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Chapter Fourteen

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[A/N] - My Spanish speaking exam went okay-ish ;L I mean I got a C even if I messed up like A LOT :3 So anyway I hope you like this chaper :3

With that, Alice just disappeared right in front of their eyes. They all stood there blinking for a few minutes before Penina whispered "What are we supposed to do?"

"We're supposed to murder the teachers and save Jennifer, Kacey and the whole school!" Lilith cried "Obviously."

"We can't kill people!" Mikey looked near tears "What they're doing is horrible but... We should do the responsible thing. Phone the police or something."

"Oh yeah and what do you wanna tell them?" Gerard snarled "That our teachers are sacrificing students to a dead person? They'll never believe us."

"Well if we phoned them up and told them that their were students going missing-"

"Then what would they do? Ask the teachers. And they'd lie to them, the police would leave and then they'd know we were onto them."

"It could be an anoymous tip." Mikey said, his voice shaking "They wouldn't have to know it was us."

"Wake up!" Gerard yelled "Miami and Ruby are picking the kids that get taken down to Mr Clarke. They both hate us all. It's only a matter of time before they pick one of us. And then one-by-one we'll all be taken down. We're the only ones who know the truth. Think of the little kids. Think of Kacey and Jennifer who are probably terrified right now."

"We should probably go and check on the littlies." Abby said "I mean, since they seem to be Mr Clarke's favourite victims."

So they all went over to the huts to find that all the little kids were upset "What's wrong?" Gerard asked, lifting Lauren up.

"Mia's gone missing!" Lauren sobbed, wrapping her arms tightly around Gerard's neck.

The teenagers eyes widened as they looked at each other. They all knew where Mia was.

They went back to the field after convincing the little kids that Mia would be just fine then sent them to bed with a story. They considered going back to Missy, Penina and Lilith's dorm then decided that the school were likely to be listening to them talk down there. So they went back to the end of the field, lit a fire and sat around it trying to decide what to do "I don't think every teacher can be in on it, can they?" Penina asked "Some of the teachers are really nice while some of them are complete dicks."

"How are we supposed to know whether or not we're killing innocent people or not then?" Gerard sighed "Alice could have been a bit more specific..."

"We should figure out who's in on what once we've got Kacey, Mia and Jennifer." Frank said "I'm sure they'll know who's in on stuff."

"How are we supposed to find out where the basement is though?" Missy asked "I barely know my way to Science class let alone where the basement is."

"I think I know what to do." Penina said.
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