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Chapter Thirteen

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They all whirled around and found themselves face-to-face with a girl who had long blonde curly hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Around her neck there was a horrible red mark. The girl smiled "So you were trying to summon me? That's pretty cute."

"A-Alice King?" Penina stuttered, her eyes going wide.

"Well yeah, it's me." Alice said, rolling her eyes "Seriously? The first people to bother to try and summon me just stand there staring at me like a group of lemons. Isn't there some kind of shit you wanna ask me or something?"

"Oh uhh yeah-" Missy started but Alice interupted her.

"You're the girl sleeping in my bed now, aren't you?" Alice grinned "The one who can hear me crying at night?"

"That was you?"

"I'm dead Sweetie, I think that means I'm entitled to cry every so often." Alice groaned "Sorry, sorry, we're not here for chitchat are we. What do you wanna know?"

"What happened to Jennifer?" Gerard asked quickly.

"The school are hiding her somewhere." Alice said, shrugging her shoulders "They're... They're using her as food."

"Food?" Lilith cried "First it's horse meat in school dinners and now it's people!?"

"No, they're not feeding her to you. And she's not just being used as food. It'll be weird for you guys to understand."

"Is she still alive?" Missy asked.

"Yeah but barely." Alice sighed "I tried to talk to her but she can't see me."

"Then how come we can see you?"

"I don't know, I'm stronger around her. The closer I get to the school, the weaker I am." Alice looked at Missy "But you can see me. You're the only one though."


"I don't have a clue." Alice shrugged her shoulders.

"Whatever." Frank said "Where is Jennifer?"

"I can't tell you yet. I can't have you charging in there to save Jennifer and Kacey and whoever else when you don't know the full story of what the school are doing."

"Okay then, what's the full story?" Gerard asked her.

Alice sighed "Well I'm not one hundred percent sure how it started. I mean, I was just busy being dead and being mad about being murdered and everything. I was mainly watching my friends and seeing if they were okay and wow they got over my death pretty fast. My best friend Lily started dating my boyfriend, can you believe that? Sorry, drifting off topic again. One night, this one girl went missing. Not many people noticed because she was kind of shy and everything. Then the school said she was expelled. Which I knew for a fact wasn't true."

"What's this gotta do with-" Ray started.

"No interuptions. Anyway, I went looking round the school to see if I could find her and I found her in the end. Chained up in... I'll tell you later. So I stayed there and watched and it was... It was horrible. His ghost was raping her! I mean, they're keeping him strong and sacrificing students to him!"

"Him?" Missy repeated, raising her eye-brows "Mr Clarke?"


"And the school... Are letting him eat, rape and whatever else to innocent students?" Ray asked "What the hell is up with that?"

"I don't know. I think he's offered them something in return but I can't figure out what. I mean, this place is a total dump." Alice sighed "That's what's happening to your friend Jennifer. Nothing's happened to Kacey yet but it's only a matter of time. He likes the little kids." Alice shuddered "I still remember how it felt and to know he's still doing it. It makes me feel sick. So you have to stop him."

"How are we supposed to stop someone that's dead?" Gerard asked "Call the police? Like they'll believe us."

"Well I'm assuming that the teachers are trying to get rid of my power because they've found out about me and know I'm trying to warn students. So where the hell this ridicilous rumour came from that I was kidnapping the little kids is beyond me!" Frank went bright red and looked down at the ground "So I'm assuming that they're making him more powerful. If you kill the teachers, they can't make him powerful. Then you burn the body, okay?"

"We can't kill people!" Abby cried "We're not murderers."

"If you don't do it then the rest of the whole fuckin' school will die." Alice snapped "Oh yeah and something else you should probably know. Those bitches, Ruby and Miami is it? They turned in your friend Jennifer. They know what's going on and they're the ones picking out the students who get taken down to Mr Clarke."

"No wonder they looked so smug about Jennifer." Mikey hissed "Those bitches."

"Anyway, they're hiding Jennifer in the basement." Alice told them "I don't know exactly how to get there because I travel through the walls but you need to find it. And you need to stop them."
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