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The Powder

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Slash's fertility powder

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Slash would make Axl his. He had to. There was just no other way, Slash thought as he listened to Axl giggle while he talked with Erin in the other room. Axl was like the air Slash breathed. Even the way Axl was giggling was giving Slash goosebumps and butterflies. Axl even possessed a great sense of humor. Slash listened, as Axl showed his witty sense of humor over the phone. Axl was his life, impossible to live without. Slash was absolute of this. But there was just too much uncertainty in their relationship. Slash had to make their bond real. If by any chance Axl resisted; Slash would force things if he had to.

The powder

Slash exhaled slowly as he felt safe and in no danger of being discovered now. He took everything out of his shirt, the powder, the equipment, and the instructions. The powder was potent, and contained estrogen. It worked by tricking the recipient’s sperm into thinking it was several tiny pouched eggs. Indeed the powder contained microscopic egg like shells in individual organic, celled pouches. The recipients own sperm would invade the pouches to fertilize the 'eggs', injecting the recipient’s DNA into them. But these new DNA infused 'eggs' were viable temporarily, time sensitive; and required urgent, massive exposure to sperm from another male for possible conception.

Powder Instructions
[/Must not expose powder to light. Must keep stored in original airtight bag.

Powder has natural tendency to settle. Must sift powder through sifter tool often, especially before use!
Must administer 1 oz. twice per day for one week. No days can be missed.
Must only place in water, lemonade, unseasoned rice or plain cheese pasta for effectiveness.
Can take with or without a meal, as long as meal doesn't contain raw onions.
Must also consume 8 oz. of cranberries per day, juiced, dried, or whole, must NOT mix powder and cranberries!
Must have intercourse at least once within the first six hours of last dosage on the final day.
Must have intercourse in the following two days as often as possible, when subject is most fertile
If any step is missed, must start all over again.
[/'The cranberries, forgot the @#%# cranberries.'
Thought Slash. Axl usually slept late, so Slash figured he'd just rise up early, go get the cranberries, juice them, and store in a container. But he must make enough so everybody could drink, to throw off suspicion. Slash would work it all out. He lay snugly in his bed, watching the stars outside. Slash heard more laughter from the other room. Confused, tortured thoughts filled Slash's head as he fell into sleep.

Following Day

The next day was mild and windy as Slash headed out to panhandle money for the cranberries. This wasn't new for Slash; he had done some panhandling for the treatments as well. Slash wanted good, organic cranberries and he knew that he'd need pounds of it. Not very cheap. Slash headed over to a local farmer's market where he knew he'd find what he wanted. He knew one of the worker's, someone from school. Terry. Slash found Terry,

"Man, what are YOU doing here?" He Asked. "Doctor's orders. Need some cranberries." Answered Slash. "What kind of doctor's orders, you don't look sick?" Inquired Terry. Slash looked nervous. "Not for me, for someone else." "And?" Pressed Terry. "Fertility reasons. Now this is embarrassing! Just hurry up and get the @#%#@ cranberries so I can leave!" Terry now shaken scrambled to get the cranberries. "Uh, How many pounds?" Terry asked. "I need enough for a week, and more than one person will drink." Slash said. "That's going to be a lot of cranberries, and very expensive, you got the dough?" Terry asked. "Well, that's what I'm gonna need some help with, can we work something out?" Slash inquired. "Hmmm. Well, I’ve got to work till closing today, means I'm gonna miss the car show tonight and.... Tell you what; you fill in for me tonight and tomorrow night. You can have as much as you like." Terry offered. Slash turned this over in his head for a minute. "Well, Ok I guess." Agreed Slash, realizing he'd miss a couple nights practice. Terry gladly took off his apron. "Well here, let me show you around a bit...."

About Axl

Later, as Slash occupied the stand, few customers, Slash's mind drifted back to Axl.
Slash totally understood audience reactions to Axl. Slash adored Axl. The singer was like a DREAM COME TRUE. And Slash was starting to fall helpless to Axl. Slash wanted for Axl to have dependency on him too. He needed Axl, and wanted Axl to need him. Slash wanted to be the one that Axl whispered his sweet nothings in the ear of in the quiet of the night, the one Axl came to for security, the one on Axl's lips during his lonely nights,.... the one whose name was on Axl's lips when he climaxed. Slash wasn't sure how much Axl needed him. Axl was tricky. There were mixed messages. While Axl expressed real love to Slash, sometimes he seemed to contradict himself. This played with Slash's head.

Audiences couldn't get enough of the members of GNR and were fanatical; most especially of Axl. Axl's energy; but also Axl's unique androgynous sensuality. That, his beauty, and his unique nature to EXUDE SEXINESS from every molecule of his being, drove both males and females to lust after him; A viewer's erotic Paradise! But Slash got an extra bonus, the personal intimate moments; a bonus most audience members could only dream about. A sexual Fantasy. Slash would discover Axl intimately and explore; his needs, vulnerabilities; his weaknesses and strengths; his intimate passionate, vulgar, X-rated side.

Axl was red Hot! A horny maniac, with an unquenchable, nymph- like appetite that lasted hours on end; and often DAYS! Axl had endless amounts of energy, just like on stage. Axl released the same awesome stage vibe in the heat of passion, and would sometimes VIBRATE madly during love making. The whole experience was very orgasmic and more intense. For Slash nothing and no one rivaled the raw experience of Axl in hard-core passion.
The SOUNDS he'd make! Axl's stunning vocal capabilities were sizzling! Axl was an orchestra of provocative grunts, groans, moans and other sensual melodies in all registers; aphrodisiacal music for the ears and sexual hormones!
Axl's touch was ELECTRIC! And so was his tongue! His bed performance squared with his stage performance. Axl was a natural. To Slash, even the most experienced strippers hadn’t the touch Axl had. Axl seemed always to know Slash’s needs and WANTs; he really understood his Slash!

Axl was a good fuck! An indelible sight in the heat of passion! How provocative he looked, messy-haired and sultry! When he expressed different emotions; vulnerability, pleasure, bold vulgarity, with his stunningly gorgeous face! Slash loved the way Axl's sexy plump lips often parted back, displaying perfect white teeth when he gritted them in pleasure or pain; and the way he licked his lips in the heat of passion. Slash loved grabbing Axl's round Ass as a bonus. It took much to satisfy Axl, who was unrestrained sexually, and Slash felt he was well equipped for the job. They were made for each other.

Slash felt he was the only one that could bring everything out of Axl. Slash knew Axl needed him, whether Axl wanted to admit it or not. Slash felt he was the only one who could reach into Axl's core, and bring out his innermost. Slash could see it when their eyes made contact; and sense it in their chemistry on stage.
Thoughts of sharing Axl Literally Drove Slash NUTS!!
And in the darkest corners of Slash's mind, even murder wasn't off limits for Slash to obtain Axl; murder, whether to himself,...or someone else.
Before Slash knew it, the night was done. A total of 7 customers raked in another $200 for stand that night.

At home

Slash was determined to make his plan work. Slash went straight to the kitchen after washing his hands. He unloaded the cranberries into the sink, and washed them. As he was getting the juicer out to juice them, Axl came up behind him. Axl wrapped his arms snuggly around Slash's belly, and squeezed. Axl felt so good. "Ahhhhh." Slash moaned. Axl loved to hold his beloved, pretty Slash. "What are you doing Slash?" Asked Axl. At times Slash felt Axl could read his mind, this was one of them. "I came across a friend today. I helped him, and he gave me these." Slash answered quickly. Slash could feel Axl's eyes examining his head, or examining his thoughts! Silence. Axl was focusing on Slash's head.

But Slash kept his face hidden from Axl, as a last defense. Suddenly Slash felt Axl's hot breath on his neck. Axl exhaled slowly along his neck and behind his ears, in back of his hair; his weak spots. Axl was gaining. Slash moaned. Axl gently tipped Slash's head back by his curls. He began licking and sucking Slash's ear lobes, and the tender spot behind them. He smooched on Slash's neck. More slow, exhaled hot breath. "Jesus Axl!" Cried Slash. Axl released his curls, his hands now roaming Slash's chest. Moaning slowly, Axl pinched and groped Slash's chest from behind him, making his buttoned shirt come loose. How rousing was his sounds! Slash knew when Axl was in the mood. Continuing to smooch on Slash’s neck, Axl began whispering into Slash's ears, between licking and sucking, about how he missed him. Axl slowly let his hands, with fingers pressed; drift methodically down Slash's chest to his groin area, while mouth-molesting Slash's neck. Slash's eyes closed. Slash was melting, losing himself to Axl. Axl loosed Slash's belt with a jerk! Axl knew he was gaining full control of Slash. "Sslaaaaash! O! Sslaaash..." he moaned seductively. Axl now nibbled and sucked hungrily on Slash's neck. His hands firmly groping Slash's manhood, with skilled deliberate fingers. Slash let out a loud helpless moan.

Slash couldn't stand it anymore, Axl had won. Again. Slash turned to face Axl, and grabbed him in tight hungry embrace, hungrily kissing him, to the point of pressing his head back and bruising his lips. He'd grabbed Axl with such force Axl made a little sound as their bodies collided. Slash started working his way down Axl's chin to his neck, Axl let his head fall back.

With one arm supporting Axl's back, Slash was on working his way around Axl's neck, demolishing his shirt with other hand, when a familiar voice interrupted "Hate to break things up, but who's going to clean up that f#ckin river?!" Izzy said sarcastically, looking from Slash to Axl as though he was getting aggitated. (As a matter of fact, Izzy WAS becoming VERY aggitated!) But, Izz was right. There was a river flowing from the forgotten sink. And so too Slash's hard earned cranberries.........
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