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im convinced

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a serious conversation comes up between frank and Roxy, and a big desicion may be made already.

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Gerard walked past the others as fast as he could, just wanting to get back to the room after feeling embarassed that he was even gonna say anything.
"hey hey! what, chicken out?"
Frank asked making the matter worse.
"No, just.....drop it okay. she knows who we are."
Gerard said looking down without stopping to talk to Frank.
"what? giggle so what? if she was some crazed fan nut case youd think she would hsve said something already"
Frank tried to arguee gut Gerard wasnt listening. the others just stood back for a few seconds and then walked away to follow Gerard.
Frank snarled and walked right up to the tabel where she was sitting, pulled up a chair, and squeezed between Roxy and Dave.
"Mind if i sit here-didnt think so! soooooo Roxy?"He asked without waiting for David respons
Frank scooted a bit closer to her as to shut dave out and Roxy was speachless and franticaly tryed to hide her drawing in a pile of papers.
"uh, excuse me?" Dave asked poking Frank in the sholder.
"there is no excuse for you! Now,! im tryin to have a private one on one convo here. turns around
GOD the nerve of some people!" He said and started his talk with Roxy who was still speachless.
Dave, angrily walked away.
"uh...whats....whats going on?"
she asked kind of shyly.
"listen, you know who we are, right?"
he came straight out and asked her.
"! please forgive me for not telling you earlier but i have to be professional when i work!" she said, so embarassed, she couldnt even look at him
"hey, haha it alright we didnt mind. in fact, we like the change, but, i know this may come as a shock so dont freak out okay? but, Gerard, i think, has kinda.......the hots for you."

Roxy's face lit up beat red and couldnt hide it. this was to unreal!
'how could he even see anything in me' she thought.
"but, i cant-"
"WAIT!" he put his hands on her sholders to stop her "Before you say anything i want you to think... hes just a regular guy. dont think of him as being chased buy the entire girl population."
He stated and Roxy got uneasy.
" c'mon, i mean you're like 18, 19 you can come with us wherever we go." he tried to bribe her.... and it was working.
"wait wait! why am i actually considering this. you guys are international rock stars, and 18 or 19?.....yeah your right."
he wasnt actually right but anytime someone ever claimed that she was older then she really was, she would take it, even though she was only 16.

"so why cant you?"

"well, what about school? and work?! i cant leave this!"

"school work can be mailed to you and you can work for us."


"please work for us Roxy! we need a mommy figure while we're on tour to clean and cook food. we all suck at that stuff!"
Frank said hugging her arm and pleading for help.

Roxy looked a bit angry. "so, this is what you wanted me for, to do all your dirty work? Gerard doesnt wanna be with me does he?"

"well, yes. i still want you to be with him to but do it for ME mostly! look can you resist my face?" He looked up in a more pathetic way than when he did hugging her arm.

"ughh....How much will i get paid?" she said in a bland tone.



Roxy didnt hear from the band all day saterday bacause of a show so she bagan to wonder if it was all a dream untill sunday night.

she was stacking the chairs on the tabel as she normally does, when in came the gang from a late night dinner at IHOP!
Roxy freaked out and ended up knocking a whole tabel of chairs off, landing slightly on her.
Frank was in to much of a pancake high to notice but the rest ran to help her
"hey, are you okay!"
Bob asked trying to get a glimps at the hand she was clenching.
"oh! haha im fine! i can be so wreckless sometimes i guess."
she said trying to hide back the pain of a giant splinter in her right hand.
"you guys, go take Frank up stairs, he is messed UP! i'll get her some ice." Gerard said, and the other guys tryed to pin down Frank who was sniffing a guest at the lobby counter.
"you smell like syrup!"
he said and then sniffed his own hand
"oh wait! whispers thats me! AHAHA PANCAKES!"
they grabbed his arms and brought him up stairs.

Gerard took her to the back (kitchen) to look at her hand.
"ooo, bad splinter. here let me...."
he started but looked up at her and noticed that she was blushing. he giggled to himself and quickly yanked out the splinter, making her flinch.
she said rubbing her red hand.
"Frank talked to you didnt he?" he aske finally understanding why gave the presence of being uncomfortable.
"yes, and if you dont mind me it......true? do you really want me stay with you guys?......and with you?"
there was a short silence.
" everything."
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