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The Adventures of Ducky the Fabulous

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Greetings, puny mortals. (my diary/journal/whatever you want to call it)

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I guess this is my diary/journal/whatever you wish to call it.
I suppose I should write about what I've done today here. (warning- may contain large amounts of boringness)

Today I went grocery shopping with my mum. There were too many people, so naturally, being someone who is quite scared/nervous around people I don't know, I got quite stressed out. Although I did manage to get myself a new eyeliner pencil, which I've been needing for a while as my current one is about an inch long.

When I got home, I ate some chocolate (mint Kit Kat, nom nom nom), and then had some honey covered pancakes while watching Catfish: The TV Show, something which I've become quite obsessed with since the first episode. I also enjoyed the movie, although a lot of people seem to think it was faked. Looked pretty genuine to me.

I also watched a couple of movies. I saw 'Matilda' on TV in the morning (I love that film), and then watched 'Nacho Libre' (ditto) while eating my dinner, which was Chinese noodles. It was very tasty. The noodles, that is, not the movie.

And now I'm sitting here on my computer (not literally on my computer, but y'know), watching Jurassic Park, talking to Sheepy, writing an essay for RE and typing this. I love multitasking.

And yeah, that's about it.

EDIT: I forgot to add my fail from the other day. I accidently managed to break the DVD player for the TV in my room, so I can no longer watch Lord Of The Rings and Anime while laying in bed. Note to self: Don't be an idiot and leave DVDs in the player for hours and hours.
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