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Chapter 12

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Pairing: Pikey (Pete/Mikey)

The night of the fifteenth they parked the bus in some truck-stop in Reno. Mikey hadn't really been able to sleep once Pete and the rest of MCR came back in from the concert. He'd napped fitfully for a few hours while they drove to Nevada, but once they stopped he climbed out to get some air. He found himself lying down on top of the bus, watching the stars. Pete joined him shortly with a large pillow and a light comforter.

"Favorite color?"

"Yellow." Mikey deadpanned in a hoarse voice. Pete pulled himself up on his elbow to stare incredulously down at him.

"Really?!" Mikey raised an eyebrow.

"I said it was my favorite color. Never said I could pull it off." Pete grinned and leaned down to mouth Mikey's neck.

"Mmm. I can think of a few things I wouldn't mind you pulling off."He ran his hand up under Mikey's t-shirt slowly and Mikey gasped.

"Not here! I'm really not excited by the idea of some perverted semi driver walking by and seeing us!" Pete whined quietly and reluctantly pulled away.

"Fine then. Favorite comic?"

"X-Men. That's how Gerard taught me to read." Pete smiled at the warmth in Mikey's voice when he mentioned his brother.

"First concert?"

"Smashing Pumpkins, 1995. I bootlegged Disney movies to get enough money for the tickets and Gerard and I skipped school to go see them at Madison Square Gardens. Apparently mom took us to a Bruce Springsteen concert before that but I was too young to remember it."

"Was it really just Gerard that went to the parade with your dad?" Mikey shook his head.

"No. It was both of us. But again, I was too young to remember it. Besides, the lyrics wouldn't have sounded right any other way. Nothing from the rest of it was true anyway. Except for the parade, Gerard made it all up."

"Ever broken a bone?"

"Toes. I kicked a brick wall once. Can't really remember why I did it. Think I might've been drunk." Pete giggled.

"Have you ever been in a relationship with a male?" Mikey turned to gaze at him again, poker face firmly in place. "Besides me, of course."

"I made out with Adam Lazzara and Tyson Ritter a couple of times. Frank and I had sex one night when we were off our asses. Ray and I kind of, sort of dated when I was seventeen-ish. Joe tried to kiss me one night on tour when we were all drunk. In his defense, he was much drunker than I was. Bert groped me one night. He had the sense not to tell Gerard where the black eye came from. Matt kept coming onto me the entire time he was in the band. Gerard was the only one who didn't ever know about it, but it became a pretty big factor in why Ray and Frank were so adamant about kicking him out. Gabe and I had a kind of friends with benefits relationship for a while; we had a threesome with Alex once. I dated Tomo for about six months. It was fairly serious but we ended up breaking it off because we wouldn't be able to see each other at all. And Brian and I had sex a couple of times to blow off steam after he came on tour with us to look after Gerard. I think that's it." Pete's mouth had fallen open and his pupils were blown.

"Uhhh…" Mikey looked mildly concerned.

"…Pete? Did I break you?" He smirked. Pete's eyes widened further and he hoisted Mikey up over his shoulder as he started to climb down the ladder.

"Is the bathroom sound-proof?" Mikey's shocked voice made him smile.

"Umm, yes? Pete? What are you doing?" Pete's smirk became predatory, even though Mikey couldn't see it.

"Marking my territory." Mikey's voice sounded weakly resigned when he replied.

"Of course you are."

"Look at it this way," Pete said nonchalantly as he approached the door. "We can wash off the sex smell before anyone realizes what we did. Besides, it'll probably make you nice and sleepy."

"Just make sure I can walk normally tomorrow."

"No promises. You should've known better than to give me details."

"I did."

"You kinky fucker!"

"Sneaky fucker." Mikey corrected.

"I believe that I am the only fucker in this relationship."

"Too true." Mikey whispered as they made their way through the bunks.

"Which way first?" Pete asked at normal volume once they made it to the bathroom, stripping Mikey of his shirt in a casual fashion. The familiarity of the conversation and the touch almost choked Mikey up. He wanted so badly for this to last longer than it was going to. God knew how long they'd be able to keep doing this. Slowly forming an idea in his head, Mikey pointed at himself.

"This Way first! Do you really want to drag my brother into this?" Pete rolled his eyes and Mikey smiled before answering the question honestly. "Face-down, I think."

"On the floor?" Pete questioned as he yanked Mikey's pants off his skinny legs.

"On the floor." Mikey confirmed. Pete finished stripping them both and pulled Mikey into a deep kiss, lowering them both to the floor. For the next two hours, Mikey didn't think about headstones, hospital beds, heart monitors, symptom killers, calendars, or wills. All he could focus on was the feel of Pete's skin against his and the blanket of their mingled body heat as sweat and then water covered them both.

The next day they played the show in Reno and then shipped out on a plane to New York. Mikey and Pete made up an excuse to stay behind and were married at 7 AM on March seventeenth, just as Pete predicted. Mikey went through the ceremony in a daze brought on by the higher level of medication he'd been switched to and his conflicting emotions. He still managed a smile when the judge happily pronounced them husband and husband. They kissed and their random witness (at city hall on official business but with time to spare) clapped and quickly signed the forms before wishing the newlyweds good luck and departing. Mikey and Pete left quickly as well, going back to the abandoned bus to change out of their formal clothes.

Mikey's phone went off as they were about to leave and catch a train into New Jersey. "The IV and your hospital bed. This was no accident, this was a-" Mikey flipped it open as quickly as he could to get the ring tone to stop. Pete was already glaring hatefully at his phone.

"Hello? …Yes. Yeah. That was in… Philadelphia, wasn't it? … News? What kind of news? … You- you're kidding me. …Really? This is- this is… Oh my God." Mikey's knees gave out and he slid clumsily down the wall.

"Mikey?!" Pete took the phone from Mikey and demanded to be told what was going on. He supplied his name and was informed that he was Mikey's medical proxy. He wasn't sure when he'd signed the papers but he didn't doubt the doctor's words. As medical proxy, he was allowed to know certain aspects of Mikey's condition. This included the fact that Mikey's recent CAT scan and blood work told his doctors that the disease was moving much slower than they had previously expected. Mikey had an extra two months. Pete shakily thanked the doctor and hung up. He knelt down in front of his new husband and cradled his face gently in his hands, forcing Mikey to meet his eyes.

Mikey looked up dazedly. Pete's grin was positively blinding, there were tears in his eyes. "Four months." Mikey spoke. "I have four months, Pete." His voice broke and Pete smiled so hard that Mikey was afraid his face would split.

"You have four months, Mikey Way!" Pete pulled Mikey into his arms and Mikey suddenly realized that it was the closest to heaven he would ever be; no matter what happened or didn't happen at the end of the next four months. He would never find a better place than the one he was in. That solidified his decision. Cemented it in a way that nothing else could.



"I want a honeymoon. If we're going to screw ourselves, we might as well screw ourselves royally."
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