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Mia stood by the backgates, looking around nervously. She'd been waiting half-an-hour now for her Dad to pick her up and she was starting to feel nervous. He was always here on time. Even if they were working really hard at the studio on a new song, he'd always stop what he was doing to go and pick Mia up then take her back to the studio. Mia always found this fun because then she could play with Frank's daughter Nikki while she was waiting. Then Gerard was normally in a good mood afterwards and he'd take her to McDonalds.

Mia's eyes watered with tears as she sat down on the floor, hugging her knees. Where was he?

Gerard blinked when he found Sadie looking at an overweight man eating an extremely large sandwich on a park bench. He had no idea that he'd been gone over six hours. This was only his second death of the day. Time didn't seem to exist where he was. He had no idea that Mia was sobbing her eyes out, wondering where he was.

"Well this is a heart attack waiting to happen." Gerard said, still not over the fact that Death's job was so easy. He'd have Heather back before he knew it!

Suddenly the man clutched his heart. Gerard was right, he was having a heart attack. This time, Gerard didn't like seeing the man suffer so quickly put his hand on his shoudler and he appeared next to Sadie "Why?" He asked, his eyes wide.

"Maybe you shouldn't have had the extra onions." Gerard replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah." The man muttered then said "It tasted good though."

"Come on, let's go." Sadie took his arm and went to take him away.

But the man pulled away and looked at Gerard "Wait... What did it all mean?"

Gerard swallowed and glanced at Sadie who just smirked at him "Well um... God has a plan. And that plan... Includes... Death."

The man blinked at him then sighed heavily, shaking his head as if he knew that Gerard was talking shit and then followed Sadie away. Gerard rolled his eyes but then smiled. He was another step closer to getting Heather back!

At half four, Mia eventually had to admit defeat and trudged back into school "Mia, what's wrong?" The secritary asked her "Why are you crying?"

"My Daddy never showed up!" Mia sobbed.

"Why didn't you say sooner?" The secritary sighed "Come and sit down. I'll call him."

"He'll probably be at the studio." Mia said, taking a seat on one of the large blue seats and putting her thumb in her mouth.

"It's okay, I've got his mobile number." She dialled the number then waited "Weird... He's not answering. Are then any relatives I could call?"

Mia fished around in her school bag then brought out a little puppy notebook. Her Dad made her carry it with her everywhere she went in case of emergencies. It had her home phone number in it, the emergency services number and Frank's number. She handed it over and pointed to Frank's number "Okay, I'll give him a call." She said, dialling the new number.


"Hello is this umm Frank?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"I'm Mia's school secritary. Look, her Dad hasn't come to pick her up. Do you know where he is or know anyone who could come pick her up?"

"Oh God... Don't worry, I'll be there in a few minutes." Frank hung up the phone, running his fingers through his hair. Gerard hadn't been at the studio all day, hadn't answered his phone and now hadn't picked Mia up from school. What was up with him? Where was he?

"Where are we?" Gerard asked. They were outside a large house.

"You keep asking me that." Sadie said, looking at him "Humans are weird. They need to know where they are, what time it is, stuff like that. What's the point? Knowing where you are or what time it is doesn't change the situation you're in."

"Well..." Gerard thought about it "It makes you feel safer to know where you are and what time it is."

"Oh really?" Sadie raised her eye-brows "So if you knew that you were locked in the basement of a cannibal's house at precisely three o clock on a Sunday afternoon, you'd feel safe?"

"Well no but I'd feel better knowing where I was and what time it was. Then I know my fate. I'm going to get eaten."

"Sometimes it's better not to know." Sadie said, shrugging his shoulders "If you didn't know you were in a cannbial's house, you could have hope. Hope that you can escape or that they'll take pity on you. When you know what's going to happen and you can't avoid it. I think that's worse than anything."

Gerard thought about it then nodded "I guess."

"But whatever." Sadie said "Come on, we have work to do."
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