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Welcome To Lunas!

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A simple girl who lives a dull life trying to save money for a trip she is side tracked by a handsome guy (Gerard) and his band while living a lie to keep them from knowing who she really is.

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"Roxy! tabel 7! NOW!"
Caron shouted into the kitchen to Roxy who was Getting an order for another tabel she was already working on. The resturaunt and hotel itself was swamped and she couldnt see why.
there was a concert in town but why would everyone want to pay so much to stay in a four-star hotel for a concert?
But she really had no time to think about that now she was too busy.
She wiped her brow with her upper arm delivering drinks to one table and clearing off another.
"This is absolute insanity!"
candy, a co-worker/best friend, stated walking by from bussing a tabel.
Roxy smiled but kept moving, she couldnt aford to stop.
'think of the money, think of the money' she kept repeating to herself.
she has been saving up for a trip around the world with her friends for the longest time and now that they all have jobs they can actually start planing it!

As the day died down, they all sat at one tabel counting there tips.
"What the hell did you do? sell you body for that money?"
Candy asked admiring the whole pile of green Roxy sorted out.
"Nah, just way to many tabels. i think it would have been easier to sell myself though." Roxy answered still counting and they both let out a tired giggle and sat back in their chairs.
"Okay people! Good news....well for some of you."
Caron said gaining everyones attention.
"Tommorow, we're not going to need everyones help."
"are you crazy! it was a mad house today! it cant be any better tommorow?" Bryan one of the cheffs stated and everyone agreed.
"yes but i still have to let some of you off for a few days.
the following are off: Melanie, Amanda, Dan, Candy, Sean, Ariel, Roxy, and bryan." Caron anounced and headed back to her office.
there were sighs of relief around the room except for one,Roxy.
"awesome! we're off the hook for more than one day!....Why arent you happy?"
"because candy, you know we nee that money for our trip. i need to work everyday."
she said getting up to straitin things out with her boss.
"Caron! Caron, please i need to work tommorow." Roxy said trying to keep up with her fast walking boss.
"Im sorry but i just dont need you tomorrow. a teenager, hang at the mall or.....something."
"no but you just dont understand, i NEED to work everyday. i need the money. please its important! you have to let me work!" Roxy said getting caron to finally turn around and look at her. Roxy gave the best puppy dog face she could.
"ok but, you have to promise me one thing... you have to promise not get distracted by anything. i mean ANYTHING! got it?"
Caron asked hoping for her prommise.
"Thank you, thank you thank you! you wont regret it!"
Roxy shouted running toward the front to candy.
"yay i get to work!"
roxy shouted jumping on candy's sholders.
"okay, okay you are so wierd, i mean, who fights to work?"
she asked getting into her car to leave.
"protesters do. see you later candy. ill call you ."
Roxy said also getting into her car and leaving.


The next day she headed to work putting her makeup on in the car as usual.
she pulled up to the hotel and it was swarming with security. she rolled into what was like a check point and was stopped by the gaurd.
"sorry ma'am but no one is aloud past this area."
he said asking her to back up.
"no, see, i work here."
she said trying not to be late.
"HA yeah right, join the rest of the girls that say they work here."
he laughed and pointed to a bunch of girls who were all wearing uniforms that looked nothing like the ones for the hotel.


Caron yelled to the gaurd and motioned him to let her in.
he gave her one final look and let her pass. she pulled into her spot and grabbed her bag.
"what is going on here?" she asked and was grabbed by the arm and pulled through the crowd into the hotel were it was dead except for a few guests who, also, had no idea what was happening.
"listen, im starting to re-think you working today." Caron said nervously and glamced at Roxy's bag which was covered with band patches.
"uh, yeah, im really really second thinking it."
she said kind of in a panic.
"carie, dont worry i wont get destracted. i mean i dont even know whats going on here but it doesnt seem TOO bad?"
Roxy said walking away to put her bag in the kitchen.
"hey Dave!" she said and smiled at there head cheff.
"hey gorgeous." he responded and began preparing for the morning rush.
she walked out the kitchen doors and the sound of hundreds of screaming girls filled the hotel and she knew that the day ahead was going to be long when in came Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Frank and Bob, the members of My Chemical Romance. Girls were jumping all over them and screaming.
the boys laughed and signed whatever they gave them. they had fun with it.
there manajor began talking to Roxy's boss and went to check them in while they headed over to the restuaunt for breakfast.
"okay girly. you got their tabel."
Caron said and handed her 5 menus.
"but, i-i..."
Roxy couldnt even speak she was so nervous but Caron gave he a kind of i told you so look and roxy took a deep breath and headed to their tabel.
"hi there! welcome to Lunas, my name is Roxy and i'll be taking care of you today, do you know what you want to order or do you just want your drinks for now?" she asked not really looking at them but also being polite.
"uh. well would you recomend the....... omlet?"
Frank asked looking at the menu.
" tell you the truth, not really."
"now are you saying that cause you never had it or is it really..not ...good?"
"well, really im not supposed to say anything is bad but im not gonna lie. if you want my oppinion on what to get, my favorite has always been the chocolate chip pancakes?"
she said hinting to them that thats what they should order.
"sounds great. ill have that."
Frank agreed, handing her his menu.
"you know what that sounds pretty good."
Ray said and the rest agreed accept Gerard who just stood staring at her.
"sound good to you?" she asked
"yeah great." he said snapping out of it.
"cool, and to drink?"
"id actually love chocolate milk right now"
frank said looking innocent as could be and oce again, everyone agreed. "okay boys i'll be out soon with your shouldnt take long. these girls arent even here to eat."
she whispered to them and laughed looking at how each tabel was filled with girls starong at them.
she walked back to the kitchen and when she shut the door she sighed out and hugged the menus.
"oh my god oh my god." she said and could not stop smiling.
"ha what?" dave asked wondering what she was thinking about looking like she could fly.
"nothing, i need 5 orders of chocolate chip pancakes."she said smiling and went to prepare their drinks.
Dave glanced at the tabel that she was serving and saw that it was all guys and got upset. even though he was 20 and she was 16, he was still crushing on her pretty hard.
"aww, Gerard. your checkin her out arent you." Bob said nudging him in the arm. "what, no shes like 18 or 19." he argued and they all stared at him as if to say yea right.
"okay, shes cute. so what" they all laughed. "see this is why i dont tell you guys shit." Gerard said laughing as well and throwing his straw wrapper at Bob
"well at least she has no idea who we are." Gerard said on the plus side.
"how do you figure?" Mikey asked.
"well you think she'd say something by now."
he pointed out. "true" Frank agreed and then it got silent
she came out with their drinks and their food.
"anything else i could get you?"
she asked as they all took their first bite. "oh my god this is great!"
Frand said enjoying his first bite very much. "you have to have a bite."
he said holding out his fork with a decent sizt peice of pancake on it.
"ha uhh. no i shouldnt." she thought he was kidding.
"oh come on,its okay, i dont have cotties. i was tested." he persuaded and held the fork a bit closer to her. she laughed but then leand forward and took the bite.
she tried to laugh and chew at the same time and gentally covered her mouth,
"oh god, you making me wish i didnt skip breakfast." she said heading back to the kitchen.
"you skipped breakfast?" Mikey asked
"damn then you have to join us then." Frank said pulling out a chair for her.
"no no i really should be getting back to work." she said and headed towar the kitchen again. "well when you want join us your more than welcome."
Mikey said and let her go. the rest of the day was really slow because not many people went there to eat, they went to go see if they can get something from MCR.
at the end of the day, the love for friday finally sank in for Roxy and the whole gang of the restuaunt all stuck around at about 11:30 to hang out. they were playing poker at a big tabel and Dave and Roxy were at a seperate tabel drawing.
"i dont understand, you've only been drawing for about 2 1/2 years and you one of the best i have ever seen." Dave said watching her finishing up a picture of my chemical romance. she had a whole folder devoted to them.
"well thank candy for that one. she taught me everything." she said and Dave and her both got focused on there picture again.
Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Bob, and Ray all came in the hotel sweating from there show they just got back from when they spotted everyone sitting around.
"look dude. there Roxy again go talk to her." Mikey said shoving him a little.
"im sweaty and gross."
"yeah, she'll love it." Franky said licking the air.
Gerard smiled and walked over to her tabel without saying anything he looked over her sholder to see her drawing a picture of the band and he automatically turned around.
'i knew it'
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