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A little bit about me

by 9BladedMiradai 1 review

Just something about me ^^ Ask me stuff.

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Hello lost wanderer who have somehow found themselves at my story. I am new to this site so thought I'd introduce myself a little. So here are 10 fact about me.

1. I write poetry.
2. I am not very good at writing poetry.
3. I have and still do self harm.
4. I am (apparently) easy to talk to.
5. I like yaoi.
6. If my mum or anyone ever goes through my computer, I am emigrating to Antarctica.
7. I have an extreme fear of death or the ideas about life after death.
8. I love nightcore. Go listen to nightcore-ed song. Now!
9. I am addicted to tumblr.
10. I write smut...I like my smut, if you don't then do not read it ^^

ok so please, feel free to ask me anything. I will be honest and if I am uncomfortable I will reply with that fact XD Please ask me stuff :) please...
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