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Wait! She Doesnt Have A Cat?

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Gerard Drives her to her so called "school" which happened to be a collage campus about 2 miles from her real school, leaving her to run back and forth from campus to campus to meet them after she ...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2006-08-04 - Updated: 2006-08-04 - 1164 words

The Next Morning, Roxy woke up around 5 like she normaly does to go to school, and thats when she realized she didnt have her car.
she sat up in bed looked around.
Frank was uncomfortably sleeping in a recliner chair.
Mikey was sleeping face down on the couch
Ray and Bob were sleeping in one bed
and Gerard....was no where to be found.
she figured that he was out on the porch smoking so she got up, and on her way out, made sure she checked herself out in the mirror and flattened her hair.
she pulled the sliding door open and Gerard flinched.
"oh! G'morning. did i wake you?"
he asked putting his cigarette out on the railing.
"no. i just, uh have to get going soon. so i wanted to say goodbye and....thank you."
she stated and an akward silence followed so she turned around and headed back inside to call AAA about her car.
Gerard stayed outside for a few seconds untill he heard the phone hang up and went in.
"so, what'd they say?"
he asked
"well, ive got good news, bad news and a favor. The good news is , they can get my car today, the bad news, its gonna take about 2 hours. and....the favor, do you think that you can drive me to my old bus stop so i can get to school?"
She asked nervously. they had already done so much for already she felt she couldnt ask for anymore of them.
"sure but dont you think it will be easier to bring you to school myself?"
He asked grabbing the keys to the rental car and his sunglasses.
"sure if you want to."
she said without thinking and they headed out.

the ride over to the school never felt so long to Roxy before. the akward silence and tention in the car was killing her! she just wanted to get to school.
"so, wheres you collage?"
Gerard asked in his attempt to break the silence, and thats when it hit Roxy, she doesnt go to collage!
she paniced and studdered for a while and Gerard started to giggle to himself, he thought it was kind of cute how she was at a loss of words.
she continued to panic when she saw an art istitute that was about 2 miles from her school.
she said and jerked the wheel into the parking lot and jumped out of the car and ran to the drivers window.
"well this is my stop. yep, this is where i go to collage, so i guess ill see you around." she said trying to play it off cool, when she looked around and noticed alot of people staring and the car with mouths wide open.
"What?! this is my uh, brother."
she said trying to hide Gerard in the window.
"listen, if you wanna be safe, you might wanna get out of here before people swamp you.'
she whispered trying to keep an eye on everyone around.
"yeah, uh, i think i will." Gerard smiled. "Are you okay?"
he asked and gentaly put his hand against her head.
Roxy turned red again and quickly turned around
"yep im fine fine fine. couldnt be better actually. bye!"
she said and ran off behind a wall and tryed to catch her breath.
"God, how could you make such a perfect creature?"
she asked the sky and starting flipping through her phone.
'lets see, what time is it?'
she thought to herself
"6:45! i only have 15 minutes to get to school!"
she freaked and started to run.


Back at school, Candy waited at the spot where Roxy and herself usually meet in the mornig, occationaly glancing at her watch, when the dehidrated, overly exahusted Roxy cam stumbling through the court yard gates.
"Oh My God!" Candy yelled and ran over to her giving her a drink from her water bottel.
"What, did you run to school? You moron!" Candy quesioned laughing.
"HA Yeah, i..(huff)...needed..(huff)...the exercise" she stated taking a swig of water and followed the crowd down the hallways.
as she took another gulp of water, a girl bumped her elbow up, causing water to spill all over her and up her nose.
Roxy stopped mid step to cough and let some water drip off of her.
"what the..." She said and looked up to 2 girls laughing in hysterics.
"opps, sorry bitch." One of the girls stated and they both walked away.
"Oooooo! i swear one day they'll get whats coming." Candy said wanting to just punck them both in the face.
"no, its not worth it, there so middle school, we'll wait till they grow up to kick there asses." Roxy said recovering from the spill and ringing out her hair.

Last period, Roxy was counting down the minutes to when school lets out. she couldnt wait to get to work just to see them mabey.
when all of a sudden her pants began to vibrate.
she twitched and the whole class looked at her. she smiled and took out her phone. it said "one new text"
Candy leand over in her seat to see who it was.
[hey meet me in the parking lot where i dropped you off WE have a surprise :Gerard] the text read and Roxy slammed her phone shut.
"who was that?"
Candy whispered.
"my mom, i forgott to feed the cat."
Roxy answered and the bell rang. Roxy jumped out of her seat and ran to the door.
"so i'll see you at work right?" Candy asked slowly grabbibng her books.
"yep see you then!" Roxy answered and shot out the door.
Candy took her time getting out the door but when she did, she stopped.
"wait a second. she doesnt have a cat!"


Roxy ran all the way back to the collage again and when she reached the campus she stopped to catch her breath.
"where did you come from?"
Ray asked. and when she looked up, the whole band was staring at her akwardly.
"oh, i..(huff).. left..campus...for...lunch"
she answered as best as she could with out passing out, which was all she wanted to do at this point.

"well were glad you here because...."Gerard started to say and was interupted by Frank.
"TAAAADAA!" he exclaimed. her car was sitting there in the parking lot looking better than ever.
"WHA?!!?" she was stund!
"we even got the problem fixed with the stalling every once in a while."
Mikey added.
"Yeah and i drove it over so....i did something!"
Frank said wanting credit in this too.
"thank you! so much everyone. but, why?" she asked kind of confused.
"well, i know this is sudden but, we have to leave tomorrow." Gearad trying to tell her as gently as possible.
Roxy looked mortified. she knew this day would come but not so soon.
"we fixed it so you would have no problem on the trip."
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