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Chapter Fifteen

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[A/N] - I hate my IT teacher so much -.- Fair enough that I'm failing but she didn't have to rant at me in front of the whole class! She just gets on my nerves so much... On the bright side I was just invited to the shows after party and it'll be the first house party I go to with alcohol and that sounds pathetic but it's not the kinda thing I normally do and so eep I'm excited :D

"What do you need this for?" Missy asked when she finally got back to the fields with her laptop.

"Let's just hope the wifi streches this far." Penina muttered, taking it off of her "If any of you had been paying attention in History which I doubt you were, you'd have heard Sir saying that ages ago this school was a large victorian house. He told us to research it for homework. Which I know for a fact that none of you did. Anyway, I did it and I found a great plan of the whole school then printed it out but I handed it in and never got it back. So I'm gonna have to find it again on the internet."

"I really don't remember the class." Lilith said, her eyes widening "Does anyone else?"

"I briefly remember him kind of mentioning it." Gerard said, scratching his head "The whole homework thing is a mystery to me though."

"Do you think someone ought to go and get Bob?" Frank asked "We said we would."

"I'll go get him." Ray said, getting up and setting off across the field.

"I'm going with you." Lilith said quickly, following him "No one should be by themselves."

"She didn't say that when I went off to get my laptop by myself!" Missy cried.

Mikey laughed at her and put his arm around her "Well at least you're okay."

"I just hope Jennifer, Kacey and Mia are too." Missy sighed "Penina could you maybe go any faster?"

"Hey we're lucky to get wifi out here." Penina said "I can only go so fast. I can't remember what website it was on and I was researching for about three hours." Everyone stared at her "What? It was pretty interesting some of the stuff I found out. I mean there was-"

"We really don't care." Abby said, shaking her head "Come on, just find us the map to the basement."

"I'm confused, even if you find a plan of the school with the basement included, won't it just prove that there is a basement but not how to find out?" Mikey asked.

"No, it showed me the entrance and everything." Penina said, tapping at the keyboard "If I'd known at the time I'd have paid way more attention to the map rather than the families that used to live here. I hope you guys learn a lesson from this. Homework can save lives!"

"It doesn't if you go to a normal school." Missy said, shuddering "I'm beginning to wish I'd never won this scholarship."

"But then you'd never have met us." Frank pouted.

"Well obviously I'm glad that I met you guys." Missy said, snuggling closer to Mikey "But... I didn't have to deal with this kind of stuff at my old school. Everything was much simpler. Easier." Missy sighed "Then again... Although I was safe from being you know, tortured by dead people... I didn't have any friends. No one ever talked to me. If people did talk to me it was because they felt sorry for me or because they were gonna be mean to me. So in a way... I'm glad I'm here."

"I get the feeling none of us will be here much longer when we will a few of the teachers." Mikey said.

"I found the map!" Penina grinned.
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