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Dont Worry, Be Happy!

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Roxy starts feeling the pressure and confrontation with her best friend makes it worse. she finally decides to tell her mom her cunning plan which will allow her to tour the world with 5 cuties we ...

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Everything That was going on was way over her head. she wanted to just back out now and tell them no. she didnt know why she said yes in the first place.
"those manipulating bastards."
she said furiously to herself ans she drove home before heading to work.
she pulled up into her driveway and turned the car off. she sat there for a little while and had no thoughts run through her mind at all, but for some reason, she just wanted to cry.
"how did i get myself into this?"
she asked herself and got out of the wiping whatever trace of tears she had.
as she walked to her door she came up with a plan to tell her mom she was going on the "exchange student program" trip.

"im home"
she announced and threw her keys on a hook by the door.
"honey! hey are you okay? you like youve been crying?"
her mother quesioned looking into her eyes. 'how do moms know?!' she thought.
"no mom im fine" Roxy said laughing and gently wiped her eyes again but then stopped. this crying bit was perfect for her plan.
"oh mom, im gonna miss you!"
she said hugging her mom in a death grip.
"uh, so am i, where are you going?"
her moma sked confused and worried for her daughters health.
"mom stop! you know im going on that trip tomorrow."
she said gathering up somethings that she would take with her.
"Trip? what trip?"
she asked taking some of the things that Roxy was packing away.
"your kidding! mom you signed me up for the exchange student program. you signed the form. but of course, if i was you, i wouldnt remember either. i mean, you were really wasted!"
Roxy argued putting what her mom took out back in a bag.
"im so sorry honey. i did forgett. but dont worry ill make it up to you." she said hugging Roxy.
"Really? how?"
Roxy aske with a sinister smile on her face, but her mother told her not to worry, it was a surprise, and then left.
Roxy sat on her bed and took a good hard look at her room.
she felt horrible lieing to her mom. shes never told such a big lie, but how could she regret what she is doing? how many girls her age can honestly say she went on tour with them.
And plus, they were taking her car, which means if she ever wants to go home she can just leave.
she finished packing and ate a quick dinner which consisted of a peanut butter sandwitch and chocolate milk and headed off to work.

"hey your late!" Candy shouted jumping over the counter, hands full of silverwear from washing dishes "i thought you'd never be here. hey you were acting kinda strange today, are you okay? i mean, if its those stupid girls, i mean it! i'll kill em'" She spitted out.
Roxy laughed and put her hand on her shoulder
"no im okay, listen i need to tell you something. i-"
Roxy began to say and then she was cut off.
"OH MY GOD! its...its.." thats all Candy could spit out looking at My Chemical Romance standing right behind them.
"Oh My God, i love you guys so much! i wanted to meet you guys for the longest time and. gasp could you sign my spoon!?"
she desperately asked clutching the spoon in her hands.
"HA i like her!"
Frank said taking the spoon first and signing it.
"me too! whats your name sweetie?" Gerard asked taking the spoon next.
"C-C-Candy."she studdered, and that was exactly how he signed it too!.
"wow! Look Roxy! can you believe it!" Candy said in marvel, staring at the spoon as if it were God.
"Candy, i was trying to tell you something, I-"
Roxy said again, trying to get what she wanted to say out when Candy grabbed her arm.
"Here, she loves you guys to like you would not believe! sign her arm!" Candy demanded yanking her arm around.
"Candy." she still wouldnt listen."Candy stop!" Roxy yelled and took her arm back.
"im trying to tell you something now dammit listen!"
She yelled and everyone got silent.
"wow Roxy......i,i was only trying to get you there signatures 'cause i know how much you love them." She said in a very monotone voice.
"i know but, i have to tell you something really improtant and-"Roxy was cut off again but this time Candy was walking away.
For some reason Roxy didnt go after her. she wanted to, but she couldnt make herseflf do it. tears rose in her eyes again and she did everything to push them back, which she did. and without saying goodbye to the guys, she went straight to work.

The guys stood there with puzzeled looks on there faces.
"okay,...what just happened here?"
Bob asked the others and everyone just shrugged there shoulders.

Roxy worked for only 3 hours that day and took off early.
that night as she layed awake in bed, forming pictuers and words in the celing texture, her phone vibrated again, with individual messages from all the guys

[hey girly, it okay. smile :D :Mikey]

[you looked really upset tonight, its okay, girls can never stay mad. :Bob]

[Dont Worry Be Happy! p.s bring some of those pancakes. :Frank]

[hey sweetie, we all love you and were gonna have a blast! :Gerard]

[yo, i would have said something to crazy girl but we cant really dis a fan. sry:( :Ray]

Roxy giggled at each one and sent them each one back saying
[i love you guys too! this trip is gonna be awesome! goodnight :Roxy]

Gerard, Ray, Bob, Frank And Mikey all recived it at the same time and they all smiled at the warm message.

after it was sent she had no more bout about going. she was going with a group of guys who were like brothers to her, which was weird for her to think about considering they were international rock stars! but with that thought in mind she went to sleep happy.

'how did i get so lucky?'
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