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Chapter Four

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[A/N] - To the person rating this 'cliche' do you mind just not reading it if you don't like it? :) Thanks! Much appreciated :D

Gerard walked into the house with Sadie. He recognised the person inside straightaway "It's October." He said, recognising Ray's wife "I don't... I don't have to kill her, do I? Wait a minute, October and Ray don't even live here."

"This is October's mothers house." Sadie said "October's Mom is upstairs. Why don't you just watch and find out what happens?"

"October!" A shrill voice cried from upstairs "October, do you know where my slippers are?"

"They're down here Mom." October called back up the stairs, still unpacking cardboard boxes "I'll bring them up to you in a few moments."

"No, no, you're busy. I wouldn't want to interupt. I'll come downstairs and get them." There were shuffling footsteps from upstairs towards the stairs and then suddenly there was a scream and several thumping noises.

"Mom!" October shrieked, running to the bottom of the stairs "Mom, are you okay?" There were several gurgling noises but October's mother didn't reply.

"Put her out of her misery." Sadie whispered.

Gerard sighed and ran his fingers through his hair before walking forward and touching October's Mom on the arm. She appeared next to him. She looked at Gerard, startled "Why?" October's Mom asked as she turned back to her daughter who was now sobbing "I understand that it was old... But in front of my daughter? How could you?"

"I'm sorry." Gerard swallowed and looked awkward "It umm... It's just the natural order of things."

October's Mother shook her head furiously while Sadie walked over to her and took her arm.

Mia was sat in the studio sobbing her eyes out while all the members of the band were trying to get hold of Gerard "Oh God." Ray whispered, checking his phone "I've gotta go. October's Mom just died. She's devestated. Oh My God." He ran out of the room towards his car.

"Poor October." Mikey whispered.

"Poor Mia." Frank muttered, turning his back on her so that she wouldn't hear him "Where did Gerard go? He wouldn't just leave Mia by himself. I know him. And this isn't like him."

"Well she'll just have to stay at someone else's house until we figure out where he is."

"She can stay at my house." Frank said firmly "I have a spare kid to Gerard's house. We'll go and get some of her stuff first." He turned back to Mia "Come on Sweetie. How do you fancy a sleepover with Nikki?"

"But it's a school night." Mia put her thumb in her mouth "I want my Daddy."

"I know Hun but... But he's gone on a little holiday." Frank lied, lifting her up "Come on, you can stay at my house until he gets back." Frank swallowed, praying that Gerard would come back.

Gerard sighed, running his fingers through his hair "This is awful." He muttered "I can't believe that I just... I just killed her Mother. I'm a murderer!"

"No you're not Gerard." Sadie said, putting her hand on his shoulder "You're doing your job. Well, Death's job. And you're doing really well. Only a few left to go and then you'll have Heather back."

Gerard nodded and smiled though he was starting to feel rather sick now "Come on, let's go."

"Great." They appeared in a different location. They were in a hospital. There was an old man sitting up in a bed.

Gerard sighed. Another death... But another step closer to Heather.

[A/N] - I promise decent stuff will actually happen soon ;L
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