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60. At the End of it All..

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Emma's POV
A cold and soft caress travels down my thigh making me shiver and
open my eyes. When I open them, I meet the eyes of my love.
"Good morning marshmallow." He greets with a kiss.
"Morning." We lock eye contact and just smile at each other. Now as a
married couple, everything seems different. Every touch, every stare,
it's all new. It's a stronger feeling that I can't explain. I feel
safe around him. I feel better. We're united as one now,and it feels
He caresses my cheek with his cold hand and kisses it.
"You look beautiful in the mornings."
"Thank you. How'd you sleep?"
"Oh I slept wonderfully having your naked body by my side."
"Oh Frankie.." He makes me blush so I turn around in bed. He laughs
and hugs my waist and starts to nibble on my ear.
"Do you feel safe with me?" He asks. His touch on my stomach starts to
go further down.
"Of course, I love you."
"Do you trust me?" I feel his hand slightly brush my inner thigh.
"Yes.. Frank..." I breathe in deeply. He hovers over me and starts by
kissing my lips and makes a trail down the middle of my breasts, down my torso and when I feel him kiss the top of my peach, I gasp and grip his hair.

Gerard' s POV
"Hey, you okay in there?" I ask Edith. I woke up to the sounds of her puking.
"Do I sound okay?"
"You sure don't." I enter the bathroom and find her sprawled against the toilet.
"Told you you shouldn't have eaten that ice cream and chicken."
"Shut it will you?" She barfs again.
"Hey what the hell?"
"Why are you barking at me?"
"I'm sorry." She stands and starts to wash her mouth.
"What's wrong? Are you on your period or something because you've been acting strange lately." She exits the restroom without a word. I
follow her into the living room angrily.
"It's nothing okay."
"It's nothing? You're throwing up, you're angry at me all of a
sudden..that's nothing?"
"Look I'm sorry." She walks over to me and hugs me.
"Are you sick again?"
"Maybe. I guess that chicken and ice cream weren't the best choice."
"Told you so. And I forgive you." I stroke her back, "Now how about
you and I shower together and head off to our new adventure. Shall
"Okay." She giggles and runs inside the restroom. I follow her and
when I enter the restroom, she already has her shirt off covering her breasts. I push her against the wall kissing her and stripping my
cloths off as well. She slides her underwear off and I pick her up by
her thighs and carry her in the shower where I slowly move my hands inside her thighs.
"Wait.." she says and let's go of my lips.
"What is it?"
"Uhh.. let's start with you first." She pushes me off her and gets on
her knees.
"Whatever makes you happy." I laugh nervously and close my eyes as I feel her sweet breath on my nob.
As I wait for Edith to get changed, I sit on the arm chair and take my
sweet surprise out. I open the small box and a shiny ring greets my
eyes. It's only a matter of a couple weeks when Edith has to leave. I
thought maybe I should propose to her before then. God, I sure hope
she says yes.
Ha! Who am I kidding? Of course she'll say yes!
"Alright, let's go."
I quickly put the ring back in my pocket and grab the picnic basket.
"Haven't seen you in all black in a long time." She wears black biker
boots with black high waisted skinny jeans and a black crop top that shows part of her tattoos.
"I know, it's been a while. And you're wearing the black leather
jacket I gave you."
"Always." I smile and kiss her cheek. As we walk down the hall, we bump into Jake, a 14-year-old boy who lives down the hall and I've become good friends with. Not to mention, stares at Edith in awe from afar all the time. He takes the elevator with us and greets me.
"Hi Gerard."
"Hi Jake, you haven't met Edith have you?" I tease him. He looks at
her and starts to blush.
"I didn't know you had friends Gee."
"Well I do, Jake this is my girlfriend Edith. Edith, this is my friend
Jake. He likes to play guitar."
"Well hi Jake, nice to meet you." She smiles and extends her hand.
"Uhh.. Hi. I didn't know you had a girlfriend.."
"You didn't?!" I answer sarcastically, "who did you think I lived with? Alone?"
"Actually with Frank."
"He knows Frank?"
"I mean, I knew you had a girlfriend.. I just didn't know she's your girlfriend."
"What is that suppose to mean.." Edith whispers again.
"Well she is. I have a hell of a girlfriend. Just look at her." I
spin her around and Edith gives me this weird look. Jake blushes even more and stares at Edith' s tattoos.
"You have tattoos?" He asks as we step onto the lobby.
"Yeah I do"
"Can I see?"
"Okay shows over pal. See you later Jake!" I grab Edith's waist and
walk her out the door. We approach my car and hop in.
"What was that about?" She asks as I drive away.
I start to laugh, "he has a crush on you."
"How do you know?"
"Well he hasn't told me but I've seen him drool over you at times."
"Really? How do you know this kid? How come I don't know him?"
"He comes over when you're not around, coincidentally. I know him because he heard Frank and I one day on the guitar."
"How does he know me?"
"I don't know, probably has seen you around."
"Aww, I have my own little stalker." She laughs.
"Anyway, where do you want to go to have our picnic?"
"I don't know.. I kind of want to go to the beach."
"Alright, whatever makes you happy." I smile.

Our drive is silent. We only hold hands as we both mind our own business. I glance over at her once in a while and notice all she's been doing is looking out the window.
"You okay?" I squeeze her hand and she comes back to her senses.
"Huh? Yeah I'm fine." She roles her head.
"Still feeling sick?" I let go of her hand and move over to rub her tummy. I feel her body tense.
"Are you feeling sick?" I give her a questioning look.
"Oh.. No, I'm not."
"Oh.. Kay." I squint my eyes and look back at the road.
Seriously, she's been acting really weird.
I make a right turn and park my car in an empty parking lot. We step out of the car and the mid 4 o' clock sun shines my sunglasses. I stare at Edith, who looks beautiful under the sunlight and the wind brushing through her hair. She puts her sunglasses on and smiles at me.
"Let's go?" She comes over to my side with the picnic basket in hand.
"Sure sugar." I grab her hand and we walk towards the beach and lay our blanket a good yards away from the water. We settle down and I start to take the wine out.
"You brought wine?" She asks stopping me from taking it out.
"Yeah.. Is there something wrong?"
"No.. It's nothing. I just.. Don't want some.. Right now."
"Alright." I giggle and look over at the ocean. The waves are calm and the wind is pretty mellow. I sigh and breathe in the fresh ocean smell. I open my eyes and again, I find Edith looking at the horizon very distantly.
"Eddie.." A tear roles down her cheek.
"Okay enough of this, what's wrong? Tell me the truth."
"It's nothing okay?" She wipes her tear and smiles. She shifts, facing me and takes her shirt off revealing her black bikini top.
"Let's go for a swim." She suggests with a smile I can't say no to.
"Okay." I laugh and start to take my cloths off as well. We hold hands tightly and run in the ocean where we both dive in and find each other under the water. We come back up for a breath of air and hold each other.
"Planning to tell me what's wrong now?"
She sighs, roles her head and looks over at the sun over my left shoulder.
"I'm just happy, but sad. You know?"
"Well, I'm.. Suppose to leave right? But I don't want to. I don't want to leave you or my friends. I'm happy because I'm just thankful for what I have in life. For having you and my mom, my career, just everything."
"Oh, so you're having those days where you're just thinking back to everything that's happened in life?"
"Yes, in a way."
"I understand. Just know that after today, our lives will be different."
"How are you so sure?"
"I just know. Remember we said we're going to make new memories?"
"Yes." She smiles sweetly. Her eyes start to turn red.
"I love you Edith."
"I love you too Gee." She kisses me and hugs me tightly.

We start to swim after sometime and when the sun started to set, we held hands and walked along the shore talking about our future.
"So you want a house in Italy? Why?!" I question her.
"Italy is so beautiful!"
"Have you been there?" We start to head back now. Edith starts to play with the shell necklace I bought her when we passed a vendor.
"Just once. My dad took me when I was 17."
"You never told me that."
"Well it never came up." She laughs. We arrive at our spot and sit down. I light up a small candle I brought and start to distribute the cheese and crackers.
"How many kids do you want to have?" I ask her. She coughs as she chews her cracker and answers, "uhh, just two. You?"
"Just two. What do you want to name them?"
"I dont know, you?"
"If I had a girl, which I want, I'd name her Rachel."
"Why Rachel?"
"I dont know, it's a pretty name" I look at her light brown eyes that look even bigger in this dim candle light.
"Edith, so we've spent the whole day together now right?"
"It's time for our surprises, don't you think?"
She loses her smile, "if you say so.."
"Okay, you want to go first?"
"No! You go first.."
"Alright." I grab her hands and caress them.
"I've said this a million times and I will continue saying it, I never thought I'd have you back after those 7 years and now that I have you, I don't want to lose you. I want to keep you forever. Do you want to be mine forever?"
"Of course Gerard."
"Okay, but.. You're leaving soon and since you are, I thought I should do this as soon as possible. But I just didn't know how or what to say. I know you like the palm of my hand. Correct?"
"I know you don't like big surprises so today, I let you pick what you wanted to do so this can be perfect. We sit under the moonlight, eating cheese and crackers, drinking wine and it is just only us two with the sound of the waves. I recall you once said this was one of your most romantic scenes, correct?"
"Correct. Hurry! What is it?"
"Okay, stand." We both stand. I slowly bend one knee and sit in a proposing pose.
"Oh my god, you are not." She cries.
I take the ring out.
"Edith, will you marry me?"
"Oh my god Gerard, oh my god oh my god oh my god." She grabs the ring and puts it on excitedly adding a loud squeal.
"So do you? You haven't answered verbally!"
"Of course I do oh my god!" She yells and throws herself on me invading me with kisses.
"Yes.. Yes.. Yes." She says a bunch of times as she kisses my whole face.
"Oh my god I love you." She says and lays next to me breathing heavily.
"I love you too." I prop up on my elbow and look over at her who smiles widely.
"Your turn." She locks eye contact with me and grabs my hand.

Edith's POV
I grab his hand and place it on my lower abdomen. His cold hand rests on my belly, he starts to rub it slowly and I start.
"So first I want to say is I love you."
"Right, like you've said a million times now."
"Yes." I giggle, "and I have good news and extra good news.. Hopefully."
"Whoa.. Okay give me the good news."
"Okay so, I'm not going to Canada anymore."
"What?! Well that is good news for me but for you it's bad! What are you gonna do?"
"It's not like I'm fired or anything. It's just an unexpected vacation."
"Why?" I grip his hand tighter to my belly.
"You feel this?" He nods.
"Gerard.. I'm pregnant." He becomes even more pale and he goes from worrying to panicking.
"You're pregnant? From me?!"
"Of course silly! Who else?" He stands and I follow.
"How did this happen?! I thought you were on the pill Eddie!"
"I am! but now that I recall, I forgot to take it one day. Are you mad?"
"How could I?! Edith! We're going to be parents!" He screams and spins me around with joy.
"Oh my god, thank you Edith. You're going to be the mother of my child." He grabs both my hands and kisses them. He then kneels down and lifts my shirt up.
"Hey little guy.." He whispers and kisses my belly.
"How many weeks are you?"
"I'm going to be a month."
"Oh my god, this is.. Beautiful." He kisses my belly again.
"I'm going to be a dad!" He screams and falls back on his back. He closes his eyes, takes deep breaths and smiles. I get on my knees too and lay on him. He wraps me in his arms.
"Gerard?" I say, worriedly.
"Yes baby?"
"What if.. What if I said, I'm not too happy.." He sits up and so do I. I sit on his lap while my tears start to shed.
"What? Why?"
"I.. Just don't want to have a baby at this age. I feel.. Too young."
"Do you want to, abort?"
"No! No! Of course not! It's our baby.. I'm just shocked. You know? When I went to the clinic, I didn't expect to be pregnant. And when I found out I was, I thought my whole career would be ruined. I instantly called Mr. Turner and told him about it. He was very happy for me but we unfortunately had to call me off the tour. So I'm no longer in it. And I was sad. Devastated. Angry! I didn't want to say anything to anyone about this. And I haven't. I've only told you."
"Edith, please don't feel sad. Your career is not ruined. Things like this happen sometimes and when this baby is born, you can go back to dancing. But don't give up on this baby, please."
"I won't. I really won't. I've become attached to him.. Or her. I've been talking to my belly whenever I can actually. I love her.. Or him."
"Oh you're so cute." He says and kisses me.
"We're going to be parents.. And we're going to marry.. And live in Italy one day." He says between kisses and giggles.
"Yes, I'm excited now. For all this. I really want this baby, and I really want to marry you Gee."
"Oh I've been wanting this for a long time sugar."
We hug, we hug each other close and lay down. I look up at the stars as he lays his head on my chest and softly talks to my belly. He rubs it gently making me giggle sometimes.
"I'm cold."
"Do you want to go?"
"Yes. It's pretty late. Lets go to Frank's and see how they are."
"Okay." We both stand slowly, stretch and pack up to get back on the road.

When we sit in the car before starting the car, Gerard looks at me and kisses me deeply with so much love. I can feel it because my heart wants to jump out of my body. He touches my belly, smiles, and exits the parking lot.


When we arrive at Frank's and the door opens, surprisingly, Every one is here gathered around. Including my mom, Vicky and Harry.
"Hey the only couple missing." Vicky says as she greets me with a kiss on the cheek.
"Hey guys." We greet everyone. I look over at Emma who sits on the kitchen table with Frank by her side.
"Hey how's the new married couple?" I ask greeting them both with a hug.
"Wonderful." They both smile and kiss passionately.
"What brings you here?" Emma asks.
"Just visiting."
"We have some news." Gerard butts in and starts, "hey everybody, glad we're all gathered around here today."
"Already?" I ask.
"Yes? Why not? Do you not want to say anything?"
"No, just saying. Keep going."
"Kay so-"
"Hurry! I want to know the news!" Jade squeals.
"Alright calm down. Long story short, Edith, hold out your hand." I do and everyone gasps.
"Oh Eddie.." My mother comes over and hugs me. Everyone starts to congratulate Gerard and I.
"That's so wonderful!" Christa says taking a look at my ring.
"Yes thank you." I start to tear up.
"And.." I say and walk over to Gerard who wraps his arms around my belly.
"Gerard and I are going to be parents." I add on to the great news and everyone shouts.
"Whoa, this wasn't suppose to happen." Mikey shouts patting Gerard in the back happily.
All the girls come to congratulate me and I happily accept all their hugs.
"Wait, what are you gonna do about the tour?" Harry questions.
"I called Mr. Turner and he gave me a vacation."
"Oh okay." He walks over to me and gives me a hug.
"I'm so happy for you two." He whispers in my ear.
"Thank you Harry, it means a lot."
"You're welcome. I'm glad you are happy Eddie. Is it okay if I call you Eddie?"
"Of course Harry." I smile and hug him tighter. I then feel a hand on my shoulder and I let go of the hug to find Gerard looking at us smiling.
"Hey man, congrats." Harry says and hugs him.
"Thanks. It means a lot."
"You're welcome." Harry then smiles at both of us and joins Vicky who talks to Ray.
"Well.." Gerard says.
"Well..." I say as well.
"Is this what was suppose to happen now?"
"This is exactly what is suppose to happen." I kiss him deeply, like never before and start to tear up. I let go of the kiss and realize he also has red eyes.
"Is this our new beginning Gee?" I ask as my voice becomes groggy.
"Yes, something entirely new. I can feel it."
"Oh Gerard, there is no one in the world I rather spent the rest of my life with than you."
"Same goes for me sugar. I love you with all my heart." We hug, tightly as we both shed tears on each others shoulders.

At the end of it all? Can we say it was all worth it?
the suffering, the lies, the misery?
was it suppose to happen this way ?
Yes. Because life doesn't always happen the way you plan it to. "You have to destroy something perfect to make it beautiful"
Even though Gerard and I went through so much, at the end it doesn't matter because things happen sometimes.. For the best.. For the worst.. But that was our puzzle to our final happiness..

~The End~
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