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Dear Ryan;

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If these letter seems weird and rushed – well, it is. Because I’m kinda being pressured right now.
Dallon is outside the bedroom door, banging his fists. I’m frightened that he’ll hurt me.. I’m more frightened that he’ll hurt you. So, I’m writing you this letter, and I’m going to leave this here, so you know where I am, and so you don’t worry.
I think we’re going to Detroit. It’s quite a long way from here and I don’t think we’ll get to see each other. But I promise to phone you whenever I can, whenever Dallon leaves the house, even if it’s the middle of the night for me, I promise you, I’ll ring.
I’ve tried divorcing Dallon, I have. I’ve tried.
But he just won’t leave me alone, and – right now, at this very second, he’s just waiting to drag me out of here. So I’m going to go with him. I don’t want to risk you getting hurt.
I’m going to get him arrested and tried. I’m going to make sure that he pays and I am going to make sure that I can come home to you and spend my life, with you.
Because you are all that matters to me now.
I love you, Ryan. I love you. I love you more than anything, and anyone.
And I’m worried that I’ll lose you. That I’ll never see you again.
That you’ll never see me, that we’ll never see each other.
That I’ll never get to kiss you and that I’ll never get to hold you, or feel your skin on mine.
I’m just scared that we’ll never have eachother.
I’m scared.
Please don’t forget me.
Love, Brendon.

I just stared at the letter.
It was written in his traditional scratchy font – though obviously, it was a little messier, since he had been rushed.
What had Dallon done to him? And.. Where was he taking him?
I wasn’t going to let myself get panicked and instead, I had a shower and got dressed, carefully. Today I was going to do something.
I called up Jon and Spencer, and told them to meet me in the town square.
I didn’t like the town square. It was busy, and filled with a lot of obnoxious people who don’t care if they knock you over. But I had to go, anyhow.
“Ryan,” A hand touched my shoulder, and I jumped, snapping my gaze to the noise. Jon removed his hand quickly, waving it to ensure he didn’t startle me. “You told us to meet you here?” He said, standing hand in hand with Spencer. I blinked at them.
“Yes,” I mumbled, scratching my head. “Um, see, I think we should go to the police..”
“About the abuse to you, yes.” Jon nodded. “Has he done something to Brendon?”
I shrugged, helplessly. “I – I hope not,” I breathed in, shakily. “He was at my house this morning. Brendon’s being moved away by him, to Detroit, across the country – we have to stop him,”
Jon blinked and shook his head. “What? He’s – taking him somewhere? Ryan, calm down, we need to talk about this-“
I ran up to him, grabbing his shoulders. “He could be getting really hurt right now!” I pressed, desperately. “So we need to do something!”
Jon nodded and gripped my biceps. “Calm, calm. We’re going to do something, okay? I.. I don’t know what..” He muttered, softly under his breath. “But we’ll do something.”
“You’re not doing anything.” A voice snapped. My skin crawled and I snapped my gaze to the voice, clinging to Jon’s arms.
“Jon,” I whispered, shaking. “Jon, he’s here, Jon, he’s – he’s..”
“Oh, calm the fuck down,” Dallon hissed, walking towards me. He grabbed my shirt. “So, you guys think you’re gonna get me arrested, huh?”
I shook my head, beginning to pant in fright.
“You bastards were gonna get me arrested because you can’t have my husband?” His face was close to mine and I could physically feel the flecks of spit against my flesh. Jon stepped forward to pull me away from him but Dallon just yanked me further.
“You need to get the fuck out of my personal life, get over the fact you can’t have him, slut.” He hissed, throwing a punch to my jaw. Now people were starting to gather and I noticed Spencer pulling out his phone, quietly.
“B-Brendon doesn’t love you,” I responded, bravely, ready to take another hit. “He never did.”
Dallon pushed my chest and I hit the ground, my head smacking against the pavement. He knocked punches to my jaw and Jon ran around, trying to pull him off with little success.
I breathed in, rapidly. Hands were now touching my throat and my fingers started to tremble and clench, gasps evoking from people around us.
A larger man wrestled Dallon off of me and I lied, staring around me, sweating and frightened, needing someone to help me.
“Oh /fuck/, he’s panicking,” Jon chewed his lip, kneeling beside me. “What are we supposed to do?”
“I don’t know, Brendon always fixes this!”
I shivered and tried to show them, showing them my back, but they didn’t understand. I dipped my head and sobbed, my fingers clenching into Jon’s shirt.
“Ryan, hold on, what do you need?” Spencer said, softly. There were sirens now but I don’t think they were for me.
“Just let him die,” Dallon spat, still being restrained by a large male. “No one would give a shit anyway.”
“Fuck right off, Dallon,” Jon hissed, supporting my head in his hand. “Ryan, just calm down now,”
My vision was getting worse and tears were dripping down my cheeks – I needed someone who could help me, but no one could. I turned shakily and kneeded a finger between my shoulderblades. It didn’t help much but I think it helped Jon get the picture.
Jon laid his hands carefully onto my back and kneeded his fingers. I found my breathing a little easier and I shivered, calming. A swarm of policemen entered onto the town square and I curled onto Jon’s lap, clutching to him like a child.
“Fuck you guys,” Dallon hissed, moving away from the policemen, who hastily caught up with him.
“Sir, I’m arresting you on the suspicion of domestic abuse and assault, you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”
If I wasn’t freaking out, I probably would have laughed. But I was far too frightened and shaky – I just needed to go home.

The court cases were long, long and boring. I didn’t want to have to explain everything that had happened, every time he had hit me and hurt me – I didn’t. What was worse was having to hear Brendon’s voice over the phone. I couldn’t reach out and wipe away tears and I couldn’t cuddle him because he was still trapped in Detroit. He couldn’t physically get back here and I wanted nothing more than to have him home.
But at least a divorce was going through and at least Dallon was going to prison – not gracing us with his presence any longer.
The bastard.
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