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Second Time's a Charm [Part 2]

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Chapter 16 part 2

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Part 2 of the first doesn't seem to like posting it all in one go...

Frank had been gone for two weeks before Gerard started to feel unwell. He had just dressed Oliver into his pyjamas and had set him down in his cot when he felt queasy. Mikey had been round the day before and they’d had Chinese, so he just assumed that it was bad noodles or chicken or something. His stomach cramped painfully and he only just made it to the bathroom before he vomited. He leant his head on the toilet bowl and groaned, because he was probably going to have to get up in a few hours to tend to Oliver and he felt awful, and Frank wasn’t there to help. Frank was usually around and really did try his best to work normal hours, but sometimes working abroad or late was unavoidable, and Gerard really didn’t blame him.

Gerard woke up at five to feed Oliver and change him, his stomach still turning. He spent the day drawing and playing with Oliver, as he usually did, but he didn’t feel very well. He chatted to his mom and Mikey and Frank, though he didn’t mention how unwell he’d been feeling. His illness carried on for a few days before he finally gave up and called Doctor Blige.

He went to his appointment with Oliver, his eyes dark and sunken as he felt so tired, any extra weight he wished to lose from after Oliver’s birth gone due to how ill he had been; the nausea mixed with the discomfort made it hard to eat anything without immediately throwing up.

“Hello, Gerard,” Doctor Blige greeted him. Gerard gave him a tight smile before sitting down, placing Oliver in his carrier on the floor, “I see Oliver’s doing well.”

“Yeah,” Gerard smiled, “He’s really growing now.”

“What was it that you wanted to see me about?” Doctor Blige asked. Gerard shifted in his seat.

“I’ve just been really unwell over these past few days,” Gerard sighed, “I’ve been vomiting and feeling awful - at first I thought that it was some dodgy Chinese takeaway I’d had but this has been going on for nearly a week now and I’m worried it’s something more.”

“Okay,” Doctor Blige frowned, “Well, I’ll check your chest and do a blood test and if that comes back fine then maybe we’ll have to do some further tests.”

Gerard nodded and waited for Doctor Blige to come back with the blood test kit and a stethoscope.

“Cough for me,” He instructed. Gerard coughed loudly and Doctor Blige frowned.

“Well I can’t hear any build up,” He said, “So we’ll do a blood test to see if it’s a virus and then if it is, you’ll have to just wait for it to pass, unfortunately. If it’s bacterial, I can prescribe you some antibiotics.”

Gerard nodded, almost falling asleep from sitting down so long and being so tired, as Doctor Blige strapped some material around his arm and told him to take a deep breath. He looked away as the needle filled up with blood and then relaxed as it was taken out and held a cotton bud to it.

“Okay, if you stay around I can have the results back to you in twenty minutes,” doctor Blige said. Gerard smiled warmly and picked Oliver out of his carrier as he started to mewl quietly.

“Getting lonely?” Gerard cooed at him, hugging him to his chest and stroking his cheek. Oliver whined again and Gerard huffed playfully and rocked him from side to side.

Doctor Blige came back after twenty minutes with a small smile on his face and Gerard frowned.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, sitting up a bit straighter with Oliver looking at the doctor curiously. Doctor Blige smiled wider.

“Nothing’s wrong - in fact, the exact opposite,” He said.


Frank’s bands had finished playing and he was pretty tired and ready to sleep for hours. He had more bands to watch and maybe sign and the bright lights and loud noise were really starting to get to him. He couldn’t wait to be home with his husband and his baby and to hold them both again.

After taking a quick shower, Frank changed into his pyjamas and and lay in bed. God, he was so old now. He was just about to drift off into sleep when his phone rang. He sat up sleepily and picked up without checking the caller ID.

“Hello?” He asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Hey, Frankie,” Gerard laughed down the phone. He frowned. He’d spoken to Gerard only a few hours before and everything was fine.

“Hey, how are you? Is everything okay?” Frank asked quickly. Gerard laughed again.

“Yeah I just - I wasn’t feeling well and I visited Doctor Blige and, um,” Gerard broke off. Frank’s anxiety levels shot up.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” Frank asked, sitting up straighter.

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just - um - well, how do you feel about - about having a second child?” Gerard asked breathlessly. The cogs took a few seconds to turn in Frank’s brain.

“We’re having another child?” He asked excitedly. Gerard laughed, sharp and bright.

“We’re having another child,” He confirmed. Frank let out a whoosh of breath and laughed too.

“I’m coming back home as soon as possible,” Frank said.

“Okay,” Gerard whispered, “We miss you. Me, Oliver and baby number two.”
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