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Why does everyone worry about me?

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My mission. Had been going fine so far. Until.... He heard me behind him.

My own knife was sheathed and in my boot. I could have pulled it out at any given second in the blink of an eye.

But I had to see what he was able to do. It seems that when I do that.

All that happens is me losing blood.

I stared at him, waiting for my body to heal enough to move. I could feel my skin stitching back together under my ripped shirt.

Soon. "You ripped my heart out!!!" The man ranted over me. "I loved you, and you cheated on me!!!" I bit my lip, feeling a small fragment of pity.

"I bet you say that to all...." I coughed up a little bit of blood. "The pretty girls." I took a deep breath as the last bit of my skin closed up.

He growled deeply at me, lunging for my ripped shirt. I didn't waver as he picked me up.

He didn't even notice as I grabbed my knife. "How could you do this to me Patty?!" He bellowed in my face.

His breath stank. Like rotten blood. "My name isn't Patty. It's Gerard!" I rammed my knife straight into his heart. "And I'm you're death!" I said as he hunched over.

He coughed blood over my shoulder as I landed on my feet. His weight shoved down on me from above as he died.

I pulled my blade out of him, pushing him off of me as I did so. He landed back on the hard, dry ground.

A puff of dust circled around him as he thudded on his back. I wiped my blade on my tight black jeans to clean his blood off before I returned it to it's home.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and unwrapped the protective bag from it. For whatever reason, blood will always soak right through my phones and destroy them.

"Hey." I smiled as the clean-up crew chief answered. "I got another for ya. Out on Waverly's abandoned farm. You should see it in the dried up field." I looked around. "By a big tree with no leafs."

"We shall be there shortly." The line went dead. I wrapped my phone back up and returned it to my pocket.

I turned away from the body, walking away from it. Sharp pain stabbed at my stomach, and blood spurted out of my mouth.

My legs gave out again and I fell on my face. I rolled to my side, my arms wrapped around myself. "Guess I.... Over did it..."

Everything went black.

Teehee! Still watching Soul Eater. Gotta say I hate the holy sword.

He's annoying as hell!! And I figured you'd like a bit more to this.

I gotta go now. If school is out again tomorrow, that'll be EPIC!! I doubt it will be though.

Oh well ~sigh~ R+R and all that.

Hugs and Mike and Ikes,
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