, planes were safer than cars, and we were driving right now.
Maybe I would die too..
Fuck it Ryan.

I stepped out of the car and almost skipped into the airport. I was surrounded by people and if I wasn’t so excited I might have found time to crawl into a ball on the floor and freak out. I pushed my way through the crowds, trying to find him, but there was no luck.
On the big screens it showed the arrivals and Brendon’s was there, blinking at me. Apparently he had just arrived, but there was no sign, no sign of his messy brown hair or his slumped shoulders.
Instead of sitting down, patiently, I pushed my way through the commuters, who glared at me and looked at me like I was a cretin. But I still didn’t care. The loudspeakers were announcing flights, arrivals and departures, but I couldn’t understand what was happening – everything was happening far too fast. The arrivals door opened and a flood of people poured out. I was fairly tall, not tall tall, but fairly, and I hopped up onto my tip toes to see over the crowd.
No sign of Brendon as of yet.
Jon and Spencer were waiting somewhere in here, but I had lost them due to my impatience.
I’d find them later.
What would I even do when I saw him?
Would I walk over idly and kiss him, or will he run at me? Or will he even want to kiss me?
I muttered softly under my breath and wandered through the hoards of arrivals, keeping my eyes peeled.
And then I saw him.
Brendon was stood, no bag in his hands, idly, staring up at the screens and around him. His eyes were wide and he looked a little lost.
He’d better be ready to catch me.
I started to jog towards him, often crashing into other people. I shouted apologies as I ran, getting closer to him. He noticed me and his lost expression soon flicked into a wide beam, his arms opening as he saw me.
I skidded towards him and threw myself into his arms, locking my arms around his neck, my legs trailing behind me. He laughed loudly and buried his head into my shoulder, squeezing me incredibly tight.
“I’ve missed you!” He announced, spinning me around in his arms. I was quiet, sniffling against his shoulder. He put me down gently, his hands touching my lower back.
“Hey, don’t cry!” Brendon smiled, weakly, wiping tears from my cheeks.
“Happy Tears.” I signalled, beaming feebly through them. “I just missed you a lot.”
Brendon sighed happily and hugged me again. “I love you.”
“I love you,” I responded, pushing my lips up against his. He enveloped me in his arms and deeped our kiss, pulling away and pushing his forehead against mine.
“I’m all yours now.” He whispered, softly, putting a hand on my cheek.
“And you’re all mine.”

I hope that ending was soppy enough for you. Thanks for reading! ♥
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