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59. The Iero wedding

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Frank's POV
I slowly opened my eyes. I looked ahead of me; I only see the vanilla colored ceiling. I blink. I breathe in deeply and slowly let it out. I open my eyes again and look towards the huge window to my left. I see the city. The huge buildings and the sun shining behind them. I sit up and notice I'm still in Gerard's house. And then I remember last nights party. My bachelor party.
My heart skips a beat for one second and I fall back on the couch smiling. Today is my wedding day.

I grab the thin blanket and cover myself with it once again and check my phone. 5 missed calls and 2 text messages. All from Emma.
Babe, where are you?
just be safe.. Edith told me where you're at
I smile, "oh Emma.." And giggle. I sit up again putting my phone back in my pocket and then hear a door open.
"Oh, damn!" I turn around and find Edith.
"You scared me." She sighs in relief and laughs.
"I thought you left." She walks over to the kitchen in her night cloths and turns the brewer on.
"No, I fell asleep on your couch. Sorry for scaring ya."
"It's okay. Ready for today?" She smiles. I walk over to her and stand a few inches away.
"A little nervous."
"You'll be okay." She hugs my neck and massages my back.
"Thank you Edith." I tell her squeezing her tight.
"For what?"
"I dont know.. Just.. For being my best friend. I can trust you with anything."
"Oh Frank, you're welcome." We stay hugging each other for a moment till we hear another door open. We let go of the hug and find Gerard closing the bedroom door.
"What's going on?"
"Oh nothing." Edith giggles and moves over to him. She kisses him and then heads over to her room.
"Ready?" Gerard also asks with a wide grin.
"Yeah, nervous though."
"Why so?"
"I dont know.. I'm getting married dude."
"Uhh, yeah." He shrugs and smiles to me. The brewer makes a beeping sound and he turns around making two cups of coffee.
"Here you go." He hands me a mug and we walk over to the kitchen table.
"You know Gee.." I start, "I love you."
"Love you too man." He pats my back.
"For some reason, I feel like I need to thank everyone right now."
"Why?" He laughs.
"I dont know. All of you guys are my best friends and you guys have been here with me through everything. And now, I'm getting married and all of you are here. It's just another amazing memory to a new beginning."
"I get where you're coming from."
"This day wouldn't be the same if Edith wasn't here."
"Oh God.. Don't remind me." Gerard sips his coffee.
"That's why I'm thankful for all of you. Because we've stuck together in good and bad times. We've never split."
"True homies." Gerard laughs and we fist punch. Gerard drinks his coffee again and his smile fades. I don't question it. Maybe I'm misinterpreting things wrong... Edith steps out again in a towel mumbling Fuck and grabbing a knife from the kitchen.
"Whoa, where are you going with that?" Gerard stops her.
"I locked myself out of the restroom again."
"Oh.. Okay." She continues her way. But before she enters the room, Gerard stops her again.
"Hmm?" She looks questionably.
"I love you Edith." Gerard says. That was pretty odd and random. The way Edith responded caught me off guard. Thought she would giggle at the thought of how random that was.
"Oh Gee, I love you too." She hugs him tight and holds a pity face. She kisses his cheek, caresses it and resumes her path to the room. Gerard sits back down looking deep into his coffee.
"I wasn't gonna ask but now I'm curious. What's wrong?"
"Well.." He starts and looks up at me with sadness in his eyes, "I dont know how to start."
"What is it about?"
"It isn't something to be too alarmed about but it's about Edith."
"Is everything okay? Is she sick?"
"She's not sick. It's her job actually." He takes a pause and his eyes start to glisten with tears.
"She's going back to Canada."
"What!" I raise my voice sternly.
"Yeah. She only has a couple of weeks and she's gone."
"But why?! Why is she going back?"
"Her old company wants to rehearse with her. For their US tour."
"Oh my god.. That's not good."
"How long will she be gone?"
"A few months."
"What are you gonna do? How do you feel?"
"There's nothing I can do. And I feel sad. I feel.. Afraid. I'm afraid I'll be depressed. Yeah, she'll only be gone a few months but I've been without her for 7 years. I don't want those feelings to come back. I'll feel so lonely without her."
"I can not believe this."
"That's why we're trying to spend as much time together."
"That's good. Is that why you told her I love you out of the blue?"
"Yeah, that's why I did it. And when you said, imagine she wasn't here,it only reminded me that show won't be here soon."
"I'm sorry man."
"It's okay." I pat his shoulder and give him a hug.

We move on to another, happier topic than this depressing one and the atmosphere lightens up again.
"So Emma knows you're here?" He asks.
"Yeah she knows." I giggle and look towards Edith who comes out of the room in a dark blue sun dress.
"You look pretty. Where are you headed?" I ask as she eats a bagel with cream cheese.
"To the clinic."
"The clinic?" Gerard asks surprised.
"What are you going for?"
"A check up."
"A check up for what?" I butt in.
"Just a physical but lately I've been having these weird cramps and stomach aches. Ugh." She shutters and puts the bagel back down on Gee's plate.
"Too much cream cheese." She comments.
"I thought you liked a lot of cheese.." Gee responds.
"I do but.. Ohh not today." She takes a hand to her stomach while she drinks water taking her pill. She shakes her head in a disgusted manner.
"Oh that was weird. Okay, see ya guys." She grabs her keys and opens the door.
"Wait my kiss!" Gerard yells and chases after her. They kiss passionately and then he steps back inside. I smile to him as I start to remember the depressing news. He smiles back and from the look on his face, I know he remembered too.

Emma's POV
Spent all morning with my parents. I took them out for breakfast and we spent a nice meal together chatting about my childhood days. And the topic of my childhood that I've been dreading to talk about came up.
"Does Frank know?" My mom asked as she ate her pancakes.
"Yeah.. I told him a while ago."
"How did he take it?"
"How did YOU take it?" My father asked.
"I didn't take it so well. I couldn't tell him. I was afraid. He didn't take it so well either. It was a devastating moment in our lives but we soon got out of that misery and moved on. He treats me with much more care and respect now."
"That's good."
"I love that boy. I'm so happy he's going to be my son-in-law." My father admits as he sheds a tear.
"Aww, thank you daddy." I caress his hand from across the table.
"I love you guys." I tell them.
On our ride back home was silent. I couldn't help but realize that that was the very first time, as a family, that we ever talked about that incident in a long time. But now, since things are different and we finally broke that barrier of fear, it is something that lives in the past and stays there, forgotten in our memories.
Now I sit in front of my mom's mirror as she helps me dress up for my wedding.
"I haven't seen Frank all day." I speak to my mom who helps fix my hair.
"I spoke to Edith. She said he was at her house."
"I know, he slept over but I would have liked to see him before the wedding."
"Why don't you call him?"
"I dont know. Maybe he's getting ready too. And besides, a bride can't see her groom before the ceremony. It's bad luck."
"Oh pickles, don't tell me you believe in that Emma!"
"I do!" She slightly pulls my hair.
"Sorry." She smiles playfully and continues on my hair.

Third Person POV
As the bride continued getting ready, the anxious and desperate groom sat down in Gerard's living room staring at the ring.
a few more hours and I'll be her first he thought.
Frank Iero thought and thought of the night that awaits him. The night he had been awaiting for for as long as he could remember. Now that he will have the chance to caress that sweet, soft skin, he is more afraid to do so than he ever has been. He wants everything to go well and he wants her to feel safe. He wants this night to be the most memorable night in their lives.. But how? he thought. How can my MJ feel safe in my grip tonight?
"Ready to go man?" Gerard came in the living room startling him.
"Uhh yeah."
"What's wrong?" He sat next to him patting his back.
"Nothing. Lets go get married." He laughs and stands.

And so Frank went. Stepped out the door clearing his mind and readying himself for the day of his life.


Frank's POV
I stood at the alter with my best friends and the priest. I watched the people in the crowd mingle as we all waited for the bride to appear. I looked over at my parents who caught my gaze and gave me an approving smile reassuring me that everything will be okay. I look over at Emma's mother who has been grinning like a happy child for about 10 minutes now. And as I start to drift off, I look over at my girl best friends and notice they too smile and mingle and grin over at me. I find Edith's smile. And I find it very odd. I look away and she does too. For no apparent reason, I look over at her again and realize she has a worried look on her face. So her expression influenced my head and now I feel worried. No time to think or act because the bells have just begun to chime. Everyone stands and at the end of the hall, I see my brides shadow followed by her beautiful gleaming face. Her hand is attached to her father's arm, who walks her down the aisle mimicking the same grin as hers. As she gets closer and closer, the tension in my heart starts to overwhelm with joy and our eye contact becomes stronger. She steps on the alter, still not losing my eyes and smiles.
"Hi." She whispers.
"Hello." I whisper back.

Ray's POV
As the priest starts to talk, I look over at Christa who already had her eyes on me. She smiles so I smile back. And then I start to remember that that same smile, won my heart back in high school. Never in a million years had I ever thought Christa would be my girlfriend and soon become my wife. We grew up together living in the same block but never talked. We went to the same elementary school, middle school, and high school. And never really talked till our sophomore year. She was always sweet and beautiful. I remember I received a secret admirer card on Valentines day in the 3rd grade. Didn't find out who it was till junior year when Christa admitted to me it was her. That's when I knew she truly loved me.
As my best friend Frank shares his bows with his wonderful girlfriend I can't help but become overjoyed for him and Emma. And all my friends. Soon, we'll all attend each others weddings and have beautiful homes with kids. We'll soon eventually look back at our high school life and notice all the great things we've accomplished in life. I couldn't have better friends than them.
"We now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest says and Frank embraces Emma into a long kiss and our friends and family clap as they walk down the aisle. I walk over to Christa and embrace her into a kiss as well.
"I love you Ray."
"Love you too baby."
"You know," she starts as we follow everyone into the reception, "I was thinking about us as they got married."
"Really? What were you thinking?"
"Just how we've been together for so long and how I want to marry you and live a blissful life till we die."
"I was thinking the same. I want you to be the mother of our kids."
"Aww Ray, I love you so much."
"I love you too and soon, we'll be Mr. And Mrs. Toro."
"Oh I can't wait!" She squeals and hugs me. I laugh in joy and spin her around.
"You're the greatest." I say in her ear. She kisses my cheek and looks me deep in the eyes.
"You are too." She says and kisses me again.

Gerard's POV
"Look at them." Edith says resting her head on my shoulder. We watch Emma and Frank as they slow dance on the dance floor.
"I'm so happy for Frank."
"I am too." She says and continues to eat her chocolate ice cream for dessert. As we sit at our own table alone, Victoria and Harry join us.
"Hey stold this from the kitchen." Victoria and Harry laugh as she takes out a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.
"Oh hell yeah, pour us a glass."
Vicky grabs two cups from the next table and pours some into the cups.
"Oh I won't have some." Edith says.
"Why not?" Harry questions.
"Don't feel like it."
"Don't feel like it? Pfft." Vicky and I exclaim at the same time.
"I'm serious!"
"Why not babe?" I wrap an arm around her shoulders.
"I had chocolate and it's not even cold. Warm vodka is not good."
"Suit yourself then!" Vicky drinks her glass in one gulp and shouts.
"She's already drunk huh." Edith asks Harry.
"Yup." He laughs as well.
"And you're drunk too!" I take my glass and drink a little. Soon, Harry and Victoria were off somewhere else leaving Edith and I alone again. I drink my vodka and observe Edith as she eats a piece of chicken with bread and the chocolate Ice cream.
"What are you eating?"
"Food." She answers rather strong.
"Hey I'm just asking but really? Chocolate and chicken?"
"Sorry.. I dont know why I'm craving this though!" She sits straight and places both her hands on her stomach.
"Is the show stressing you out?"
"A little." She looks at me with her wide light brown eyes.
"Is everything okay?" I ask. She looks a bit scared.
"Yeah I'm okay." She rests her head on my shoulder again and grabs my hand.
"I have something to tell you." She says while gripping my hand.
"I have something to tell you too." She lifts her head and looks at me.
"It's more of a surprise actually." I add.
"Really? What is it?"
"Well I can't tell you here. What do you need to say?"
"I can't tell you here either."
"I guess we have to plan a special day tomorrow then." I grab her hand and kiss it.
"Alright" she smiles and kisses my lips.


Frank's POV
My bride and I left early. As I drove out of the place, my parents, her parents, and our close friends wished us a good luck on our honeymoon. I booked us a very nice room at a very nice hotel in New York City. I am so excited and happy to be there already. But as excited as I am, I am nervous.
We drove in silence over to the hotel with only grabbing each others hand. As we made our way in the lobby and elevator, we got many congratulations.
I open the door to our room and a pile of roses laying on the bed greet us. She grips my hand and I look at her.
"Thank you Frank." She whispers and kisses my lips with those sexy red lips of hers.
"You're welcome. You look beautiful. Did I tell you that?"
"All night baby." She laughs. She kissed me lustfully again and went in the restroom.
As I paced around in the room drinking the champagne, I started to feel anticipated and anxious not knowing what to do.
Oh god, she's taking an awful long time.
I started to undress and posed myself on the bed in a somewhat sexy manner.
Should I open my legs to reveal my crotch? No, too much for tonight. Or should I just lay naked waiting for her? But that's too boring!
Before I could think again, the door opens and she steps out in sexy black lingerie cloths.
"Whoa.." I sit up and look at her sexy curves as she walks towards me.
"Do you like it?" She asks innocently.
"I love it." I stand as I start to feel my crotch tighten inside my briefs.
"Look at you.." I say circling around her wanting to touch her every curve.
"Frank, you're making me nervous!"
"Sorry!" I step in front of her again and look into her eyes. She smiles and awaits for me to make a move.
"Let's sit first." I grab her hands and sit us down. She shifts her weight on the bed arching her back softly popping those huge melons towards me. I slowly place a hand on her lower back.
"Is that okay?" I ask trying to be careful.
"Yes." She says. So I scooch closer and softly start to kiss her collar bone. I grab one of her breasts and stop.
"Is this okay?" She nods taking in a deep breath. So I let go.
"Are you okay?? Do you feel pressured!?"
"Frank! What are you doing?"
"I'm trying everything to make you feel okay!"
"Frank I'm fine!"
"Why'd you take a deep breath then?!"
"Frank.. Because it feels good. Now kiss me!" She throws herself on me and starts to kiss me with passion.
"So.. It's... Okay if I.. Touch you?" I ask between kisses.
"Of course Frankie.. I love you and I've been wanting this for a while now."
"Really? Well I've been dying to touch you babe, you look irresistibly sexy." I kiss her and start to tongue down her throat as I start to strip off every piece of clothing. I start with her bra and her breasts lay on my chest. I take one in my mouth and she grips my hair making soft moans. Her whimpers make me thrust up as I feel my crotch harden. I slowly move out of the position and stand. She sits at the tip of the bed and I stand between her legs. She grabs the hem of my briefs and slowly strips them off. She raises her eyebrows at the sight of my erection. I move my way on top of her kissing her neck softly. She moans. I softly caress her torso till I reach her hips and slowly take her thong. We stop kissing when we realize we're both completely naked. My erection is a few inches away throbbing to enter her. The time I've been anticipating for is finally here and it is at the perfect time and place. We lock intense eye contact. Her eyes close and her mouth slowly opens when I slowly start to push inside. She breathes in deeply and let's it out slowly.
"Are you okay?" I ask.
"Yes.. It just hurts a little." She opens her eyes and looks into mine. She starts to kiss me. I grip her hips and start to thrust slowly. She bites my lips and moves along to my rhythm.
"How does it feel?" I ask.
"It feels better than expected." She moans softly and speeds up.
I throw my head back gripping my jaw and pushing into her a little harder and faster. Her quick breaths become into small whimpers. I start to slow down while I kiss her with great passion.
"Oh Frank, please go faster." I ignore it and keep going slower and deeper. I reach my hand to our parts and massage her clit. I feel it burning and growing with excitement. She starts thrusting wanting to go faster but I stop her.
"'re killing me here.." I smile and know that I'm doing a good job by growing her orgasm. I hold myself back a little more because I too want to jam even deeper and faster. She groans and grips my back. Her groans make me go crazy so I speed up. She moans louder as I start to reach my climax and when I do, I groan and push in deeper. I feel my juices pour inside her and a feeling of relief and happiness fills me everywhere. I slow down and she starts to smile. I kiss her lips slowly.
"Wow Frankie.." She giggles. I get off her and we settle on the bed hugging each other close.
"How do you feel now?" I ask hugging her closer. She rests her head on my chest as I stroke her back softly.
"I feel really good. You?"
"I just have to say, it was worth the wait."
"Yes it was."
"You know, I was nervous for this night."
"Really? Why so?" She looks up at me.
"I just wanted you to really have a good time and feel safe. You know?"
"I know. I had a really good time though. Just knowing that I'm losing my virginity to you is the safest I can feel. Anything after that, it's in your hands."
"What do you mean?" She rests her temple back on my chest and makes small circular movements with her hand.
"What I mean is that, don't be afraid to do anything Frankie. Because whatever you do, I know you'll do it with love. And of course, you'd want to feel pleasure while giving me pleasure. Get what I'm saying?"
"I know where you're coming from. Well thank you MJ, that means a lot."
"You're welcome." She kisses my chest and strokes it. I kiss her head and move us into a spooning position.
"MJ, I love you." I whisper in her ear and kiss her shoulder.
"I love you too Frankie, always and forever." She kisses me. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around her waist tightly.
In all these 8 years being together, I have never laid with her fully naked. It's a foreign feeling but it's great to have these great curves close to my body. Remembering the nights that I lusted over her body before I knew her situation, makes me realize that I wouldn't have enjoyed and feel "worthy" having sex with her as much as tonight. Having sex out of lust is really good, but having sex with a person you love, at the right time at the right place, is a hundred times better.
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