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8 months ago

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More background on Slash's attempts to impregnate Axl

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8 months ago

Slash loved Axl. He loved everything about Axl. Axl was mesmeric and bewitching, in even the slightest of ways. Slash was addicted to him. If he went a few days without seeing his Axl, rest would become nearly impossible to get for Slash as panic mode set in. Even the sound of Axl's voice in the background had a comforting effect on Slash. Axl adored Slash too. Everything about Slash drove him mad. From his touch, his manner, his beauty, his soft shy voice; to the way he'd look at Axl with such affection, how Axl could see how much he meant to Slash. But Axl was at times afraid to show Slash how much he meant to him.

Axl in his room on the phone.

"Yes I know I promised Erin, but I'm just not feeling up to it. The guys and I finished the gig around 6 am this morning. I know you'd like to talk about getting back together, but now is not the time..........."
Slash stood around the corner outside of Axl's room. The door was partially ajar. Slash slipped back into the kitchen, poured some lemonade in a glass, and had a drink.
Slash picked up the kitchen phone. As they lived in a building rather than a house, all phone lines were independent. Slash dialed a number, waited for the line to be picked up. "Hello? Slash?" inquired the voice. "You got it?" Slash whispered demandingly, a hint of anger in his tone. "Ohm, yes. I will. You have no idea what I went through..." the voice was saying, "Just never mind all that!" Cut in Slash. He took a deep breath, and went to the entrance of the kitchen to check on Axl. Slash could still hear Axl on the phone, "Are you Crazy! I know I left it with you, Erin, on a shelf in the laundry room, when we started to make love. You have to return my songbook, the guys and I need to rehears...”

Back in the kitchen,

"You'll have it in half an hour, or an hour at least?" Slash continued in a whisper. "How long will it take you to get here?" Inquired the voice. " Hmmm............ Maybe about 45 minutes." Answered Slash. "Good, I'll surely have it then. Just be sure you're alone when you come. These things are still kinda top secret. My relative is my only means of access. But, I assure you, this one will work, if you follow the directions. These things work, and are safe, but are still considered highly experimental. If anyone knew what I was doing ...and for such cheap price...” The voice was saying, "You burned me once!" Interrupted Slash, "I've already told you how important this is. And I paid you in good faith, upfront. Don't worry about the money; we'll be getting signed soon. But if you burn me again...” Slash was saying in a rough whisper, "And there are LEGAL repercussions for doing something like this, outside of strict supervised health care environments. But I need my bills paid like anybody else. I don't think you appreciate..." the voice interrupted. Axl was now moving around in his room. "Talk Later. See you in 45." Cut in Slash as he hung up.

"No, no, there's no other girls here........what!........That's probably Slash you hear, we share the same floo.....Erin, this paranoia is what broke us up in the firs.........All right then, we'll talk later." Axl hung up the phone.
"Slash, could you get me some water please? I need an aspirin for this headache! Erin is being a psycho bitch again!" hollered Axl.
"Sure, would you like some lemon too?" Asked Slash. "No, just plain water." Answered Axl. 'Darn!' thought Slash. Slash liked putting lemon in Axl's water, in case he needed to mask something. He grabbed a glass and filled it with water, and brought it to Axl. Slash then sat next to Axl and watched as he drank the water with his aspirin. He caressed Axl's head and hair, and admired the beautiful man before him. Axl's almond shaped eyes were so captivating, dreamy, exotic and beautiful. One could get lost eternally in those sensual eyes. His facial features and cheek bones so perfectly gorgeous, with soft feminine characteristics. His hair lustrous and silky to the touch as Slash stroked his fingers through it. Axl's slender body was perfectly contoured and curvy. Axl really was dreamy, voluptuous perfection from head to toe.

And Axl was even more beautiful in the raw heat of passion. Hard core, Aroused, dripping wet all over, hair slick with sweat, disheveled and beaming with moisture. The rousing facial expressions derived from Axl during heated passion were raw and perfectly accentuated his perfect sexy facial features! Axl's hypnotic eyes were mesmerizing and either; intensely desperate with hard core desire, enraptured in pleasure, pleading with sincerity, or naughty and raunchy demanding more pleasure. When Axl was aroused, those eyes seemed to have an extra depth to them and take on a life all their own.

Slash leaned over to kiss Axl. Axl was still perturbed over his conversation with Erin. And Axl's bipolar was starting to kick in, making him feel miserable. Slash tickled the outside of Axl's lips with his tongue. Slash then gently turned Axl's face to his, and sucked on Axl's bottom lip, biting lightly, waiting for entry. Axl absolutely loved this gorgeous curly haired man, Slash, sometimes more than life itself. Axl parted his lips, and their tongues danced passionately together. They whispered dirty things to each other between kisses. They absolutely THRIVED on each other! Theirs was a magical chemistry. Whenever they were together, sparks flew. Soft moans escaped them both as tongues fought for dominance. Axl placed a hand on Slash's thigh. Slash now held the back of Axl's head in his hands as he found a new angle in the struggle to win dominance. It absolutely scared Axl how he felt about Slash sometimes.

But Axl pulled back from the kiss while Slash whined in protest. "I need to shower now,” Axl explained. "Erin got me all worked up", Axl continued as he gently caressed Slash’s thoughtful, pain struck face. But in Slash's mind, he realized it was just what he needed, since he had other...uhmmm....., plans. "Sure." Slash finally answered his face suddenly brighter. “You are much more fun when you are relaxed and comfortable." Slash quickly added, noticing Axl's sudden confusion.
"And besides, I need to replace that broken string on my guitar for our rehearsal tonight. So go ahead, my sweet Axl. Enjoy your shower." Slash said.
"Oh, Ok then." Axl said as he got up to go to the shower. "Guess I'll see you later then."

Slash absolutely adored Axl. Axl was like a Drug to him, yes, even better than pot! Slashes prized possession. Except Axl was a good drug, also of a medicinal nature, like marijuana is to some cancer patients. Axl had a Good aura about him, and the audiences at their performances even benefitted. Many often spoke of experiencing something while Axl was on stage. Something HEALING, that cut through all the BS and got right to the heart and soul of the matter. Axl sometimes would shake and vibrate violently while performing or even with just rehearsing, as this powerful energy exuded from him! At these times, Slash couldn't help but wish that he was the reason Axl was vibrating. This Amazing energy would last several hours, and through the whole shows! The masses would willingly wait hours for Axl with his amazing energies, who also struggled with bipolar disorder which made him late to shows often. Whenever Axl showed up, he made it all well worth their wait. And the bigger they'd get, Slash would soon learn that this power was enough to drive frenzied audiences into riot at being deprived of a show. And that Axl would soon earn the title, ‘World’s best Ever Front man!'.

One hour later.

Slash examining some items on the table before him. The room is dark, but a dim light lights the table. "Take your time. You have to decide which is right for you." Said a familiar sounding voice somewhere behind him in the room. "How's this thing work?" Slash asked, holding up a gadget from the table. "Oh that, well that is the more expensive alternative. Me thinks its best you try some of the cheaper, less complicated choices first. One of them should work for you. The gadget is a more sure shot, but there is greater chance of adverse reactions." The voice explained. "I know what you are doing," said Slash in a low angry voice, "You'd make more money on me if I try them all, even the ones that you know won't work. Well, that's not what I'm here for." "Oh no! Please don't think that!" The voice cut in. “You are my friend, Slash. And satisfied customers are good for business. Honestly, I don't know what went wrong the first time with the pills. I want this to work for you, but since it’s in such early stages; it should really be of no surprise that some of these may not work for you. Did you follow ALL my instructions Slash?"

"Sure did." said Slash. "That is why this is best under the watchful eye of a health professional." The voice continued, “They could easily eliminate the choices down to what would work best for you. But it is all out of pocket, not covered by insurance, and very, very expensive, especially being so cutting edge and all. You don't have that kind of money now do you Slash?" The voice inquired. "No." Answered Slash. "And your partner is still unaware?" "Its best like that, at least for now." Stated Slash. "Well, if your partner can't afford to be examined, or is unwilling, this is probably your best alternative." The voice continued. "Don't worry, if you follow my precise instructions, it WILL work for you."
"I guess I'll take the powder this time then." Finished Slash. "That's a very good choice, Slash, I think you'll like. It is tasteless, easy to mask. But you MUST follow ALL instructions precisely." The voice instructed.

Later that Night

"Ga' damnit Izzy" exclaimed Steven. "All I asked for was my drum book, and ya couldn't even bring that," "Hold your horses Steven; you just need to play by ear tonight anyhow" Replied a rattled Izzy. "Yeah, but I wanted to spend at least a half hour in practice!" Retorted Steven. "This rehearsal has been flawed anyways. Erin still has yet to bring my songbook; I never should've left it with her." Added a visibly upset Axl. "And this isn't even the right guitar string to replace my missing one." Said a tired looking Slash.
"Well, maybe we should all just retire early tonight; do this rehearsal when everything's intact." Said common sense Duff. "Good night everyone" he called out as he retired to his room. "No Duff, no rehearsal." Concluded Steven. "Good night everyone." Steve called as he left. Izzy simply headed upstairs, went into his room, shut the door. Unexpectantly leaving Slash and Axl alone in awkward silence. "Well, I'll see you in the morning." Axl finally said, still upset. "Hey Ax, you need to calm down." Said Slash. "Can I make you something to eat, and maybe we could talk in the kitchen? Or your room if that's more comfortable. "No, that's ok Slash. Besides, Erin's calling me back tonight." Slash looked away from Axl and at the ground, as if wounded. This really bothered Axl.

"Come 'ere Slash." Axl seducingly said in a low voice that was almost whispery. Axl was so tender and loving with Slash. Axl could be such a flirt at times! Such a tease. Axl just held a power over Slash. Slash found himself melting as Axl approached. Alluringly, Axl advanced over to Slash, realizing his power on Slash; and moved Slash's thick curtain of hair away from his face. Axl softly caressed the side of Slash's face, staring hypnotically into Slash's eyes. Axl could see the desire in Slash's face. Axl then began to press his lips softly but firmly against Slash's. Then he softly sucked on Slash's bottom lip, tugging and nipping at it a bit. Slash happily obliged, returning the kiss. Axl saw the weakness in Slash, that Slash was powerless with him. This made Axl smile inside. Axl placed his hands under Slash's shirt, and traced along his belly, making Slash moan.

Slash began to sweat. Axl's touches were like aphrodisiacs to Slash, Slash felt himself succumbing to Axl. Their kiss continued, but now intensified, both breathing harder and at times breaking for air. Slash rubbed and caressed his fingers through Axl's hair. Slash then grabbed the back of some of Axl's hair into his fist, pulling his head back slightly, and proceeded to molest Axl's mouth, then his jawline, his neck, and back to his mouth again. Axl moaned loudly. Slash whispered something dirty to Axl. Axl chuckled. Axl played with Slash's belt, dipped his fingers in Slash's pants, then tugged at the belt again. Then Axl's hands went back under Slash's shirt. That was when Slash remembered, 'The powder Idiot! The powder!' Slash's mind disciplined him.

Slash suddenly pulled away from the kiss, while Axl protested. Slash had hidden the powder and a few tools in the back of his shirt, and Axl was only inches from discovering it! Slash's face was now red. Axl tried to come back, but Slash quickly turned away. Now it was Axl who looked hurt and confused. “I’m sorry babe. I feel sick. I should probably eat something, my stomach is in knots!" Explained Slash,bending and grasping his stomach. And just then, the phone rang from Axl's room. It rang again. "That'd be Erin.” Announced Axl. Awkward silence, two more rings. "Guess I'd better go answer it." Axl said, and with that he hurried off, leaving Slash all alone.

Slash stood there for several minutes, trying to absorb and think things through, and then turned himself in to bed. He could faintly hear Axl's voice from his room, and it seemed he and Erin was having a cordial conversation. The conversation seemed indulgent and pleasant. There was whispering, laughter, and Axl's soft content voice.

Slash was becoming delirious.
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