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Chapter 10

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Pairing: Pikey (Pete/Mikey)

All through the next day, Pete had one thought on his mind. Who could he go to for answers on how to convince Mikey to marry him? His first choice, naturally, was the person who knew Mikey best. Gerard. That wouldn't work for obvious reasons. Bob hadn't known Mikey long enough and Frank would just as likely run and tell Gerard to cause trouble. That left one person. All of the men were practicing different parts in the same general area, but it wasn't really a band practice. Just independent rehearsal. Pete pulled out his phone.

'Ray.' He texted. 'Can you meet me outside the venue without telling Mikey you're talking to me? I have some questions about him that I need answers to so I can resolve a… conflict.' He received his reply seconds later. 'Is it in any way sex-related?' Pete smirked and texted back, 'No.' He waited a few minutes and suddenly a mass of hair blocked his vision. He jumped and took a deep breath of the cold Colorado air.

"What is it that you need to know?" Pete thought carefully about how to phrase his question.

"Let's say Mikey wants to do something but he refuses to because he doesn't think it'll be bad for someone else. How would one go about changing his mind?" Ray looked at the sky thoughtfully.

"You have to be absolutely RELENTLESS." That was not what Pete was expecting.

"What?" Ray looked certain of his answer.

"You have to spend every second of every day pushing him. Devote all of your time and energy to convincing him that you'll be happier if he lets you do things your way." Ray grinned at him. "Don't leave him alone. Sooner or later there'll be a confrontation and he'll scream at you, probably punch you. But if you play your cards right, you'll force him to be more open minded and at least consider that you might be correct. After that, keep doing all the right things and it's only a matter of time. I know you must have seen at least a smaller scale version of this scenario at least once in the time you've known him." Pete nodded, thinking of slapping and hotel rooms. He grinned lecherously. Ray looked wary.

"None of that shit if you still need my help. If you don't I can leave and send Mikey out here to satisfy your libido." Pete dialed down his expression to his casual smirk before answering Ray.

"As tempting as that offer is, I still have a question. Have you ever seen this work before or are you just guessing?" Ray nodded.

"I thought that might come up. Yeah, it's happened before. Mikey is… picky about some things. If he hasn't decided he likes you in about the first five minutes he knows you, you get waitlisted until you can convince him that you're a good friend. Sometimes it happens really quickly, sometimes it doesn't. It took Frank upwards of three months to get Mikey to like him."

"Mikey didn't like Frank when he first met him?" Ray smiled and held one finger up.

"That right there? That is one of your problems." Pete raised an eyebrow. "You're laboring under the delusion that Mikey is like most other people. He's not. You know that, but it's hard to remember when you're thinking about things like this. When most people don't like someone, they're either an enemy or an annoyance. That's not true with Mikey. There are very few people in this world that Mikey is genuinely unhappy to be around. But that goes both ways, there are also very few people that he REALLY likes. " Pete nodded, he was following.

"Mikey likes his parents, the band, you, most of your band, Brian, Jarrod, James, … he likes Tomo, he has a few friends back in Jersey, he likes Alicia, Howard Benson, Sam Bayer, and Geoff. That's about all I know of. It takes a lot to get Mikey to REALLY like you. But it takes a hell of a lot more to get him to despise you if you're only going after or annoying him. The only people I can think of off the top of my head that Mikey actually hates are Matt, our ex-drummer; Eliza, Gerard's ex-girlfriend; and Bert, that's better left unexplained." Pete was still nodding, staring off into the distance and thinking.

"He's not allergic to anything, is he?" Ray shook his head.

"Nothing that's not medical. But may I make a suggestion?" Pete voiced his approval. "Don't do anything too flashy or anything that costs a lot of money. He'll hate that and the disruption won't make anyone else on the bus happy either. You don't want to drown him in presents. You want to find creative and subtle ways to constantly bring the situation and your desired result to the forefront of his mind. Don't let him stop thinking about it. Not even for a second."

"Got it. Thanks for the advice and the info." Ray waved it off.

"If Mikey really does want whatever it is you're talking about then it's no trouble. However, if you're lying or you're wrong and this conversation ends up causing him pain in any way, it's your head." Pete understood that very well, and he made sure Ray knew that. "By the way," Ray stopped and turned as he walked back into the building, "Frank's right. I'm not always the 'gentle giant'. None of us like it when Mikey's unhappy. We really dislike it when it's partially our fault. Don't make me go ape-shit on your tiny ass." Pete saluted.

"Understood, SIR!" Pete turned and strolled away with a smile on his face. He needed to go find a STAPLES somewhere nearby. The ceiling of Mikey's bunk needed to be redecorated, he thought.

Pete spent the rest of the afternoon secreted away on the bus with his laptop, a small new photo printer, a shit ton of sticky notes, and multi-colored gel pens. Later that evening he happily watched Mikey play, just like every night. He "helped" Mikey take a shower, and then rolled his half-asleep love into their bunk, slipping a hand under his thin t-shirt to stroke his stomach until Mikey fell asleep. He'd see Pete's first bit of encouragement in the morning. What made Pete nervous was the fact that he didn't know how Mikey would react to it. That probably meant that Mikey wouldn't know how to react to it either.

Pete let out a sigh of relief the next day when he opened his eyes to Mikey's bemused smile. Mikey was looking at the top of the bunk. He glanced to the side, meeting Pete's eyes. "You're really not going to give up, are you?" Pete shook his head, pulling Mikey closer and mouthing his neck again. Mikey sighed contentedly.

"Not until you're mine completely." Mikey closed his eyes and leaned into Pete's touch, cutting off his view of the massive collage Pete had made for the first time since he'd woken up and seen it. Little Pete and Mikey-faces seemed to look on in approval as the two wrapped themselves more tightly in the blankets and fell asleep again. In a year's time, the lives of everyone on the bus would be irrevocably different. But that collage would stay exactly the way it was until a time long after the lives of the men of My Chemical Romance. The bus would eventually be donated to a museum devoted to preserving the history of the rock legends of New Jersey. But before that, both the bus and the collage would be rediscovered by a niece. A niece who would spend her whole life hearing about an uncle she never knew, and a brother her father would never forget.
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