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Dragonflies and Snails

by ElectricFireKitsune 2 reviews

Awesome plans and guilt trips.

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Greetings, my dear Ficwaddians.

Aaaaaaah, I am currently watching the cutest show ever. It's called 'Super Tiny Animals', and...yeah, it's pretty much what it says on the tin. 'Tis very adorable.

Sheepy and I have been thinking up of awesome ideas involving Dragonflies. It's very exciting. I've been thinking up of more ideas for it in my head this weekend too. >:3

I felt terrible the other day. Basically, my parents and I (my brother stayed at home) had just arrived back home from McDonalds. It was quite late, so it was already dark, and it had been raining. I was walking up to my front door, but I couldn't see what was on the ground properly, and I heard a crunch. I quickly stepped back as soon as I heard the crunch... only to hear another. I looked at where I'd been standing, and I'd stepped on two snails. I felt so bad afterwards. ;^;

I missed The New Normal again. Well, I started watching it, but then fell asleep less than 10 minutes in. Luckily, I have it on series link.

I'm considering downloading IMVU. I already made an account ages ago, but then I found out how much data is downloaded during play, so I didn't download it. *facepalm* But now I've been tempted to, because it looks fun.

I still need to get a job. I keep forgetting to see the teacher who teaches business, economics, etc at my school, to ask who I need to put as references on my CV. Bleeeh.

I think that's about all the things I wanted to mention. XD
So, yeah.
Thankies for reading~ ^w^
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