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First Death

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[A/N] - Sadie you wrote 'you know' in the looks section and honestly I have no idea O.O I looked for like half-an-hour but couldn't find your looks so I made them up, sorry ;L

When Gerard woke up the next morning, he sat up slowly and ran his fingers through his jaw-length black hair. He leaned over to his bedside table to pick up his mobile phone that he always checked first thing every morning and jumped when his fingers brushed over something cold and smooth. He looked down and found a ring. A medium-sized black ring. His eyes widened.

Gerard had believed his little 'conversation with Death' last night had all been a dream. Which is why he'd just agreed, taken the ring from him and then climbed into bed. When he'd woken up, he'd felt kind of sad because there would've been a small chance of getting Heather back but now... He had the chance. Should he take it or not?

He held the ring in his hand for a long time, just staring at it and wondering whether or not to put it on when suddenly Mia ran into his bedroom "Daddy!" Mia cried, holding her arms up.

Gerard quickly put the ring back on his bedside table and lifted Mia up onto the bed with him "Morning Beautiful. Looking forward to school today?"

Mia pouted and shook her head "Can't I just stay home and make music with you instead?"

"I wish you could but unfortunately you need to go to school."

The morning was surprisingly normal. Gerard made Mia breakfast, got her washed and dressed, helped her pack her school bag and then he took her to school "Bye Daddy." Mia said, leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek before jumping out the car and running into school. Gerard smiled and waved at her as she ran off.

He was supposed to go straight to the studio. Because Mia had spilt so much soap on the floor that morning and he'd had to clean it all up, he was already pretty late. But for some reason, he wasn't driving in the direction of the studio. He was driving back home.

When he made it home, he made his way slowly up the stairs and into his bedroom. He expected the ring to have disappeared. He could've blamed it on his mind being sleepy when he woke up that morning and he was snapped out of it when Mia ran into his room. But it hadn't been his sleepy mind. The ring was still sat on his bedside table.

Gerard sighed and walked over to it, picking it up again. Should he put it on? After a few minutes of thinking, Gerard asked himself 'what harm could it do?'. So he slipped the ring onto his finger and jumped when he found himself standing in a completely new location.

"Okay, number one." A random woman was standing in front of him. This woman had long black hair and pale skin. Apart from Gerard, she was the only human that was moving. The others seemed to be frozen in time "You should know that this never happens. My boss never employs a human to do his job and he shouldn't because I can just tell this is gonna be a bad idea. Number two. Do as I say. You got that? Then we can get through the day with the least amount of screw-ups."

"Umm who are you?" Gerard asked, raising his eye-brows "Where am I?"

The woman sighed heavily "I'm Sadie. I'm a reaper. You touch people, they die and then I take them to the afterlife. Got that? Come on, we don't have time for you to stand around asking questions. We have a job to do. Come on."

They were suddenly in a different place. They were standing in a shop that Gerard had never seen before. The other humans were now no longer frozen in time. There was a man with brown hair and a beard holding a gun and aiming it at an asian man behind the till who had his arm protectively around a ten year old boy "Get me the money or I'll shoot the kid!" The man yelled "What, you think I'm joking?"

"Who am I reaping?" Gerard asked nervously, not convinced that this was actually happening "The kid or the man?"

"Just watch." Sadie told him "I should probably tell you that when you reap people, they might have questions for you. Well not you but death."

"What kind of questions?"

"Why you killed them. What it all meant. Stuff like that."

Gerard nodded and watched the scene in front of him. The asian man reached into the till and pulled out some money then chucked it at the man with the gun. The money fell to the floor "You idiot!" The man with the gun snapped, bending down. While the man with the gun was bent down, the asian man pulled a gun of his own out a drawer and when the man stood back up, the asian man shot him.

"Touch him." Sadie said "Send him to a better place."

Gerard stood there then raised one eye-brow "He's in a lot of pain right now, isn't he?"

"Yes." Sadie told him slowly, looking confused.

"Well then just give me a minute." Gerard watched the man on the floor roll around in pain until finally he took pity on him and put his hand on his arm. The man stopped struggling. When Gerard turned around, the man was standing next to Sadie.

He looked at Gerard "Why?"

"Mainly because you're a massive dick." Gerard replied smoothly, raising an eye-brow at him.

"Ignore him, he's new here." Sadie said, putting his arm around him and leading him away "Come on. It's time to move on."

Gerard nodded. That wasn't so bad. Soon he'd have Heather back and him, Mia and Heather could be a family again.

[A/N] - Short I know, I'm sorry D:
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