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What's Wrong with Humor?

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(new story!) ..... I couldn't help but wonder.....

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I ran, jumped back and dodged, avoiding the blade of his knife. But it seemed I just wasn't fast enough.

His sharp, gleaming blade sank deep into my stomach. I gasped at the sudden pain as he sliced it sideways across my torso.

I grasped my middle as blood splurted out of me. His manic laugh filled the air around us, ringing out into the nearly black sky.

My legs couldn't hold, and I fell to the ground on my knees. I looked up at him, and I saw the insanity in his dark eyes. Insanity.

Well, this world I seem to be in isn't really one a sane person would survive in.

But, as I lay here on the ground in front of his mud-crusted boots, blood still gushing out of my body, I couldn't help but wonder......

I couldn't help but wonder what I was going to have for dinner later.

A bit of a teaser and a huge I'M BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!

So far, my weeknd has sucked. I've done nothing but work and watch anime. Well, the anime part is okay, but the rest just sucked Aslan's hairy lion balls.

Anyway, I'll probably add onto this later. But for now, Soul Eater is calling at me.

And I can't simply just leave my lovely in such a manner, now can I?

Hugs and Megarolls,
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