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Thank you for the Qs XD

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Can I stalk you?
eal life, no. Internet, sure.
What would you do if I turned up at your doorstep with Megurine Luka?
*eyes sparkle* Can I have your clothes, and you? Excuse me, I have to go kidn-talk to Luka now.
Can I poke you?
Sure ^^
Do you prefer sheep or ducks?
Ducks....mmmmmmmmm tasty.
Am I your friend?
Am I loved?
Yes but I don't love you in a sexual way
What is this world?
Annoying and impractical.
Why do we exist?
If I knew that I wouldn't suffer as much as I do.
Will you save me form the world?
Can we blow stuff up? If so then HELL YES!!!
How corrupt are you?
In the real world about 40% .... Mentally 666%
When did you stop being innocent?
Ummm when I was 12
What are you thinking about right now?
If I owned all the money in the world I'd build a giant palace and live there with my staff made up entirely of attractive males and females. Also about how I want gammon but my kitchen is more than an arms length away
Have I asked too many questions?
Yush ^^ But I don't mind :D
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