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Chapter 17

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“Oliver!” Frank called from the bottom of the stairs.

Oliver came into view, the three year old shuffling down the stairs cautiously due to an unfortunate incident two weeks ago were he tripped down the last two stairs. There were no major injuries but he’d been pretty wary of stairs ever since.

Gerard came into the room holding their one year old son, Joshua, in his arms. Joshua had his fist in his mouth and was dribbling onto Gerard’s shoulder.

“Are his shoes on yet?” Gerard asked, picking up Joshua’s changing bag. Frank bent down to tie up Oliver’s shoes.

“Yeah. Are the car keys on the side?” Frank asked, helping Oliver up and ushering him towards the door.

“Yes, can you carry Oliver down to the car - we’ll be here for hours otherwise and we’re already late for Thanksgiving and my mom’s,” Gerard said, tossing Frank the car keys. Gerard carried Joshua and his bag full of spare clothes, baby food and diapers out to the car, trying to stop his son from pulling his hair out in the meantime.

Frank came down behind him and unlocked the car door so that Gerard could place Joshua in his car seat and then Oliver in his when Frank handed the three year old over to Gerard.

“We should only be a half hour late,” Frank commented as he started the car. Gerard sighed and leant around in his seat to make sure that their children were seated right.

“Daddy, I’m bored,” Oliver whined, kicking in the air.

“It’s only a short drive,” Gerard chided, as Joshua chimed in with a, “Da-da I hungry”

“We’ll be at Grandma’s soon,” Gerard said reaching around and tickling Oliver’s foot. Oliver shrieked and giggled.

“No, Daddy, stop,” He screamed. Gerard smiled and turned back around, popping a piece of gum in his mouth.


“Hi, Mom, sorry we’re late,” Gerard said as they shuffled into the house, Joshua in his arms and Oliver trying to dodge through his legs.

“Grandma!” He yelled, throwing himself at her.

“Oliver,” Frank warned, bringing a box of chocolates and some flowers into the house, “What have we said about not hurting other people.”

Donna stooped down to pick Oliver up, “Hello, Ollie,” She cooed. Frank smiled and placed the flowers and chocolates down before following Gerard into the living room where Mikey, Alicia, Linda and a few of Gerard’s aunts and uncles were.

“Hey,” Gerard greeted, causing a whole flock of people to gather around Joshua, cooing and poking him.

“Isn’t he adorable,” One woman cried.

“Hey, Mom,” Frank said to Linda, bending down to hug her.

“Hello, Frank,” She smiled, “I see Joshua’s grown a lot since I last saw him.”

“You saw him two weeks ago,” Frank rolled his eyes, sitting next to Mikey and Alicia. He said hello to Mikey and watched as his husband tried to free himself from the crowd of overly-emotional women staring at their youngest child. Oliver then came toddling into the room with Donna, which meant that focus was lost from Joshua and refocussed on Oliver.

“Hello,” Oliver said loudly.

“He’s so grown up,” Gerard’s aunt said. Gerard smiled and rolled his eyes, settling back on the couch beside Frank and letting Joshua crawl around on his lap.

“Hello, Baby,” He cooed, kissing his forehead. Joshua gurgled and mouthed at Gerard’s jaw.

“Don’t bite Daddy,” He chided, moving Joshua away.

“Daddy, I hungry,” He whined, biting his fist. Suddenly Oliver came up out of nowhere and jumped onto Frank’s lap.

“Hello, little man,” Frank said, picking Oliver up and holding him above his head. Oliver laughed loudly and squirmed.

“Daddy,” He whined, wriggling around in Frank’s grip. Frank laughed and threw him up into the air before catching him again. Oliver shrieked and climbed up Frank’s chest again, wrapping his arms around Frank’s neck and hanging there. Frank kissed his hair and let him stay there, hugging him close to his chest.


Oliver was able to sit at the table as long as there were a few cushions on his chair, but Joshua had to sit in his high chair at the end of the table and be fed by Gerard. Frank leant over Oliver to cut his food up so that he didn’t end up with food all down his face.

“Turkey, turkey, turkey,” He cried, waving his plastic fork around. Frank smiled and placed a hand on his arm to lower it down.

“Not at the dinner table, Ollie,” He smiled, while Gerard spoon fed Joshua mashed potatoes in between eating his own food. Frank started making faces at Joshua while he ate his food and caused Joshua to smile, spilling half-eaten mashed potato down his chin. Gerard tutted with a smile on his face and wiped Joshua’s chin with a wet wipe. When Mikey was finished eating, he pulled up a chair next to Gerard.

“I’ll feed him, you eat,” He offered, taking the spoon.

“Thanks,” Gerard smiled, turning around to finally talk to other people, his turkey practically untouched due to feeding Joshua. Frank smiled at Mikey and leant over to kiss Gerard quickly. He then picked up Gerard’s fork and put a piece of turkey and cranberry sauce on it.

“I’ll feed you now,” He said smugly, waving the fork near Gerard’s mouth. Gerard laughed and opened his mouth wide, letting Frank tip the food into his mouth.

“I could get used to this,” Gerard smirked, kissing Frank’s hand. Frank laughed and went back to eating his meal, talking to Gerard’s mom.


Gerard put Joshua down to sleep at six and then Frank read Oliver to sleep at seven, even though he was over-excited. When Frank came back downstairs, everyone was gathered in the living room, some people watching the TV and some chatting quietly. Gerard was sat beside Mikey and Alicia. Frank made room for himself next to Gerard, and as soon as he sat down, Gerard curled up into his chest and let Frank rub his side.

“You better from last week?” Alicia asked sympathetically. Gerard nodded.

“Yeah, Frank took the kids into work. His receptionist looked after them during his meetings and stuff so I didn’t infect them,” Gerard smiled.

“It was okay, actually. I spent the whole day petrified they were going to staple their faces or something,” Frank snorted.

“So you’re not going to have anymore then?” Mikey smirked. Gerard groaned and shook his head.

“I love them, but Joshua is only starting to sleep through nights and while Oliver sleeps through the nights, he wakes up insanely early. Having two boys is the worst,” Gerard moaned, arching into Frank’s touch as he rubbed circles into his back.

“That’s what you get for not being careful,” Alicia said, mock sternly. Gerard sighed and Frank laughed, his stomach rumbling under Gerard’s head.

“Best mistake we ever made,” Gerard smiled, tipping his head up to kiss Frank, “Though not one we’re willing to make again”


They checked in on Oliver and Joshua just before they went to sleep, watching them breathe slowly for a few moments. When they got to the guest room, Gerard fell down onto the bed and closed his eyes.

“They’re asleep,” He muttered, feeling the bed dip as Frank fell onto it too. Frank kissed his neck lightly and scraped his teeth against the surface of the skin, “And Oliver won’t want to walk around someone else’s house in the morning.”

“Come on, Frank, we shouldn’t - oh, Frank,” Gerard moaned, arching into Frank’s touch. Frank bit down more, scraping his nails against Gerard’s sides. Gerard turned to kiss Frank, slow and deep. They didn’t have much time anymore to themselves, and so as soon as they had a few minutes to themselves, they were eager to make the most of it.

They ended up falling asleep at midnight, throwing the condom in the trash. Gerard rested his head on Frank’s chest and fell asleep, looking forward to an uninterrupted night’s slumber.

They woke up at eight, the longest uninterrupted sleep they’d had for a while. Gerard rolled off Frank’s chest and stretched.

“Hey,” Frank murmured in a gravelly, sleepy voice. Gerard smiled up at the ceiling as he felt Frank’s lips on his jaw, mouthing along the edges of it until he reached his lips.

“We should probably go check to see if the boys are up yet,” Gerard murmured. He got up and pulled a t-shirt and some sweatpants on, waiting for Frank to do the same before they wandered downstairs. They stood on the stairs and watched as Oliver, dressed in his spiderman pyjamas, played with Mikey, climbing over him and giggling quietly. Alicia was holding Joshua on her lap, using her knees to bounce him up and down.

“We could go back to bed,” Gerard suggested reluctantly. Frank took a look in the direction of the guest bedroom, and then at his sons, before making an airplane noise and running towards Oliver, picking him up and throwing him in the air.

“Daddy!” He shrieked, kicking his chubby legs. Gerard leant against the wall and laughed at the sight of them.

“He’s been grumbling,” Alicia informed Gerard, handing Joshua over.

“I’m just going to get him some breakfast,” Gerard mumbled to the room, pinching his cheeks.

“Daddy, I’m hungry and Uncle Mikey won’t let me have another biscuit!” Oliver whined. Gerard narrowed his eyes.


“Chocolate! I want chocolate!” Oliver yelled. Frank tipped him upside down so his dark hair was hanging down, “No, Daddy, no!”

“Hungry,” Joshua complained. Gerard fetched some apple and cranberry baby food which he’d been keeping in his mom’s fridge, before going back into the living room to feed Joshua on his lap.

As he fed Joshua, Frank, Mikey and Alicia were playing hide and seek with Oliver. Oliver decided to hide behind Gerard on the sofa and screeched when Frank found him, picking him up and spinning him around in the air. Joshua half finished his pot of baby food and made grabbing hands towards Frank.

“Me fly,” He whined, “Me fly, Daddy!”

Frank swooped down and picked up Joshua so that he was in his arms and Oliver was tucked under one. Gerard leant back and watched them play. Even though they only had a fraction of the free time they had before and looking after two boys was so tiring he wanted to cry sometimes, it was definitely worth it.

Frank bundled onto Gerard with Oliver and Joshua.

“Crash landing!” He yelled as they piled on top of Gerard. Gerard laughed and tried to gather them all in his arms. Oliver scrambled out of Frank’s arms and climbed over Gerard’s face.

“Is everyone okay down here?” Donna asked, traipsing down the stairs, “There’s a lot of shouting.”

“Save me from Daddy, Grandma!” Oliver yelled. Donna chuckled and ruffled Oliver’s hair affectionately as he stayed, sitting on Gerard’s collarbones, his small hand on Gerard’s cheek.

“Ollie, Sweetheart,” Gerard said, moving Oliver’s hand and bringing him into his chest to cuddle him, “Let Daddy breathe.”

“You’re not letting me breathe,” Oliver pointed out snottily, though he let himself be cuddled by Gerard anyway and snuggled into his chest. Joshua wriggled into Gerard’s lap, staring up at him deploringly until Gerard scooped them both up into his arms.

“Any room for me?” Frank asked, laying across Gerard’s lap.

“No,” Oliver giggled, putting his small hand over Frank’s face. Frank made a comical expression and licked Oliver’s hand.

“Ew!” Oliver shrieked, wiping his hand on Frank’s face, “Bad Daddy.”

“You lot are disgustingly sweet,” Mikey muttered, shaking his head. Gerard and Frank grinned at him.

“Room for Uncle ‘Ikey,” Joshua said, looking at Mikey with his wide, staring eyes and grabby hands. Mikey ended up on the sofa next to them, being pulled into the bundle.

“You forget who the children and the adults are,” Donna remarked to Alicia as she watched them all scrabble around, giggling and shrieking.

“Imagine what it’s going to be like at Christmas,” She grinned, as Frank was pushed to the floor by Mikey.

“Man over board,” Mikey quipped, picking up Joshua and putting him on Frank’s chest.

“As long as I have Josh, I’ll be fine,” Frank said, hugging Joshua close to his chest. Oliver laughed at his dad and clung to Gerard, licking his cheek, and Joshua smiled, dribbling on Frank’s face.

“Come on,” Donna said, “I’ll make some breakfast, up you get, all of you.”

Oliver shot up and out of Gerard’s arms, racing into the kitchen. Donna picked Joshua up off Frank’s chest and carried him into the kitchen as well as everyone else in the house started to wake up as well.

“Our boys,” Gerard sighed, smiling.

“Our horrible, noisy, dangerous little boys,” Frank agreed, wiping Joshua’s dribble off his face.



IT FINALLY POSTED! It's been so fun doing this story, wow. On other sites under a different name I've been writing fairly heavy stuff so it's been nice just to do a sweet, fluffy story for a while. I may end up writing more of this, though I'll probably do it on the tumblr page rather than here. It's just fun writing it and I'd like to do some more of when they're older. Anyway, thank you all so much for reading, reviewing, rating etc, it does really make me super-duper-duper happy - I wouldn't have enjoyed writing this story so much if it hadn't have been for so nice everyone reading has been xx

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