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The two children didn't cry when they saw me standing over their dead parents. Instead, they let out screams of rage and turned to get something to kill me with.

As I saw her back, I threw my knife at the girl. She had to be twelve at most. The thud if the blade sinking into her back made the boy freeze.

I was already ripping my blade out of her as she fell to the ground and the boy looked back. In a second, I was on him.

He screamed in anger as I kicked him back to the ground. I pinned him with one foot to his shoulder and the other on his stomach.

I heard the soft crack of his collarbone breaking under my weight. "Don't fight me and this will be fast, okay?"

He snarled at me but didn't struggle. I lowered the knife down to his chest.

His hand flew up at mine, his nails leaving deep gouges in my skin. I held it up for him to look at as it healed. "Y-you're n-n-not h-h-human!" He gasped.

I shoved the blade into his heart before he could stutter anything else. "Sorry kid. Just doing my job."

There was a noise from the staircase, making me reclaim my knife and look that way. I saw a scared little girl. She had to be two at least.

Something wet fell on my arm, making me look to the right quickly. The kid's body was showering blood around me.

It was raining red. The blood fell everywhere around me. And on me.

"I won't hurt you." I said, cleaning my knife before I put it back in it's sheath. She sniffled and looked around the room.

"You hurted mommy and daddy and sissy and bubba." She cried. I walked toward her.

She screamed and backed up the stairs on her bottom. She was in a little night dress and her long brown hair was slightly tangled. "It's okay. I won't hurt you. Pinkie promise?" I held my blood soaked finger out to her.

Her brown eyes locked on it for a long second before she jumped into my arms. She buried her face in my neck and clung to me.

I picked her up and carried her outside. "Wait!" She slapped my back. I set her down and she ran back in.

After about five minutes, she came back out, a stuffed dog in her arms. "Wolfy." She held it up for me to see. I smiled at her and held my hand out for her to take.

"I have to make a couple calls, but it won't take too long, okay?" I looked at her. She nodded.

I made the usual call for pick up and clean up. Then I called Rose. "So, you'll never guess what happened this time Rosey." I sighed.

"Oh god you lost a hand didn't you?" She groaned.

"Um, no. I gained something. I guess. The little girl I just found seems to like me."

"A kid likes you? Holy fu-"

"Hey! I'm very likeable thank you!" I cut her off. She laughed on the other side.

"Bring her straight here when you get back, okay? I'd like to meet her." She sounded happy.

"Okay. I see the vans now. We should be there soon." I hung up and pulled the girl into my arms. "What's your name sweetie?" I asked her with a smile.

"Lilly." She smiled back. I put her on my hip as the vans came closer then stopped. "What your name?"

"Can you say Gerard?" She tried. "You can call me Gee, okay?" She nodded.

I climbed in the pick up van and put Lilly on my lap. She leaned back against me and curled up with her Wolfy. "Cute kid." My friend Karmen said as he climbed into the driver's side.

"Cute ass." I pinched it, making him jump and hit his head. He grumbled and sat down, closing his door.

"Gee, where we goin?" Lilly asked, half asleep.

Karmen snickered at me. "Gee..." He giggled.

I ignored him. "You're gonna come live where we do. And you get to meet a nice friend of mine named Rose."

"Pretty...." she said before her eyes closed. I held her as we drove back to the institute.

"Rosey and Gee, sittin in a tree!" Karmen sang as he got out.

"Wow and you're twenty two?" I asked, shutting my door. Lilly was still asleep.

I made it all the way to the hospital wing before she woke up. She gasped and looked around for a second.

Then she looked at me and relaxed. Wolfy hung from her fist as I moved her onto my hip and knocked on the door. "Come in!"

I opened the door and there was Rose in her chair. "Hey!" She stood up and came over to hug before she saw the blood on me everywhere. "Gerard...."

"Hi...." I grimaced. Lilly struggled and I say her on her feet. "So this is Lilly and Wolfy." I put my hand on her head.

"Hi Lilly!" Rose sank to her knees by the girl. "I'm Rose."

"You pretty Rose." Lilly beamed at her. Rose's cheeks were bright red. She looked up at me.

"You like Gee." Lilly stated. Rose gasped and looked back at the girl. "It's okay. He likes you." She beamed.

I laughed and patted her head. "Okay Lilly, I think that's enough for tonight." I picked her up. "Actually, Rose, I was hoping you'd come to my place." I looked at her.

"W-w-why?" She asked, her face so red I thought she was going to explode.

"I was hoping you could watch Lilly while I get cleaned up?" She seemed to wind down a little.

"O-okay." She sighed. We made it to my room with no problems aside from a squirmy Lilly.

"Oh wow. You know, I've never been in your home before, Gerard." She looked around at all the artwork framed on the walls and the sculptures on shelves. "Did you make all of this!?!" She gasped.

"Yeah." I blushed. "You can do whatever as long as she stays out of the kitchen, the closet and my room. You, Rose, can go in the kitchen, but the fridge is empty."

"Gerard, you need to keep food here." She sighed. "Am I going to have to take you shopping for food or something?" She threatened.

"No. I keep forgetting to go to the store. I'm either working or down in one of your beds getting fixed." Her eyes went dark.

"I can go for you. While you're working." She helped Lilly up onto the sectional, which was too high for her to climb onto herself.

"It's okay, really." I sighed as I shut the bathroom door and stripped. I turned on the water and waited for it to heat up.

As it did, I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin was stained with dried blood. It was crusting and flaking, making me gag a little.

I looked closer, focusing on my eyes. Rose said they were darker before. I just don't see it.....

There was a flash and then my reflection changed. I had a manic smile on my face and my eyes were pitch black.

But, worst of all, was the blood. It was raining down around me again in the mirror.

But, this time, I was cupping my hands to collect it like it was normal rain. A small gasping scream worked it's way out of me as I jerked back.

The water was still running. My bathroom was still a pale beige. And I was still frightened in the mirror, not insane.

"Gerard? What's wrong?!" The door flew open and there we were. Rose in the door way.

And me in front of the mirror. Naked. I froze for a second.

"Out out out!!!" I pushed her into the hall and shut the door. "Nothing's wrong! Sprry I scared you I said quickly.

"You're soaked in blood." I heard her sigh. Something soft followed that I didn't pick up.

I climbed into the shower and shut the curtain behind me. After a few minutes of scrubbing my body clean of blood, I realized I was humming softly to myself.

"I like that." The voice made me slip and almost fall as it scared the shit out of me. "I didn't know you were so artistically inclined, Gerard." She said simply.

"Rose?! What are you even doing in here?!"

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