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so thats all you want me for?!

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Roxy learns that Gerard just wants her to clean and take care of them on the road as a job....or is that his intention? she somewhat finds out in the bedroom! muhahahahah O.0

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Roxy's Heart began to throb in her chest. she could not believe what she was hearing.
why her, out of every person they may have met on there tour.

"your probably thinking why we picked you right?"
he asked. she thought he was reading her mind. hey, she thought it was possible with the things that have been happening lately.
"well, you were the only person we meet who didnt totally flip out when you saw us, which if i say so myself, is pretty hard." he said laughing to him self.
"clears throat but seriously, your old enough and out of high school and because you work at resteraunt you have some...uh....experiance with cleaning up."
'soTHATS all you want me for?!' she thought to herself.
all Roxy could do was stare at him. at the same time she was shocked, insulted and extremly happy. she didnt know where he could have possibly gotten the idea that she was out of high school but, she couldnt correct him though, she had already told frank that she 18.
"I-I cant. im sorry but i cant. I-I have work and schoo-COLLAGE! and i highly dout that my parents will let go with a bunch of guys on tour around the world."she said starting to walk away slowly.
Gerard laughed.
"you can take collage classes online, why would your parents care, its not like you live with them anyway, and what do you make here? i'll match it!"
Gerard got excited thinking that she had to say yes now.
"uh.......I.." she studdered and looked down at her watch to see what time it was.
it was almost past her cerfew.
"gasp i really really have to go!"
she said in a panic, stumbling to grab her things.
"wait! its raining pretty hard out there. mabey you should stay here."
"Yeah its not safe." Dave said sneaking up on Gerard "where the helll did you come from!"
evil stares of the rivals
"no, my paren-roomates gonna worry, and i dont have the money for a room but i'll-"
she said and then was grabbed by Gerard and he stuck a peice of paper in her pocket
"if you change your mind call this number okay?" He said and smiled.
Roxy's heart jumped again and she looked at the peice of paper as if it was a diamond.
"G-Gerards cell phone number?"
"pffff no! what do you think im stupid? that our room number. i would never give my cell number out to a stranger."
Roxy looked dissapointed again but still fell in love with the piece of paper.
"uh whispers arent you late?" he wispered in her ear.
"GASP" she ran as fast as she could and he laughed and bagean to walk to his room.
Dave was standing right behind him again.
Gerad flinched. "Would you quit doing that!"
"your not gonna take her. why dont you just stopp messing with her life and giving her false hopes!"
Dave shouted. all he wanted to do was protect her from getting hurt again.
"uh-huh. yawns im going to bed." Gerard stretched and walked away.

Roxt ran through the rain to her car. she sat in it for a while thinking about things and then tryed to start it. it had a bit of trouble but its been doing that for a while so she didnt worry. she got on I-95 and started to rethink leaving. it was raining really hard and she didnt have alot of experiance in rain, (she only got her license a few months ago) and thats when her car started to slow down.
"oh no. oh nooo. dammit!"
she said slamming her fists on the wheel and pulled off to the side.
she took in a deep breath and took out her cell.
"okay, no problem, ill just call AAA."
so she called the number and got an answer right away.
"hello AAA. how can i help you?"
"uh, hi im stuck on I-95 on rigth by the orlando exit, do you think you can-"
"HA not really. the weather is way to bad out there. we cant send our truck in that rain."
"what!? what the hell knida' tow service are ya'?!"
"have a nice day!"
"NO wait i- beep beep beeeeeeeep"
she hung up and dropped her phone in her lap and layed her head back on her head rest.
"boy, when things go wrong."
she said and remembered the number in her pocket. she sat up quickly and pulled it out. it was kind of smugged but she was still able to read it.
"okay, if i must."
she said and dialed the number she hoped she would never have to use.

The phone rang in the room and Mikey answered.
hey! uh....who is this?"
"i think i should be asking that, dont you?"
"this is Roxy."
"oh hey waitress right?"
"yeah um wheres Gerard?"
"in the shower, do you need him?"
"well im kinda in some trouble."

"who is that?" Gerard asked from the bathroom. he just got out of the shower.
" one its for Frank." Mikey answered. Frank looked up in a hurry, still on his pancake high.
"is it ihop?" he asked. "No" Mikey answered.
"Oh....okay." he replied and collapsed on the bed.

"hello?" Roxy asked thinking that he hung up on her.
"no no im still here. so whats the problem? are you okay?"
"yeah! dont worry im fine but im not so sure about my car. im stuck on 95."
"oh man! alright ill be there in 10 minutes." Mikey said and grabbed his jacket.
"where are you going?" Gerard asked coming out with nothing but a towel on.
"out. oh and when i get back, make sure your dressed." he said and headed out.

while Roxy was sitting in her car bored, she found alot of her school notices and papers. because it was only the beging of the year, she had tons of them. and one paper that really stuck out to her caught her interest when she finally saw headlights slow down.
he pulled up to her car on the side of the road and she quickly ran to his, not that it made a difference she still got soaked.
"you think my car will be okay?"
"yeah it should be fine, while call a truck tomorrow, but for right now lets get you home."
she was kind of dissapointed bacuase she thought that she might be staying with them.
"well then could you give this to Gerard and tell him to-" she started to say, handing Mikey the paper she picked up from her car.
"you wanna stay with us dont you?" he smiled at her knowing thats what she wanted.
"if you insist." she said quietly and they headed back to the hotel.
Roxy left a voice mail to her mom letting her know that she stayed with Candy because the weather was bad and they went up to the room.
"im back, with a guest." Mikey announced and let the door close.
"with a guest?" Gerard asked in a panicy way ane whipped his head around to find Mikey and Roxy standing at the door with there mouths open at the sight of Gerard opening his towel to get dressed.
Mikey covered his eyes and Roxy freaked out and turned to the wall.
"I told you to be dressed when i got back." He said trying to close the curtains that Gerard so carelesly left open.
"Im sorry! im so sorry! i swear, i didnt see anything!"

After everything setteled and they layed down to sleep (Gerard and mikey gave there bed up for Roxy) Roxy had to tell Gerard what she wanted to in the first place.
"Gerard? you still awake?"
"yeah rolls over whats up?"
"iv got good news." she whispered and slid him a piece of paper that talked about and exchange program for one year. if she got her parents to believe she was going to this she could be with them
"this is my ticket to be with you guys.. that is..... if you still want me to?" she asked and Gerard gentally reached up from the floor and grabbed her hand.
"of course." he said and shut his eyes.
Her heart went crazy again and she blushed and fell asleep with a smile across he face holding the hand of a dream come true for alot of girls.
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