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Axl Preggers?

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My first story post,so this is new for me.This is a unique story. Real and kind of Sci-fi.M-Preg.In this story, with the aid of some fertility treatments, Slash and Izzy secretly attempt to get Axl...

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Axl Preggers?

11 months ago

Axl hadn’t been feeling well lately. He just couldn't explain it and it seemed to come out of nowhere. The whole GNR gang was enjoying an evening at Vicki's in front of the TV. Slash had his trusty Jack Daniels, Duff his Vodka, Izzy a new stash of dope which he shared with Steven and Axl only had a little sample.

They were all enjoying a great rock special on TV, when Axl noticed his vision Blur a little bit. Axl only rubbed his eyes, and continued to watch the show. "Man this show is Dope!" Cried Izzy as the show was discussing the role of bass in rock music. "Hey Izz, Hand me a little of that." requested Slash of Izzy's pile. Izzy was in a cordial mood as he had somehow come across a massive supply early that morning. He doled out a few spoonfuls for Slash who placed it on a saucer next to a syringe. He wasn't yet sure how he'd use it now. He took another sip of his Jack Daniels.

Axl stood up to go to kitchen for a drink of water, and more of Vicky's cheese toast, but was suddenly overcome with faintness and dizziness. He swayed, and then stumbled. He had to grab on to a table to keep from falling all the way down! At the same time, Slash had bolted up from where he was sitting to grab Axl and ensure he didn't fall. Slash kept his arms around Axl until he steadied himself; it was as if he thought Axl was a piece of glass. Though Axl and Slash had been dating off and on for a year and a couple months at that time, this was still a bit odd for Slash. "Slash I'm fine." said Axl trying to free himself from Slash's snug embrace. But Slash didn't let go until Axl had regained his balance.

What was this? Axl thought. He was nowhere close to being wasted; he'd only had a few glasses of water, some toast that Vicki had made, and a sample of whatever that was that Izzy had come across that morning. Axl had had less of it than anybody, and everybody else was doing fine. "I'm just going to get some water from the kitchen,” He assured Slash. But As Axl walked to the kitchen, Slash followed only a few steps behind. Axl turned to see a look of dread in Slash's eyes. But the look was so lovingly sincere; Axl just let it drop and allowed Slash to follow him to the kitchen.

When in the kitchen, Axl was grateful to see one last piece of cheese toast still there on the plate. He reached for a glass from the cabinet, and began filling it with water. Slash embraced Axl from behind, and planted kisses on the nape his neck and the back of his head in his hair. He then went behind Axl's ear. Axl let out a light moan. "You gonna be all right?" asked Slash softly into Axl's ear. "Yes I'm fine now Slash, thanks." answered Axl. Axl was so gorgeous and super sexy, and such a tease. Axl was wearing tight black pants and a loose t-shirt over them. Slash rubbed his bulge against Axl's butt cheeks, allowing Axl to feel his erection. Axl closed his eyes. Axl wanted Slash. Slash was beautiful, and he felt so good. Any touch from Slash just sent Axl over. Axl simply couldn't imagine life without Slash. What they had for each other was irreplaceable. Slash thought about his very attractive lover, and wanted to have him right then and there, but no privacy, the apartment was too small.

Slash also didn't want anybody to steal his pile Izzy had so generously offered. Slowly slash let his arms unwrap from around Axl's waist, and then took a few steps toward the entrance of the kitchen. Slash was just rounding the corner when he heard a loud, awful gag as Axl lurched forward to the sink and vomit exploded out of him. Slash hurried back to the kitchen. Axl lurched forwards again as the vomit violently exited his body. He did this a couple more times, while Slash just stood there and watched. When the vomiting had stopped, Axl just hung over the sink and rinsed down the vomit. Axl had suffered a similar vomiting episode three days ago. Except he was right in front of a Wendy's restaurant! A few cars had been sprayed, but thanks to Duff's quick thinking, violent confrontation was narrowly averted! Axl was now at a complete loss for words.

He then turned to face Slash, but the look on Slash's face puzzled Axl. It was a look of guilt and fear, almost as if he thought Axl should be angry at him? Slash shyly hid his face under his hair as if ashamed. "Need a towel?" He asked as he handed Axl a towel. Axl took it and headed for the bathroom, confused about why he's been throwing up, and how Slash was behaving. Had Slash put something in his drink earlier that day maybe? If he had, Slash would be in major trouble as Axl was in no pranking mood. Axl figured he'd just lay down after he brushed his teeth, and if he didn't feel any better when he awaked, he'd surely go to the hospital on the next day. Axl awoke later on the sofa, and noticed Duff was gone as was Steven. They probably had gone to McDonalds to get some food. Suddenly Axl knew he had to make a mad rush to the bathroom, the vomit almost choking he passed he could swore that was a sinister grin on Slash's face!

The next day at the hospital, it was determined that Axl had eaten some bad meat. Food poisoning of some kind. The doctors weren't certain of that, but did however feel it wasn't something severe. Most likely from the chili Axl had accepted from a friend of Izzy's. "Are you sure that's all!" Slash asked angrily of Axl. This threw Axl back a bit. "Yes, that's it." answered Axl. "You should have gotten a THOROUGH examination Axl, blood work and all, we have to be sure!" exclaimed Slash. "Relax Slash,” answered Axl " I've only been with you and Erin, and with anybody else I've used protection. I haven't caught the cooties!" explained Axl, who'd by now concluded that that's why Slash was Acting the way he was. But there was something there in Slash's eye Axl couldn't decipher. A deeper look as though something else was on Slash's mind. He barely even seemed to hear what Axl said about the cooties, as if that was the last thing on his mind, or as if he already knew that wasn't the cause. Even stranger, Slash suddenly looked very disappointed!

Later that day from a payphone.

"You told me these things would work!" Slash yelled as he tightly clutched something he had in a bag. "Wait, hold on," said the other voice on the phone, “tell me exactly what happened." “I was successful in giving it to him, he suspected nothing, and we were together several times that week. At first I doubted it had worked, and I thought I should try again with another dose, but then he started acting strange a few days ago, showing symptoms I supposed", began Slash. "And?” Inquired the other voice. “He went to the hospital today, it turned out negative." continued Slash. "Oh, uhhm, well , uhhm" said the other voice nervously. "These have worked for many others, maybe try a larger dose?" the voice reasoned. "I've already tried 4x's the recommended dosage," said Slash impatiently, "I paid a decent penny for these, and now you OWE ME BIG TIME!" Slash yelled as he slammed down the phone.

Slash knew that Axl was the one for him. They had been friends for several years now, but at that time (11 months ago) lovers for only a little more than a year. It was during this time as lovers that Slash had come to the conclusion that he simply couldn't live without Axl. And here lately Slash was experiencing stronger desires for Axl, and rabid uncontrollable urges, and some strange thoughts began entering his head. At first he didn't understand them, as they were non-traditional and at times even seemed absurd. The sort of thing he'd dream about at times, but woke up knowing better. Thoughts of maybe combining with Axl in an unexpected way. But he supposed the thought wasn't so unusual between lovers after all. He had hearing strange rumors going about for some time now, some were reportedly not rumor but fact. Slash had yet to confirm this though.

They were destined for each other, Axl and Slash. Their chemistry even showed on stage when they performed, they fit together better than a glove, like true soul mates. This was why Slash was confused when Axl had announced his engagement to Erin recently. This made Slash nervous. Even though Axl had assured Slash he had mutual feelings towards him, it seemed Axl and Erin were getting closer now that she was back in his life from an earlier split.
Was Axl lying to him?

And then there was Izzy. The other lover of Axl's though Axl didn't fully admit it. Axl and Izzy were very close. They went way back to childhood together. And more recently, they had discovered a new attraction for one another. They had slept together off and on over the years usually when there was no one else in their life at the time. But lately something more intense seemed to be brewing between them. Slash could clearly see it, or even hear it for that matter. He'd overheard Axl and Izzy a week ago together. The moans, the grunts, and finally Axl's long slow loud moan, like he'd never experienced such pleasure in his life! He wanted Axl to sound like that with him, and only him!

Slash was starting to feel he would lose Axl. This fear was becoming overwhelming. He was closer to Axl now than ever before, yet he felt in danger of losing him. Now was the time to consummate their relationship. That was the only way. And he needed to satisfy this new sudden urge of his to combine with Axl his lover, as well. It was time to do something that would be endearing and lasting, and most of all ensure Axl would be his. What better than what Slash had in mind?
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