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I should be doing my homework right now.

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Further adventures and mishaps of Ducky.

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Oh wow, it's been nearly a week since my last entry. And my original idea was to post a new entry every day. *head desk*
I've just been so busy. And lazy too.

Anywho, I shall begin taking about my week.

Well, as usual, "Sheepy": and I have been acting weird/crazy/hyper, which probably isn't helping with the idea which quite a few people have about us... >:D

I've missed the last two episodes of The New Normal. That makes me sad. But I have them recorded, so I'll probably watch them tomorrow or something.

My English class has started writing our controlled assessments. The teacher said to me, just before we all started, "Don't let me down. I'm expecting an A from you.", to which I just awkwardly nodded. No pressure, then.

In PE, we did this weird stretchy stuff (I think it's called Pilates or something) and it killed my tummy muscles. Well, it didn't literally 'kill' them, but they've been hurting for days, whenever I move. >.< But they are getting better. :3

I've become addicted to the song 'Kill Everybody' by Skrillex, because it's awesome. But the only problem is, when I listen to it for a while, it gives me a headache. Gaaaaaaah. D:

I had a really awesome dream last night. Like, so awesome, that I was really annoyed when I woke up (at around 5:50am, I should add) and tried desperately to get back to sleep to carry on the dream. I did manage to get back to sleep, but I don't think the dream continued. I didn't even care about waking up early on time to get to school, I just wanted to see more of this amazing dream. XD (I did eventually manage to get to the bus on time)

I'm also aware that today is Self Injury Awareness Day. I just want to say to everyone that self harms/has self harmed, stay strong. You are beautiful.
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