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Packing Day

by nici160

First Phan smut of the story

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"Where would we go? How would we survive?" Phil was always the one who thought about practicality. He would worry about every little thing until it ate him away.

Dan closed his eyes. "Anywhere. I have a few grand in a savings account, I'm sure I could get a job wherever we landed." Dan said, thinking about it as more than just a vague thought.

Phil thought for the longest time before deciding that he didn't give a shit anymore. "I have a car if that helps."

Dan opened his eyes and looked at Phil. "You really want to?" he asked quietly, not sure whether Phil was just entertaining the idea to be nice.

Phil nodded. "Let's get out of this hell. Let's drive to a different city. Find an apartment to buy. I have good credit, and a deposit in my account. My parents are the rich poncy people, not me."

Dan's grin grew wider as Phil spoke, allowing himself to actually consider the idea. "That sounds absolutely perfect." he admitted.

"When do we leave?" Phil asked. Finally excited about something.

"Now? Today?" Dan offered, feeling his stomach bubble with anticipation.

Phil shook his head as he frowned. "Hungover. No driving." He felt really guilty. "How about we just pack everything and load it up today?"

Dan nodded. "Tomorrow morning then?" he asked, almost as if he were asking for permission.

Phil nodded. "Yeah. Tomorrow." Phil suddenly realised he had been completely naked the whole time he had been talking to Dan and turned a dark shade of red.

Dan watched as Phil's face suddenly flushed red. "You okay baby?" he giggled.

Phil nodded. "Just realised you need to avert your eyes while I get a towel."

"Don't worry, I didn't peek." Dan giggled, covering his eyes with his hands.

"But I'm meant to be catholic, no sex before marriage and all that shit." Phil chuckled as he reached out of the shower for his towel and wrapped it around himself standing up.

Phil giggled at Dan's actions. "You can look now... The towel hides all."

"Are or meant to be?" Dan asked, intrigued as he removed his hands from his eyes and looked at Phil, grinning with excitement over their plans.

"Meant to be. Coz catholics are meant to be heterosexual and stuff. If the mood takes me and it feels right then my virginity will be taken." Phil walked out of the bathroom feeling much better than he had. He put on some clean boxer briefs and threw the towel back in the bathroom, flopping down on his bed.

Dan stood up, still in his wetish boxer and walked over to his drawers to get a towel. "I'm going to have a shower, okay love?" he asked, rummaging around.

Phil nodded. "Alright. I'll probably still be on my bed willing for aliens to take me or something."

Dan walked over and planted a kiss on Phil's forehead. "I hope they don't," he winked, and headed toward the bathroom.

Phil listened to the soothing sound of the shower as he felt his eyelids getting heavy. His arms dangled off the bed as he allowed himself to become semi-conscious.

Dan stood under the stream of the shower, anticipating his and Phil's escape. The more he thought about it the more perfect it got. Just him and Phil, wherever the wanted to be, not having to answer to anyone or anything. He had nothing tying him here. He grinned to himself as he stood for a few minutes, washing and then turned the shower off. He wrapped the towel around his necessities and went back to the main room, pulling some clean boxers on under his towel.

"Dan? Is that you?" Phil mumbled out in his half asleep state. He heard noises and they were keeping him awake.

"Yes darling, it is." Dan murmured, using the towel to dry the rest of him, then roughly rubbing his hair.

"Is now a good time for sleepy time?" Phil questioned. He knew that regardless of what Dan said, he would probably fall asleep anyway.

"Probably not, but you go ahead love." Dan answered, pulling his jeans on and turning on his straighteners.

Phil's body shut down on him and he went into a deep sleep. He murmured and mewled in his sleep, making faces to go with the noises.

Dan went about straightening his hair, and then quietly putting his belongings into 2 bags. He didn't really have much. Every so often if Phil made a noise, he'd glance over and smile. Phil looked so at peace when he was asleep.

Phil's dreams started off so well. He was with Dan and they were driving along and having a great time. But then his mind decided to fuck with him and make him dream of Ryan and his torture. Phil was crying in his dream and begging, just like he had at the time. He couldn't escape.

Dan frowned as he heard Phil's mew's turn into almost sob like noises. He didn't want to wake him though, so he kept placing things in his bag.

This time Phil had ran back to his room. He found his razor and had made several deep cuts, letting himself bleed onto the tiles of the bathroom floor. He whispered his good byes and reached for Dan's booze stash and the panadols he had snuck in, downing them both.

As Phil was dreaming Dan reached the part in his drawer that held Phil's razors. He turned the largest over in his hands, almost annoyed that it was his grandfathers. He wanted desperately to throw it out, but couldn't do that to Phil.

Phil thrashed as the concoction overtook his body. He awoke with a loud cry as he hit the floor, having fallen off the bed.

Dan put the razor down and hid it again, just in case the sight trigged Phil. He walked over to Phil, "You okay babe?" he asked, crouching beside him.

Phil rubbed his head as he sat up. "Not really. I had a bad dream. Maybe that's an understatement. I died Dan. By my own hand."

"Aww," Dan cooed, pulling him into a hug. "Well you're not dead," he confirmed. "...and I'm glad you're not." he added.

"I managed to find my razor, sneak in panadol and find a bottle from your booze stash. That was after I dreamt of h-him." Phil's voice cracked. He hated how vivid his imagination was.

"I hate him." Dan mused. "You'll never have to worry about him ever again." added, still holding Phil.

"C-can we pack my stuff? H-help me?" Phil asked, not wanting to have to do anything alone.

"Of course darling, come on." Dan said, getting up and holding his hand out to pull Phil up.

Phil put his hand in Dan's and pulled himself up. He got his bag back out and started to take his clothes out of his drawer.

Dan went to Phil's side of the wardrobe, wrapping his arm around the clothes and unhooking them. He bought them over to Phil's bed and sat on it, and began to fold.

Phil placed an innocent kiss to Dan's lips. "Thanks Danny. I love you." He placed the already folded clothes into his bag and got out all of his underwear to pack next to them.

Dan grinned, slightly trailing his head after Phil as he pulled back. "I love you too," he answered, grinning and realising that in that moment, he really was in love with Phil.

Phil packed all of the clothes Dan had folded into his bag and crawled into Dan's lap. "Fuck packing, I have something more exciting we could do...." Phil suggested with a wink.

Dan wrapped his arms around Phil, pulling him closer and couldn't help but let a grin spread across his face. "I've been dying to show you how I feel love." he announced, pecking Phil on the lips quickly.

Phil pulled Dan to him and connected their lips. Soft and gentle at first, he didn't want their first proper kiss to be rushed and fuelled by hormones.

Dan wound one of his hands up to Phil's neck, lightly holding it and trying to pace his lips and match Phil's speed.

Phil broke away and whispered. "Bed now." then realised they were on a bed already and added "Your bed now." He reconnected their lips, pressing his thumbs into Dan's hips and increasing the pace.

Dan pulled back briefly, "Why mine?" he murmured against Phil's lips, then kissed him properly again. His grip on Phil's neck became firmer.

"Yours is clean. Mine has shit all over it. And yours smells good." Phil's hands found their way under Dan's shirt and Phil felt slightly exposed in only his boxers.

"Okay," Dan agreed, running his hands down Phil's back, scooping around his ass and down to his thighs. He held him as he stood up, and carried Phil over to his bed.

Phil's breath hitched as Dan's hands roamed his body. His fingers subconsciously tapped out a familiar tune on Dan's back as they kissed each other like their lives depended on it.

Dan walked them to the foot of his bed, dropping Phil onto it and climbing onto him, working them both up the bed with kisses until Phil's head was on the pillow and Dan was on all fours, hovering over him.

"Dan. I love you." Phil said as he leaned up to kiss Dan. His tapping resumed as he got into the kiss more and more, getting short of breath.

"I love you too," Dan replied, kissing him for a few more moments before pulling back. He moved to kiss Phil's jawline and neck as he let them both catch their breath.

Phil's head arched back, allowing Dan more access as he started to come undone at the slightest touches to his neck. He moved one hand up to Dan's hair and tangled his fingers in it.

Dan lightly kissed along the left of Phil's neck, getting to the hollow at the base of it then licking up in a stripe. He sucked lightly on his Adam's apple, and then moved to the right to pepper it with kisses.

"D-Dan...Where did you learn all this?" Phil said between gasps and soft moans.

"Practice, sweetheart." Dan answered, giggling a bit. He tentatively lowered himself onto Phil, so he was straddling his waist and returned to kiss his lips.

Phil hadn't done more than kiss a guy, so he was a bit nervous and confused. "Teach me?" he whispered against Dan's lips as he tried to lift Dan's shirt off.

"Of course," he murmured, sitting back on Phil and pulling his shirt off over his head and throwing it beside the bed, grinning at Phil and leaning down to kiss him again.

Phil slid his hands down further to rest on Dan's ass. He broke their kiss and started to nibble at Dan's ears. He wasn't sure if what he was doing was good, but he wanted to do it.

Dan hummed under Phil's touch. He sucked at his neck lightly, just by his ear and then whispered, "Have you even been given a blow job Phil?"

Phil shook his head, his eyes widening. He'd had bad experiences with blow jobs and was a bit scared.

"Can I give you one love?" Dan asked again, knowing it might be a sensitive subject. He kissed his neck again, lightly lapping at it.

Phil wasn't sure. He thought about it for a long time before nodding slightly. "I'm scared though Dan, go slow please?"

"As slow as you want." Dan murmured, moving to suck on Phil's Adam's apple again.

Phil gasped as Dan sucked on his neck. "St-stop that. You're gonna make me squirm if you keep doing that."

Dan removed his mouth, grinning. "I'm going to make you squirm anyway," he answered, kissing Phil on the lips again.

Phil's mouth made an 'o' against Dan's lips before he melted into the kiss and tugged at Dan's hair.

Dan hummed lightly again, "I'm going to start heading down now, okay?" he asked after a few moments, not wanting to shock Phil. He moved to Phil's neck and started lightly peppering kisses across it.

Phil bit his lip and nodded, not sure of how he was going to react.

Dan moved to Phil chest, kissing across it then moving to Phil's nipple, sucking it lightly then running his tongue over the raised skin. He flickered his eyes to Phil to see his reaction.

Phil gasped as Dan found another sensitive spot. His back arched up slightly as he groaned in pleasure.

Dan grinned. He moved across to the other to do the same, before returning to the centre and kissing down to Phil's bellybutton.

"Oh god Dan..." Phil moaned as Dan teased his g-spots. He had no idea what Dan was doing, but he enjoyed whatever it was.

Dan kissed over Phil's scarred skin of his stomach, then licked his tongue in a long trail along the waistband of Phil's boxers.

Phil had grabbed chunks of the bedsheets in his fists and his head was tilted back out of sheer pleasure. He was enjoying Dan's teasing, but he started to have second thoughts about getting a blowjob. He decided he would wait and see what Dan would do.

Dan sat in the V of Phil's legs, cross-legged. He hooked his fingers in Phil's waistband and glanced up at him, writhing in pleasure. "I love you Phil," he said earnestly as he paused his teasing.

"I love you too Dan. Please be careful with me." Phil said quietly. He placed his hands on his stomach, fingering his scars and remembering that Dan kissed them. He smiled at the thought and knew Dan wouldn't try to hurt him.

"Of course," Dan answered, and slowly tugged his boxers down to reveal his erection. Dan glanced for a few seconds, surprised someone so lanky could be so well endowed, before he leant over and lightly kissed the tip, maintaining eye contact with Phil.

Phil bit his lip and kept his eyes on Dan. He was nervous, scared even, about this. He had been forced to give so many of these that he probably couldn't return the favour. He wrung his hands together as these thoughts entered his head.

Dan wrapped his lips around the tip, lightly sucking and ran his tongue across the slit gently. He pulled of seeing the nerves in Phil's face. "You okay?" he asked tenderly, running his tongue over the tip again.

"I-I'm not sure. I'm having second thoughts about this Dan." Phil finally admitted, feeling guilty afterwards.

Dan looked up at him again, his mouth not too far from his member. "I can stop if you want me to, but I won't hurt you Phil." he said, meeting Phil's eyes.

Phil looked away and nodded. "I'm sorry Dan. I'm so selfish, but I can't do this."

Dan crawled back up Phil's body and kissed him on the cheek. "It's okay love, I understand. It's not selfish." he said, hovering over him again.

"You sure?" Phil leaned up and captured Dan's lips with his own, just wanting to stay innocent for this moment.

"100%" Dan replied, kissing him on the lips. "I hate to leave you hanging though," he giggled, gesturing to Phil's boner.

"Then don't." Phil suggested. He pulled Dan down against him and smashed their lips together. Phil's fingers had started up their rhythm again as his feelings of happiness rose again.

Dan kissed him back for a bit. "I can use my hand then?" he murmured against Phil's lips, not sure if he meant it.

Phil nodded and tugged at Dan's bottom lip with his teeth. He wasn't iffy with hands. If he was then he'd be one very sexually frustrated boy. He tangled his fingers in Dan's hair and tugged hard.

Dan leant to the side of Phil, so he was sort of snuggling into his side rather than on top of him. He wrapped his legs in between Phil's, and slowly trailed his hand down Phil's chest and torso, returning his kiss eagerly.

Phil moved his head so that he was snuggled into the crook of Dan's neck, sucking and nibbling. He had gotten it off Dan but he wasn't quite sure he was doing it right.

Dan couldn't help but moan quite enthusiastically as Phil worked at his neck, it was a very sensitive spot for him. He let his fingertips graze lightly up Phil's erection, teasing him slightly.

Phil hummed against Dan's neck. He was very sensitive and highly aroused.

Dan moved his head, nudging Phil's with his nose until their lips were square enough to kiss again. He gripped Phil properly, stroking his hand up and down slowly.

Phil moaned into their kiss. "Oh god Dan." he muttered against Dan's lips. He couldn't restrain the noises that emitted from his mouth.

Dan increased his pace gradually, changing his hands position every so often to increase the pleasure for Phil. He ran his tongue along Phil's lower lip in the kiss, realising he hadn't explored his mouth yet.

Phil's mouth fell open in pleasure as Dan's tongue met his lower lip. He had that familiar feeling in his stomach and he knew he wouldn't last long.

Dan let his tongue enter Phil's mouth, moving against his tongue and running over his teeth briefly, their lips still in sync. He continued to stroke Phil, running his thumb over the tip and feeling the pre-cum that was already developing.

Phil grabbed Dan's hip with one hand and tugged his hair with the other. His instincts were taking over and he had no control of his movements. He massaged Dan's tongue with his own as he neared climax.

"Mmm tug harder," Dan moaned into Phil's mouth, loving the feel of him pulling his hair. He continued to stroke Phil consistently and moved into his side as much as he could.

"Dan. S-so close." Phil whispered as he tugged on Dan's hair as hard as he dared to for fear of hurting him.

Dan moved his hand a bit faster in response, doing all he could to make Phil's experience special. He moaned again at the firmer tug. He licked up Phil's parted lips and awaited his arrival.

Phil was a moaning mess as he came into Dan's hand and all over his stomach. He pulled Dan on top of him, by the hips, and attacked his neck with kisses.

Dan let himself be moved and craned his neck back, moaning gutturally as Phil planted kisses all over his sensitive neck.

Phil moved his hands around to Dan's zipper and proceeded to undo his pants, slipping a hand inside the tight jeans. He stroked Dan through his underwear, savouring the delicious noises Dan was making. He flipped them over and grazed his teeth over Dan's adam's apple.

Dan arched his neck, revelling in the pleasure and in Phil's firm touch. He began to moan a bit more constantly, his breathing becoming ragged.

Phil tugged Dan's jeans down, taking the boxes with them and ran his finger along Dan's length. He brought his lips back up to kiss Dan roughly as he was getting more turned on with every move.

"Mmm, Philly," Dan moaned into Phil's mouth, grinning at his touch. He ran a hand up Phil's back, trailing his finger directly down his spine.

Delighted at Dan's moans, Phil squeezed Dan's cock as he ran his thumb over the slit.

Dan rolled his hips up into Phil's touch, moaning appreciatively. He ran his finger up his spine, and back down to cup his ass gently.

Phil increased his pace as he pushed his ass into Dan's hands. He was enjoying this as much as Dan was. He kissed Dan's nose as he tugged at the brown hair he had come to love.

Dan arched his back, squeezing his eyes shut with a moan. He darted his tongue out, licking Phil's lips again and breathing heavily. "Mmm, Philly, I'm so close," he moaned in a sultry voice, rolling his hips up again and tightening his grip on Phil's bum.

Changing his hand position slightly, he tightened his grip on Dan a little bit as he moved his hand up and down. His mouth made its way to Dan's ear as he nibbled, moving down to his neck, biting down hard.

Dan squeezed his eyes shut again, his breath catching as Phil bit down on him. "Phil," he moaned, rolling into Phil's hand and knowing he had to release himself, and did just that. His whole body tensed for a few seconds before he fell back limp against the bed.

Phil licked over the spot where he had bitten and brought his lips back to Dan's, kissing him gently. "Was that ok?" ha asked timidly as he let Dan catch his breath.

Dan brought both of his hands to Phil's cheeks, pressing his palms against them and looked him in the eye. "That was perfect." he announced, kissing him passionately.

Phil explored Dan's mouth as he leaned down to wrap his arm's around Dan's neck. He never wanted this moment to end.

Dan moved his hands so he could wrap his arms around Phil's waist, holding him on torso. He allowed Phil dominance over his mouth, grinning slightly.

Phil pulled away, panting. He fell off of Dan onto the bed and giggled, still coming down from his euphoria.

Dan cuddled into Phil's side, grinning up at him and kissing his neck gently.

Phil's mouth fell open and his eyes closed. His whole body was still so sensitive. "If you wanna cause another 'problem' then keep going." he joked.

"We could fall into a never ending cycle," Dan giggled back, and leant his head against the pillow, still looking at the side of Phil's face.

"But then we would never leave. You better not distract me while I'm driving." Phil warned. He didn't want to be causing any accidents.

"I'll be on my best behaviour darling," Dan mused, nuzzling his nose into Phil's cheek and lacing his fingers through Phil's.

"I love you Dan." Phil whispered as he squeezed Dan's hand.

"I love you too darling," Dan replied, squeezing Phil's hand back tenderly and lacing his words with as much affection as he could.

"Where did you wanna go? Name the city." Phil inquired, turning to face Dan and nuzzling their noses together.

"Anywhere, as long as I'm with you." Dan replied cheesily. "I'd say London City Centre but it'd be far too pricey. The fringes of London?" Dan offered, grinning at Phil's affection.

"London? That's a long way away, but I suppose you'll find a way to make it interesting?" Phil giggled as his kissed Dan's nose.

"We can go anywhere we want babe. I've always wanted to live in London." Dan replied, kissing Phil's chin as he kissed his nose. "But I'll make it very interesting." he added with a smirk.

"London would be fun. It's a huge place. I'll probably get lost a lot." Phil chuckled as he admitted his lack of direction. He knew they should be packing, but he was enjoying lying naked with Dan a little too much.

Dan snaked his hand up to Phil's chest, and began to lightly trace circles on it and kissed his shoulder. "I'll be there to help you find your way," Dan answered reassuringly, meaning it in more way than one.
Phil mewled at Dan's contact. "As much as I love lying here with you, we need to pack. But first, you got a permanent marker?"

Dan looked at Phil with confusion on his face, but did his bidding. He leant over Phil into the side table and pulled out a sharpie, lying back down and handing it to Phil.

Phil freed his hands from Dan and drew a small butterfly on his wrist. "It's name is Dan."

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Dan asked, smiling. He'd seen this movement on the internet from his countless nights surfing the web.

"That all depends on what you think it means, Dan." Phil kissed his wrist where he had drawn the little creature.

Dan decided to keep quiet. He didn't want to ruin the moment with technical bullshit. He took the sharpie from Phil and drew the same on his wrist. "His name is Phil," he said quietly.

Phil smiled. "You're gonna help me?" He nuzzled into Dan, peppering his shoulder with kisses.

"Every step of the way," Dan replied, grabbing his hand again and smiling to himself.

"You know this is just for the cutting right? You understand what it's all about?" Phil questioned as he drew another butterfly next to the first.

"Yeah, I saw a few things about it on the computer." Dan replied, nuzzling into Phil and watching him draw the second butterfly.

"That one's Alex." Phil explained. He wanted to stop for Alex too. But only Dan could help him.

Dan nodded understandingly. He brought Phil's wrist to his mouth and kissed the drawings lightly.

"Sorry to ruin the moment, but we need to get pack or we'll still be like this tomorrow. We can snuggle in London." Phil giggled, squirming as Dan kissed his sensitive skin.

"Okay babe." Dan said, relinquishing Phil out of his hold. "Getting a bit cold just lying around naked anyway," he giggled, sitting up on his bed.

Phil pulled himself up and sat on Dan's bed shivering slightly. "I hadn't realised but yeah. It is cold." He pecked Dan one last time before shakily trying to get off the bed.

Dan pecked him back then reached over to collect his boxers, pulling them on along with his jeans. He then got up and to look for his t-shirt.

Phil grabbed a set of flanelette pyjama pants and tugged them on, along with a jumper. "Is it just me or is it really cold?" Phil frowned, as he emptied his drawers.

"It's kinda cold, I suppose." Dan answered, pulling on his t-shirt. He only had to do his side-table drawers and then his bedding in the morning, then he was set.

"I feel like I'm in a fridge." Phil stated as he shivered once again. He was sure he had everything and was just doing his final checks.

"Aw, we can snuggle tonight. I'll keep you warm." Dan replied, emptying his drawers and wrapping his remaining bottles in clothes to keep them from breaking in his bag.

Phil looked at Dan packing his stash of alcohol and glanced up at Dan. "I'll replace them you know. I'm sorry." He returned to his bags, zipping them up. He was done for today.

"Doesn't matter honey, what's mine is yours now." Dan replied, collecting the remaining items. A few books, a pencil case and a few photos. He stuffed them in his bag and looked around, searching for anything he missed.

Phil nodded and walked over to Dan, wrapping his arms around Dan's waist and pressing his chest against the other's back.

Dan placed his arms over Phil's hands, not being able to do much in that position and leant back into him slightly. "I think I've got just about everything, bar my sheets." he mused, looking around at the stripped room.

"Me too Dan." Phil started to place kisses against Dan's clothed back. He was in the mood to be cute and romantic.

Dan pulled Phil's hands off him a bit, just enough so that he could turn around in the embrace. "Look who's being all cute," he murmured, tapping Phil's nose lightly.

Phil giggled and leant forward to kiss Dan's nose. "You're cuter Dan."

"No, you are." Dan said, knowing it was a silly debate but played along anyway. He let his arms drape on Phil's shoulders and leant his forehead on Phil's.

Phil tilted his head to connect their lips softly, making small circles with his thumbs into Dan's hips.

Dan leant the opposite way, meeting Phil's lips tenderly. He crossed his arms behind Phil's head and let one of his hands wind though the raven locks.

Phil smiled into the kiss as he sat Dan down on his bed, climbing in next to him. He wanted to make this last as long as he could.

Dan let Phil moved him, awkwardly trying not to fall out of their kiss at the movement, and succeeding. He couldn't help but think how perfect things were in that moment.

Phil pulled away, needing to breathe, but continued touch Dan's hips. He slid his hand up under Dan's shirt, stroking his side as he caught his breath.

Dan kept his hand nestled in Phil's hair, thankful for the breathing break. He nuzzled his nose into Phil's cheek, brushing his lips over whatever skin he could find as he collected his breath.

"I don't think I'll need my sheets tonight." Phil joked as he let out a shaky laugh. He took in the scent of Dan's hair, it smelt like cigarettes, cheap shampoo and something he could only place as Dan.
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