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School-Ugh fuck that.

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Back at school today,I'll tell ya what I did.

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Hello people who are super awkward like me.

I was back at school today,oh fun.


So,here's how my day went.

Tutor Period

It was eerily quiet in class,because we were told inspectors were in.They'll be in tomorrow too.Damn it.


We are learning about Breathing.And exercise.

¬_¬ (cricket noises)


Describing our home in french,so boring.

Break one

Met up with Ellie and Sophie.I told Ellie about my half term,and Ellie said,and quote.

"All I did was sleep,eat food and read fanfiction during half term."

and I was like 'omg we must be twins'.

She also said that Andy Biersack.THE ANDY BIERSACK is following her on Twitter.


must follow ellie on twitter omg.

(ps:I'm not talking about Ellie,as in electricviolence,I'm talking about the girl named Ellie at my school)

Food Tech

New guy in our class,called Jack.

Looks like another SwagFag to me...

Also,never completed my patchwork thing,fucking hell!

We're gonna be making Pugglies,I'm making a my chem one because,well I like making things like that.


Sat with Ellie,on a huge table.She doesn't eat at lunch,and I felt a little sorry for her,so I nibbled a bit more of my barely eaten roll,before eating my Milkyway bar (thought it said Mikey Way by the way lol) and my Blue Ribband before we parted ways.


New teacher,new seats.Fuck.
Not much to say,but I nearly fell asleep because I had Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens playing in my head at the most inappropriate time.


OMG We're making Punk-like CD covers and Sir showed us a slide of different punk covers and guess what cover popped up...


I looked at it then my eyes widened and nearly fell off my stool.Alice,a girl on my table then said "Oh I like My Chemical Romance" and I was like "NO YOU BITCH! YOU DON'T! THEY ARE MY BAND!" in my head.Then,the cover dissapeared and my day suddenly got bad again.


I walked home to the sounds of All Time Low.Mum waited for me,she'd said when I got in,but I never turned up.Sorry mum,but I wanted to walk alone,with my band members thank you very fucking much.Besides,it'd be embarrasing for me,because no one really walks home with their parents anymore.Mum was like "I could have given you a lift!" and I thought "mum we don't live that far away,I could easily walk home."

So,that was my day.


just 4 more weeks and 3 days until a 2week holiday omg!

I know I said I'd update TTUAIYGTTC,but my mind is pretty blocked now..Wait,no there's some empty space that is boggling with ideas.

quickly switches over to ChildOfTheNight account to type up the next chapter.
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